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       Posted by CAPECORALLOVE Posted July 31, 2010 View Comments 2      
a little story
     The email said to go to the hotel, room 224, and knock. That all. You step out of the elevator on rubber legs, and walk slowly down the hall. You find the room, and hanging from the doorknob is a plastic bag, with a slip of paper taped to it. On the paper is your first initial.
     You open the bag, trying to control the tremors in your hands. Inside is a leather and velvet blindfold. You slip it on, and the world goes dark. You take one last trembling breath, and knock on the door.
     It opens, and they take your hands, lead you inside. They each kiss you briefly, his strong lips, hers softer. They then start to unbutton your shirt, slipping off your bra. One of them reaches up and roughly yanks your panties out from under your skirt. You hear her laugh softly, and comment on how wet they are.
     You are suddenly pushed downward, bent over the bed. You gasp in shock, and prop yourself up on your arms. He pushes your skirt up into a bunch around your waist. You feel him spread your legs wide, and then he enters you, hard and deep. You cry out as his cock fills you. There is none of his normal teasing or soft caresses. He is simply fucking you. One hand buries itself in your hair, and pulls your head back. You moan every time his cock slams inside you, shiver with every smack of flesh on flesh. The heat inside your pussy explodes throughout your body as you cum, and you scream, not caring if others hear you. You pushes you down to the bed, as you feel his cock swelling inside you. You feel the cover against your cheek, rocking back and forth as he pounds his cock into you. His hands are around your waist now, pulling you back to meet each thrust. Your pussy throbs, and you cum again and again, matching the increasing pace of his body. He give a final deep thrust that pulls another cry from your throat, and you feel him explode inside you, hot and endless.
     As he slowly slips out of you, she guides you onto the bed. Her hands glide softly over you, as she strips you of your open shirt, and slides your rumpled skirt off. She lays you back onto the bed, and kisses you, her tongue exploring your mouth. You moan as she slides down your body, ice to his burning fire. Gently, she kisses and sucks your nipples, running her fingertips back and forth over your skin. Slowly she licks and kisses her way down between your thighs. You her her sigh as her mouth at last comes to your sex, and she starts to lick and suck your swollen lips. She purrs as she laps the taste of him out of your body. After ages of softness, you feel your body start to arch against her mouth, your hands digging into the bedspread. Your orgasm spreads you open, bares your body and soul in slow pulsing waves of pleasure. As you come down, you feel her tense, and start to move back and forth. You smile knowing he is inside her now, fucking her as she continues o lick your clit.
     She licks you with tender care; getting you close to climax, then letting your body relax again. He fucks her just as carefully, with some hard thrusts followed by slow, deep ones. You lose track of time to a haze of pleasure and frustration. At last you feel her pull away. You hear the sound of jingling metal, but before you can think about it, you feel someone on the bed, next to your head. You turn your blind gaze in that direction, only to find his hands in your hair again, guiding your head to his hard cock.
     You let your mouth flow over him, tasting your pussy over laid by hers, sweet and musky. He allows you to slowly minister to his cock, licking every taste of her off him. His hand rests in your hair, maintaining a grip, but not pulling. You feel a cool hardness pressing against your pussy, and you freeze, with the head of his cock pressing against your lips. There is a slight sound, and the pressure comes alive, vibrating against your already sensitive pussy lips.
     You feel her climb onto the bed between your legs, the pressure from her strap-on  building, almost sliding inside you. As you open your mouth to moan, he pulls your head forward by the hair, sliding your lips back over his cock. You almost choke, for just a moment, before regaining your self control. A moment later she slide up between your thighs, and her hardness penetrates you. Your cries are muffled by his cock. You wrap your legs around her waist my instinct, and pump your hips to meet her thrusts. The vibrator is powerful, and you feel the heat building inside you in waves already. She is on top of you, fucking you, and the brush of her hardened nipples across your skin, and her breath panting in your ear drives you into primal lust. He is holding your head tight by the hair, and has taken away any illusion of control from you; He is fucking your mouth now, driving his cock into your mouth with each thrust of his hips. One of your hands claws at her back, with the other tightens on the cheek of his ass. You feel the muscles move as he fucks your mouth, hear the wet sounds of both his cock as it slides through your lips, and her strap-on, as she fucks your pussy.
