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       Posted by MARKETING Posted February 18, 2010 View Comments 0      
One Sexy Vacation!!

I checked into my hotel at around 2pm, I was extremely cranky from the jet lag, the lost luggage, the cranky airline staff and the bitchy passengers. I made it to my room where I noticed that the king bed that I requested, was magically 2 full size beds, ugg nothing more annoying than getting what you didnt want... I decided to take a nice hot shower in hopes of calming down and unwinding a bit before dinner, I undressed, hopped into the shower letting the hot water run down my erect nipples, my shaved pussy and my smooth legs, I was actually getting a bit arroused at this point but I decided to hold off a bit just to savour the moment to relax a bit and unwind. I got out of the shower and began to contemplate if I was going to go to dinner now or not. I lotioned my legs up, did my hair, my makeup and finished getting ready.

I pulled out my sexiest dress, strappy black sandals, and got dressed. I went down to the beach restaurant where I noticed that everyone there was in couple of some sort. Boy did I feel out of place, everyone was staring at me, and the looks were those of pity.. I ordered my dinner and noticed this extremely sexy man and these couples across from me, they were giggling at me, or so I thought, soon after the waiter came over and put on the table a bottle of champagne compliments of the party of 5 across from me, with a note attached asking me to join them. I decided what the hell im here to enjoy myself, what do I care. I went over to them and introduced myself to them and we immediately started chatting it up like we'd known each other for years. I couldn't help but notice how extremely hot they all were. I was sitting between the 2 women and the men were sitting across from us, suddenly I felt a finger make its way up my dress and hit my clit, I immediately got moist from her touch, she leaned in and said to me that she would love for all of us to go back to the room and see what happens, as she was leaning into my ear and asking me that, the other woman was asking me to do the same thing, all the while the men were undressing us with their eyes, and wondering what we were whispering about and smiling about to ourselves, little did they know that I had a beautiful womans finger inside my pussy, making me soak the seat under me. I excused myself after dinner and told them to meet me at my room in 15 mins, so that I could go get ready.

I went to the room and got undressed and put on my sexy nighty, all sheer and black with my high heel glass slippers, and patiently waited. A few minutes later the knock on the door came, and I think I nearly came right there. I answered the door and one by one they enterred the room, the women first then the men. The women led me to the bed furthest from the door while the men made themselves comfy on the other bed, now I see why it was best after all to have the 2 beds, they began to passionately kiss me and fondle my breasts and one of them spread my legs and began to massage my clit with her fingers, then as smoothly as she was with her fingers, she smoothly moved down there using her tongue, all the while the other woman was kissing me and fondling my nipples. I could see the men bulging out of their pants with the show these women were putting on, they were getting very impatient I can see that. I myself was so into the moment that I was beginning to cum with the most intense gush that I have ever experienced in a long time and that was from this amazing woman and her oral skills, as I began to cum in her mouth I could see that the other woman was squirming in her seat as if to say to me that she wanted the same pleasure. I motioned for her to sit above my face and to let me take care of her and let her sweet juices flow into my mouth, she sat on my face and I began to massage her clit with my tongue and took my fingers into her wetness, all the while I was still getting my clit massaged with the other womans mouth and fingers. As the woman on my face began to get more and more pleasure from my mouth and fingers, the louder she got and I knew she was close to cumming right in my mouth, all of a sudden her pleasure released right in my mouth and my face and just then I came again....we both screamed with pleasure so much so that we just melted into one.

At that moment we composed ourselves to find that the men in the room with us were all naked now and practically cumming themselves, the women made their ways to their men while I was left with the other man, He was so delicious looking, the ladies and myself sprawled the men out on the one bed side by side, and we went from man to man, sucking each of their cocks one at a time, then moving around in a round robin type motion, so that each of them got our mouths. Each of the men didnt know what to make of it, they were moaning and groaning and their cocks were pulsating like you wouldnt believe. Everytime I took one of them in my mouth, I got wetter. The men were so eager so much that they took each of us and laid us out on our backs, simultaneously they each ate our pussies again with the round robin effect that was so fucking intense, I didnt know how to react to this, each and every mouth on my pussy made me cum more intense than the last time. All at once the men slipped inside of us, the women with their men and me with this other man, pumping away, and pumping away so hard so fast and so deep. At one point we all screamed out in sync with one another it was intense and each of us soaked the bed underneath us more than the other. The men moved around in a side by side pattern taking each of us into them deeper than the last. We then took turns and rode the men leaning over each other and kissing each other all the time, so fucking hot, and intense, this whole night so far made up for the crappy day that I had.

Once again the woman were being dominated by the men, they put us on all fours and began to pump away at our bare pussies all exposed to the air that blew around in the room, one by one down the line, the first woman exploded with her man in sync and that turned me on that I just came again all over the man that was fucking away at me, then the next woman she came so hard she blew her man out of her with her squirting pussy, this made me cum again just seeing that, and hard this time, and then finally it was my turn, the man was pumping me and pumping really hard and really fast and then he made me cum again and pulled out and shot his cum all over my ass and my clit and made it drip down my legs...I released in pleasure and total enjoyment that my legs were shaking and I was trembling so hard, I didnt even notice that the other 2 couples left the room without even a goodbye....

I turned over and looked at the man that just pleasured me, he was smiling his goofy smile like to say he did good, and wanted a pat on the back...I said to him baby, that was fucking hot, how did you get them to come up here and meet with me, he said babe for you it was easy, when we talked about it I had no idea that that night in that hotel that I would be there with my husband and 2 other couples seducing them, when all the while they thought they were seducing me, we had them convinced that I was the lonely woman and that someone had to take care of me, he was there with them and made them feel sorry for me, but all the while we had this planned....
So that would be the ulitmate swingers experience, the fantasy of strangers and me having a man that I could experience all that with...hope you enjoyed reading it, as I have dreamed of that moment for a long time and someday will get that experience!!

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