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       Posted by LORIANDI Posted March 30, 2011 View Comments 2      
His fantasy for her...

OK so David and I were talking about plans for this weekend and I started thinking about meeting you and let my thoughts run a bit. This is what I came up with...

let's see...we meet for drinks somewhere casual, someplace where we can sit and talk (like Oakwood’s Bistro), laugh a little, start joking about how "this one is dressed" or "what was that one thinking" The three of us hit it off... we are sitting in the back of a booth or corner table, on each side of David... facing each other... maybe a hand on his thigh, he handles himself well, we are just hanging out as friends having a great time.

At some point we excuse ourselves and end up in the ladies room and you just look at me and kiss me, long, slow, passionately. You take my breath away, just like I imagine. I pull you close and could do this all night long but someone walks in on us so we leave. We don’t say anything to David but he knows that something’s up.

We return to the booth and have one last shot and both are getting hotter and hotter just thinking about our kiss. You can see just how nervous I am (it comes out in a conversation earlier in the night that with as strong as a personality that I have, I just don't know how to take the "first step, the next step" when it come to doing anything intimate.

We talk about going someplace else but you mention dropping your car off at your apartment and it’s not too far away. You kiss David on the cheek and then give me a kiss (quickly teasing me with your tongue and then stepping away (you are such a tease). We follow you to your place and as you get out, you tell me you want to change and invite us in saying it will only take a minute.

We go in, you pour us a drink and excuse yourself to go in and change. We are standing in your living room when you call me and ask me to come in and see if I approve of what you are now wearing. I walk in and close the door behind me almost completely (David would love to see but I'm still being somewhat respectful). You are standing there and you have on a towel and nothing more. You walk up to me and kiss me deeply as your towel falls away...

....something to think about ...

xoxo Lori

by ORLANDOCPL4U on March 30, 2011
ok if you are trying to get my panties wet it would have worked except I am not wearing anyExplicit image available, join to view

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