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       Posted by MTANDERSON Posted September 21, 2011 View Comments 1      
Sexting Series - Shauna Part I
Sexting Series - Shauna Part I

Hubby and I had been talking about playing around as a couple when we met a lovely young lady at a local pool hall. She floored me with her boldness requesting a kiss from me and asking hubby if she could take me out. She didn’t follow through, but definitely got us thinking and talking more about the possibility. The narrative that follows is the first in a series of sexy text messages I sent to hubby developing a fantasy scenario with her. I’ve removed his responses since they don’t advance the story, but as you might expect he frequently chimes in with appropriate appreciation.

Shauna Part I:

We get a hotel room for the night so we can connect in a neutral, comfortable environment. We drive to the hotel, unpack and settle in with a drink. After a few minutes we change into swimsuits and go downstairs looking for the hot tub.

We’re very relaxed playing in the water. You can’t help yourself and keep leaning in for kisses. Shauna calls to say she’s on her way. We’re taking her to dinner somewhere nice. She’s excited to finally get together. We’ve been talking about it for so long. She’s breathless when we talk about plans. Her boldness is subdued by the imminent expectation. It’s all set up. I can tell she wants me. Her voice is deeper, richer, throatier. Her Spanish accent sparks a response making me smile.

I lean over for another deep, wet kiss with you. She’s turning me on through the phone. You press closer to me reacting to my response. I’m thinking you’re getting lucky before anything else happens tonight.

“Let’s go back to the room.”

We gather our stuff and dry off. It’s a good thing there no one else was there because we are acting like newlyweds. Hot, hot, hot! We go back to the room. You close the door and I press against you. Face tilted up, leaning in, connect in a kiss.

“I want you!”

You groan and press me close. Pulling strings on my suit you have me naked in seconds. Hot tub wet, water dripping down my breasts, my stomach, into my sex. I’m wet for you. Hot and ready for you to take me. You spin me around and push me face first into the perfectly-made, pristine bed. It doesn’t take long at all for you to also get naked. I feel your cock pushing against me – seeking, finding my hot, wet spot.

We can’t take too long. Shauna is on her way now. You dive into me. Standing next to the bed, taking in the view of my ass - my naked back - my face pushed into the mattress. Your hand lands heavy on my rear with fast, hard smacks. I’m vocal with my appreciation. You are driving me wild! I’m heated up starting to sweat with tension, exertion, passion.

Your mind wanders to the thought of what’s to come with Shauna. You see her long dark hair, caramel skin, full lips. You visualize her under me; naked, soft skin lovely. She’s not there yet, but you’re making plans. The thought of her under me, kissing me, trapped is driving you mad.

You flip me over pushing me higher onto the bed. Leaning in for a kiss you push harder, faster, holding me tighter. You can tell you are close and decide you want to make a mess on me. You pull out and straddle my chest. I’m still wet from the tub and sweat. I tilt my head back chin up, breasts high, nipples tight. I’m available for your come. Shoot on me baby. Squirt all over my breasts. I want to feel your hot, wet come all over my chest. You let go. Splash! My hands instinctively reach up to spread your come all over my breasts.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm whew!!!!!! I’m all stirred up and you start the evening with the edge taken off you.
We jump in the shower. You wet down and rub soap all over my breasts cleaning me up in preparation for Shauna to arrive.

(To be continued. . . . )

by MTANDERSON on September 29, 2011
Looking forward to any feedback. I'd like to continue to write erotica and maybe even find a market for it. Feel free to hit me with any or all comments on how to improve it.

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