     In a sudden flash of heat, you cum, your whole body tightening and raising off the bed. You feel her thrusts go from steady and hard to frenzied, and she is crying out in your ear. Your orgasms combine, riding the both of you, feeding off each other's spasms and cries. You are just coming back to yourself, feeling her body collapse upon you, hot and slick with sweat, when he gives on last deep thrust, and pulling you tight against him by your hair, explodes into your mouth. You feel his cock jerk against the softness of your cheeks as you tighten against him. Your body responds on some deep level to the musky flavor of his cum, as he shoots again and again, and you cum again, this time with every muscle tensing up, your thighs shaking. You hear her gasp as the rocking of your hips drives the toy hard into her.
     He falls back from you, panting. He runs the head of his cock back and forth over your lips, and you lick his cum from them, shivering at the sheer, indulgent dirtiness of the act. You moan as she slides out of your pussy. She moves up the bed, and guides your head, almost as roughly as he did, to her "cock". You eagerly suck your juices from her, almost tasting your orgasms. You roll on your side to face her, whimpering with pleasure as she runs her hands along the back of your neck, your sides. You suck on her as if she too was going to explode in down your throat.
     He lifts on of your legs, and moves it out of his way. He slowly starts to slide his fingers in and out of your pussy. He is slow and un rushed, exploring every inch of your body. You can feel your wetness as he rubs his fingers over your swollen lips. Every touch makes your body twitch.
     She un buckles her strap-on, and drops it over the side of the bed. You pause for a moment, waiting, and she guides your head to her pussy. She kneel beside your body, and presses your face into her pussy. You almost drown in the sweet liquids, inhaling her scent, and flavor. She lets up the pressure on the back of your neck, just slightly, and you pull back enough to start sucking and licking her clit.
     He moves your leg more, and is now rubbing his cock over your pussy. You feel him harden with every stroke teasing your entrance, then sliding away. You murmur into her pussy as you lick, and suck, and nibble, rewarded with her quickening breathing, and faster caresses. Your free hand glides over her breasts, worshiping her sheer femaleness.
     At last he slowly slides his fully hard cock into your pussy. Your body reacts instantly, tightening around him by itself. You shiver as he moans aloud, as he starts to fuck you, with the same slow rhythm as his fingers. Your lips press into her pussy softly with each of his thrusts. One of his hands cups your breast, while the other slides along your hip. He caresses your ass slowly, then softly slides a  finger inside your ass. Your body shakes in a swift explosion, causing her to press your face to her pussy again. With an effort, you start to lick her anew.
     He slips his free hand under your hip, and raises you slightly off the bed. He starts to fuck you hard now, and you struggle to keep your focus on her pussy. You feel the soft smooth skin of his sack slide over your inner thigh as he straddles it, feeling like satin. Her juices are covering your lips, your cheeks, your tongue. His finger is fucking your ass in time with his cock, and you feel yourself tightening again, losing control. Every nerve in your body pulses with light and heat and you are screaming into her pussy. You feel her cum, more then hear her cries, her pussy almost kissing your lips as it spasms. You slip your tongue inside her to feel her tighten. He abruptly pulls out of you, and you can feel the sound of flesh on wet skin. He cries out, and you feel jets of hot fluid striking your hip, your breast, your face.
     All three you you collapse, spent. You slip in and out of sleep for a time. You awaken to find them washing you, tenderly, with a warm washcloth. They dry you slowly, lovingly, then help you dress. They guide you to the door, and as you step out, it closes softly behind you. You take off the blindfold, and blink in the light. The whole time could have been a dream, save for the lingering scent of sex surrounding you like a succubus's halo, and the time pearled drop, dried on the velvet of the blindfold. Your legs are no less rubbery, as you walk slowly down the hall.

by ALEXSNFL on November 30, 2010
Gotta admit, very HOT!

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