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       Posted by MTANDERSON Posted September 25, 2011 View Comments 8      
Sexting Series - Shauna Part II

Shauna Part II:

We are in the room when Shauna knocks on the door. We’ve cleaned up after our earlier bonding session. I’m wearing a black skirt and a leopard tank top with new leopard undies peeking out beneath. I open the door and Shauna steps into the room.  It had been a long time since we saw her.  I almost forgot what she looked like.  Long dark hair – lovely, eyes bright, smile flashing full lips spread across white teeth. 

She walks past me brushing my waist with her hand straight over to you.  Looping her arms around your neck, she leans in for a kiss.  You’re surprised, pleased. You focus your gaze on her and return the favor.  You’re hands slide down her side to circle her waist.  Pulling her closer you breathe in her scent.  Your hands scoop behind and drop to cup her rear.  She wiggles a bit pressing her hips tighter against you.  You’re enjoying the exchange, but don’t have the tension you had earlier.  Breaking the kiss, you suggest dinner. 

Her eyes and smile widen in surprise.  She’s accepting that diversion as a challenge. You step back and take in what she’s wearing; jeans and a low-cut blowsy top.  You get an eyeful of lots of cleavage. She’s bustier than me - rounded smooth, soft flesh peaking up over her bra – spilling out. 

We take her to dinner somewhere nice.  She sits between us in the truck. You’re driving, but having trouble keeping your eyes on the road.  I’m sneaking peeks at her cleavage myself. She turns her attention to me leaning heavily on my arm.  Her hand falls on my thigh travelling north . . . testing my limits.  She dips her head towards me for a kiss - lips soft and available.  I press forward to deepen the kiss and taste her tongue. Wet, wet, wet . . . so hot.  Our hands start to roam. Your eyes wander dangerously from the road.  We stop at a light, but don’t come up for air.  We’ve piqued the interest of the couple in the car next to us.  We’re causing a scene, but we don’t care.  You want to see everything but driving takes precedence. 

We arrive at the restaurant now and are seated at a booth.  Shauna slides in next to you and across from me.  As dinner progresses, she capitalizes on every opportunity to touch your arm, thigh, back.  She sparkles, eyes shining drawing us both in.  We’re relaxed, drinking, eating chatting . . .  comfortable with each other, anticipating what’s to come. 

“Let’s play pool after dinner!” Not sure who suggested it, but we all thought it was a good idea.  You lean across the table, pull me close to you. Staring into my eyes you tell me to bring you my panties “I want your panties in my pocket.”

“Yes baby.” I slide out of the booth making my way to the ladies room.  I signal for Shauna to follow.

“No, you’ll be there for half an hour if Shauna goes with you. Go quickly and come back.”

In the restroom I pull my panties off my rear, down my thighs, over my ankles. Lace black and leopard print. My legs are bare, skirt loose, thighs rubbing together. My sex brushes my thigh as I walk back to the table with my panties in hand - clutching satin and lace, contrasting textures rough and smooth together.  I sit back down in the booth across from you. Shauna has capitalized on her time leaning heavily against you; breasts brushing your arm. She knows what’s happening.  She’s aware of your directive. Her foot comes out of her shoe, raising her leg - seeking, determined, demanding. 

I feel her toe touch my clit. It’s all I can do to keep from moaning out loud.  Sliding her foot south, she tests the waters.  I’m soaking wet – so hot now.  You can tell what’s going on and encourage her antics. We pay the bill and leave the restaurant.   

We switch places in the truck.  I’m in the middle now - an easy target.  You pull out onto the road and reach down to hike my skirt up to my waist.  I’m completely exposed to you both.  Shauna boldly reaches between my legs to pinch my clit between her thumb and forefinger. Pressing down, she slides my hood up and down over and over revealing that sensitive bundle of nerves. I grab your thigh and squeeze tight; my head thrown back I moan.  Wow! That’s nice.  Whew, unexpected.

You’re trying to keep your eyes on the road.  We pull into the parking lot at the pool hall.  Shauna leans across me to engage you in a kiss.  Still exposed, I’m trapped between you caught in the middle of your moment enjoying the view watching you explore – deep, wet, tongue kiss.  We spill out of the truck drunk with desire leaning on each other laughing, smiling reckless.

To be continued . . . .

by MTANDERSON on March 5, 2012
 To Four . . . Thanks for calling me on it.  Life side s us and priorities shift.  I think it's about time now. ;-).

by MTANDERSON on March 5, 2012
 To Sav . . . hmmmmmm . . . maybe search for blog title "biggest clit" or something similar ;-).

by MTANDERSON on October 7, 2011
Thanks Simpleman!

I took a look and that looks like a really interesting option. Appreciate your help!

by MTANDERSON on September 29, 2011
Copied from Part I:

Hubby and I had been talking about playing around as a couple when we met a lovely young lady at a local pool hall. She floored me with her boldness requesting a kiss from me and asking hubby if she could take me out. She didn’t follow through, but definitely got us thinking and talking more about the possibility. The narrative here is the second in a series of sexy text messages I sent to hubby developing a fantasy scenario with her. I’ve removed his responses since they don’t advance the story, but as you might expect he frequently chimes in with appropriate appreciation.

Your Commentary Please:
Looking forward to any feedback.  I'd like to continue to write erotica and maybe even find a market for it. Feel free to hit me with any or all comments on how to improve it.

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