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       Posted by LUDYAH Posted October 16, 2009 View Comments 4      
First time with two guys...

I was 26 years old, just fresh from the University and was working in my father’s construction company. To be a woman, engineer and the daughter of the owner was a non-standard combination, hard to survive for the almost all-male environment. As I was very naughty, the workers on site didn’t know if to look after me (and face the fury of my father, which was always short tempered) or simulate that they were completely unaware of me. I did as much as possible to push the limits, getting pleasure for their faces, mix of desire and fear. I went to the construction site with light transparent dresses, without bra, with 4” high-heels and was climbing stairs without any special care. Nothing more fun than to see the faces of the guys looking up!

Once I went to one building that was close to be finished with one girl friend from College, which stayed in my car while I did my paperwork with the main foreman. She was really crazy, sexually obsessed and craving for as many dicks as possible. The workers were ending the day and she noticed two young guys, cousins that smiled to her, just to back off as soon as they realize that she was in my car.

As soon as I joined her, she told me how handsome the two guys were (they really were!), and what a waste that I was not taking enjoying my position. Her fantasy at that moment was to have sex with two guys at the same time, and she keep talking and talking about what she would do, etc while I was driving her home.

Actually, her talk started to make me wet and horny; I started fantasizing with that and realized that it was something that I had to try myself. The occasion was perfect, as those guys were ending their contract and returning to their home city.

Next day, I asked the foreman to order the two cousins, in their last weekend in the jobsite, to come Saturday afternoon to do some piping checks on the Jacuzzis that were installed in the terraces. As all the apartments were finished and ready to be delivered, there will be no one else in the building. I told the foreman not to worry, as one of the architects was supposed to come with me.

I told this day my friend Malee what was my plan and she begged me to let her share the fun that she’ll do anything that I would told her, and so on. Finally, just to shut her, I accepted.

Saturday we went to the two roof apartments were the Jacuzzis were located and I told Malee to sunbath topless in one terrace while I was waiting for the guys in the ground floor. She was only wearing a string, no tan marks that made clear that she sunbathed naked. I put only a tight top, press my nipples to make them hard and protrude below the cloth, and a mini-skirt, with high platforms laced to my legs. Just a minimal string was covering my depilated pussy. I started feeling it becoming wet in anticipation.

The guys come on time, with their tool and as always, looked at me with wide eyes. I told them to hurry, as me and my friend wanted to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. As soon as we arrived, they saw Malee ass in the terrace, legs spread. I saw them becoming hard almost instantaneously, laughing nervously and trying to hide the looks to my friend.

I push them to go forward with the work, start checking the connection and filling the pools with water. I bent forward to point to some pipes, exposing my ass, rub occasional against them, letting them peek at my breasts that were free just inches from their faces. When the pressure was too much, they tried to watch other side, just to see Malee. Their erections were evident under the pants, the dicks trying to get free. I bumped against one, pressing his dick against my buttock, the guy went crazy!

Then, Malee called me loud to ask for some tan oil in her back, and I went and massage her from neck to toes with oil, having special care to cover the buttocks and go deep between with my hands, as I looked to the guys, that were no longer hiding their excitement. Then, she turned up, showing her breasts, without any tan mark and with the nipples hard as stones. She looked to the guys, smiling and starts to apply oil over her…

That was too much for them, anyway they were leaving the company, so better to fuck the two chicks and have a souvenir!

-What a hot whore! You really want to be fucked! You’ll see what’s to have two working dicks in your high class ass!

-She wants to have you, at the same time… while Malee kneeled and start caressing her pussy under the string…

-And you? You have been driving us all nuts, all this time…

-I’ll watch and then decide what I’ll do…you must deserve to have my ass…

At the same time, the taller one was striping naked, showing a glorious big dick, completely erected, thick and curved upward….and grabbed Malee head and penetrate her mouth…she started deep-throat, something that she was specially good at, and taught me how to do to perfection…

The other advanced to me, pushing down his clothes, exposing his dick, as I took my top and skirt out, spread my legs and stop him: “first you do her pussy, then me….”; I went to Malee, went down her back with one hand to her string and pull down, to expose her ass….then I caressed her deep between her buttocks and hold them apart for him….

-Mmmmm beautiful, but I need some help from you before….

I took his dick in my mouth and give him a deep suck, and point him to Malee’s pussy that was dripping wet: “she’s ready for it….fuck her!”

He penetrated her hard, as she moaned with the other guy’s dick in her mouth, spitted on two guys. They were frantic fucking her, deep and fast as she was crying for more…the view was hot, as the one in her back was squeezing her tits and nipples, as the other was holding her head and pushing all his dick in her mouth….she cum couple of times and the first guy grunted and blow himself on her mouth, in spasms, his cum dripping out of her lips……

I kiss her deep and took a load in my mouth and we both licked the guy’s dry…he was so excited that his erection didn’t fell a bit, pushing his dick in my mouth now….

I worked him carefully, licking the head, sides and balls, then some fast deep throats and the head with the bit of my tongue….his eyes were exploding, and getting harder if possible….

The other one was still ramming Malee’s pussy, and she told not to cum inside her, but to cum on my mouth, so he got up, stand in front of me, as I switched from his cousin dick to his, that was wet with Malee’s juices and start sucked him frantically, as was masturbating the other guy …some fast changes from one to the other and the second one cum a load all over my face….

The first one was hard as rock and told me “your turn now, bitch…, I want the ass you promised…”

Malee surprised all saying “let me prepare her ass for you…” and suddenly she was licking my ass deep with her tongue, going from the low of my back to my pussy, and start dilatation of my ass with one and then two fingers….

The guy sat in a low bench with his erected dick, and I sat on it, legs wide open…slowly until he pull me hard on him, that filled me with pain and pleasure… started moving up and down, faster, as the other guy was recovering and pushing his dick in my mouth….

My fantasy of being fuck by two guys was becoming true and I was enjoying one orgasm after other…then both guys cum almost simultaneously as I felt my ass and mouth filled with cum…

We were exhausted and just took a bath in the (now working and tested) Jacuzzi and parted separately, them to their city, 500 km from there

If they told anything to their former co-workers, this was just their dream to fuck the boss’ daughter….

by NENAMIGUEL69 on September 23, 2012
Explicit image available, join to view

by LUDYAH on October 10, 2011
this was the start of a passion for multiple partners...

by LUDYAH on August 18, 2011
after that time, the more the better...Explicit image available, join to view

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