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       Posted by LORIANDI Posted March 30, 2011 View Comments 0      
Something to think about...

Ok, so I'm out running errands and stop for a quick bite at Chili's. As I walk in, you are sitting at a bar top table having a drink and an appetizer; the place is crowded and you see me looking around, there aren’t any available seats. I look your way and as our eyes meet we nod and say hi and you ask me if I’d like to sit and join you. We start talking and laughing and have a couple of drinks. The topic changes and we both agree that we need to be someplace a little more private. We pay the bill, you look up into my eyes... have this devilish little smile on your face, kiss me quickly and say follow me.


  We are getting ready to walk into a room or an apartment; you have the key in your hand and unlock the door. I step in and you follow. As you turn to lock the door and as you do I step up behind you as your back is to me. I reach up and pull the hair away from your neck and kiss the base of your neck from behind. I feel you relax as you close your eyes and rest your head against my chest.


   Next, I bring my hands are on your shoulders and gently slide all of the way down your arms to where our fingers interlock. I raise your hands and arms above your head; taking both of your hands into my left hand. With my right I start to caress you slowly with my finger-tips lightly down your right arm as I steal another kiss to your neck. You push back into me trying to turn, trying to break free but you can't, I've got you just tight enough so that you are still facing the door, me behind you... caressing you. I take a moment to slide my hand across the side of your breasts and you sign and push your ass into me; your eyes are still closed and your head still resting against my chest. You can feel me getting hard against your ass as you move lightly slowly back against me.


  My hand leaves your beautiful breasts, sliding across your stomach; I pull up your shirt, caressing your stomach. I start to undo your belt and you playfully try to get away; you can't though and actually enjoy it. I work your belt loose and then your jeans. You whisper "damn you" as my hand slides under the waist band on your panties, reaching lower until I feel your wetness... I'm there teasing you, tempting you, caressing you, wanting you.


   At this point, I let your arms drop and you spin around into my arms as we kiss, wet, hot and deep. You kick off your flip flops and step out of your jeans as you unbutton mine and allowing me to be free...  


... you reach down, pulling my cock out caressing it. I start to kick off my boots as my pants drop... you spin me around this time ... pushing my back against the door, you kneel down, pulling my boots, pants and socks off... you quickly lick the head of my cock and stand up to me, kissing me ... hard. We break the kiss and I turn you to the couch, bending you over as you are completely exposed to me... teasing your wetness with the throbbing tip that you just licked. You want more, pushing back against me but I've got you by the hips. I have control again... for now. It would be so easy just to slide deep inside of you with you being so very wet and warm but do I have other plans.

   I take you by the shoulders and stand you up; you kiss me and call me a "tease" (you just don't know...) and I tell you "you haven't seen anything yet!"

   I take you by the hand and lead you to the bedroom; I pull down the blankets and turn to you... I take your hands in mine... kissing the insides of your wrists, your arms, your neck. As I'm doing this I reach down and take your top off and bra and drop them to the floor, you are so sexy standing there! I take my shirt off and lay you down across the cool sheets, your nipples become more erect than I could imagine. We are lying side by side kissing; I pull you close caressing your bare back and ass as we do.

   As we break the kiss, you moan gently and lay back and close your eyes... wanting me, almost frustrated that I've been teasing you... can you feel it right now? I think you can.

   I rise up on my arms holding my body over you. I bend and kiss your neck and across your shoulders slowing as I go down your chest. I take my time with your beautiful breasts, teasing you that much more. From there, I'm kissing your stomach, your sides and lightly caressing your skin. I trace my middle finger from your belly button in a line straight down and you start to arch your hips wanting more; “not yet” I whisper.

   Next I slide down between your thighs so that your thighs are resting draped over my shoulders and my hands and fingers dancing across your stomach. I look up into your eyes and smile without saying a word. You put your head back in anticipation, closing your eyes, your arms folded under your head, under the pillow.

  You can feel my breath warm against your wetness as I ever so lightly tempt you with just the tip of my tongue. I turn my head to lick and kiss your right thigh and then take your left. You say to me "stop teasing me” and then... “I can't hold out any longer”, I want to taste you. I slide my tongue from the base of your lips, lightly parting them all the way up to your clit. As I do this you shudder from head to toe, it's amazing. I do it all again this time deeper, letting my tongue slide deeper into you until I reach your clit. This time I don’t stop, I take you between my teeth holding you there exposed... pulling lightly as I tease you with the tip of my tongue, up and down quickly.

  I feel your hands in my hair as you are alternating between massaging my head, running your fingers through my hair and pressing me down onto you. I let go with my teeth and slide my tongue deep inside you and then sucking on you taking you into my mouth. You start to really tremble; I'm teasing your clit with my tongue... light and quick, light and quick.

  I'm watching you get closer... so very close until you throw your head back, your back arches and your hands holding my head firm between your thighs... your legs spread, I can feel your feet on my back as your raise your legs, trembling, shaking you explode as wave after wave of pure pleasure washes over you, once, twice and then three times in succession.

  You let go of my hair, your legs relax and straighten, your body lets go. You are so turned on, your body’s still tingling and as you’re laying there you simply just say "WOW"!

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