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       Posted by CAPECORALLOVE Posted July 31, 2010 View Comments 2      
date night
You always did enjoy date night..going out with the man you loved. And as he liked to make things spicy, it was always an adventure. He set out the remote control vibrating egg, placing it on the panties you picked out to wear, while you were in the shower. You couldn't help but smile when you saw it.
     Of course, you put it in.
     He didn't use the remote the entire drive to the restaurant, which surprised you. The anticipation was maddening though. You could feel its weight in your pussy, especially when you shifted your hips. He just smiled at you lovingly.
     He waited until you were in the middle of your order to hit the remote. Vibrations flooded your body, and you gasped aloud. The waitress looked alarmed, asked if you were OK. He looked at you with a vaguely worried look, which didn't touch his eyes in the least. You smiled, tried not to squirm, and said it was just a muscle cramp.
     He would buzz you on and off all evening..not enough to get you even close..but enough to get your panties soaked. He would wait until you went to sip your drink, or when the waitress returned. Near the end of your meal, he handed you a small card. It read : Go to the bathroom now, remove your bra, and your panties. NO questions. You excused yourself to the restroom, and had to fight to walk straight, and not to moan into the mirror as you touched up your makeup. Still..he was being unusually light with couldn't help but wonder what else was in store for you tonight. The inner questions made you almost faint with desire.

     You walked out of the restaurant, holding tightly to his hand. He had the remote on, and it was beginning to drive you mad. Instead of going to the car, he pulled you, almost roughly, around the side of the building. As soon as you were in the shadows, he turned you to face the wall, and half bent you over. He lifted your black skirt, and ran his fingers over your wet,open pussy. You feel him slip out the vibrator, and you are even more excited to hear its now loud buzz on the night air. You hear the whisper of his pants open, and then he is behind you. His cock is rock hard, and scorchingly hot. He slams it home inside you unusually rough for him, causing you to bite your lip to keep from crying out in pleasure. He lifts your shirt and pushes you further into the wall. You feel the rough, cool brickwork against your nipples, and the side of your face. He reaches down with the hand that is not keeping you pressed against the stone, and holds the egg to your clit. You moan as the vibrations add to the pleasure.
     He fucks you, hard, slapping his body against yours. You feel the heat building inside of you...and then without warning he stops and pulls out of you. You look around in alarm, thing you have been caught at last..but all you see is him putting his still hard cock away into his pants. You start to ask him why, but he stops you with a gentile kiss, and whispers "The night is still young, my love."  His last act is to slowly, lovingly, slip the egg back inside you.

    You are home, and you don't know if you are angry at being so cruelly teased, or a little afraid to see what comes next. Again he silently takes you by the hand, and leads you through your darkened house, to your play room. He undresses you rapidly, with none of the loving caresses and kisses that are his norm. He doesn't even smile, until he carries the leather blindfold to you. He makes sure it is quite snug, and that you are quite blind, before kissing you deeply. You are smiling now, hoping..
     He takes your hand and leads you to the one wall. You hear the rattle of the chains and the hiss of the velcro, as he binds your wrists. You are quite trapped, chained to the wall. He left them slightly longer than normal, giving you a little movement range. You hear him, behind you..then feel him kiss the back of your neck. Sparks shoot through your already aroused body..stronger when you feel the leather collar slip around your neck, and be clinched tight.
     He leaves you then, with a slight caress down your body. You hear water running in the bathroom. You cant decide what. You stand there, bound, for what may be two minutes, or could be five. You are very aware of your nakedness, and your arousal.You gasp and give a little jerk when he touches you again. He laughs softly, and begins to run a sea sponge over you, soaked in almost hot water, and scented oil. You moan in pure pleasure as you feel the warm water run down your skin, and the slight roughness of the sponge is a delight. He carefully washes your face..slowly runs hot wet circles over your breasts, until your nipples are straining. He stops short of your sex, although the rivulets of water slipping over your pussy drive you mad. He kisses your cheek as he washes your back, and you can feel him, naked and hard pressing into you. You try to push your hips back into his cock, needing to feel him, but he just steps away.
     He dries you then, a large, soft warm towel. He strokes it over your body..your skin has never felt this sensitive, this alive. After you are dry, another sensation. This one takes you a moment to place..silky and soft..your prized plush bear! You cant help but moan and twist as he runs it over your ass..up your spine. He runs the softness over your nipples, they are almost painfully hard..and you long to have him take them in his mouth, even for a moment. Over your sides..your belly..lower..gliding over your pussy. You whimper..and your knees buckle so you are almost supported my the chains at your wrist, and his arm under your breasts. He runs the plush bear up your body, and near your can smell your sex on it. "Please", you say.
     He starts to kiss you then, his tongue fills your mouth as his hands run over you. He  bites down lightly on your shoulder, then hard enough to make you gasp. He runs his tongue down your spine, lower..along the backs of your legs. One finger teases your clit..then its gone. Your anger returns, and you open your mouth to protest..
     The leather strap bites across your ass, bringing a startled yelp instead. It strikes again, a little softer, along your shoulders. You give a little cry, and shake your head. The thin strap whips around you, across your breasts, lightly, but still stinging. Then harder again, snapping and smacking into your ass again and again. You whimper with each strike, trying to guess when the leather will fall next. You are so aroused you can feel your juices brimming over. Just as suddenly, it stops. Your ass, and legs burn, and you can see them in your mind, cherry red. Your breasts also have areas that feel hot and reddened. You give a jerk, as he caresses all your abused flesh with a soft, silky piece of cloth. He kisses you tenderly on your shoulders, and slips around you to kiss your lips. He works downward, kissing your breasts, and at last taking your nipples, one at a time into his hot wet mouth. You let out a shaky sigh of pure relief, and try to press your pussy into him.
     At long last you feel his mouth, swirling over your pussy. His tongue molds to your body, and teases moans out of you. He sucks your clit, then begins licking in earnest. You moan again, only to have to become a scream of shock as the leather slaps into your ass again. Someone else is there! His licking never faltered, waves of pleasure making it hard to think. The leather strikes home again, and again. Is it a woman..a man? "Who's there?", you try to whisper, but your orgasm overtakes the words. You cum in a sudden rush, every muscle tensing to the breaking point. You cry out again and again, feeling the leather and mouth.
     The only thing keeping you standing is the chains. You hang the, feeling sweat run over your body. Your lover (you think its your lover..) still kneels in front of you, lightly kissing the lips of your pussy, and your thighs. From behind..silence. Then..hands in your hips, pushing you forward slightly. You know the invader is male then, as a hot, hard cock swirls over your ass. The licking in front of you grows stronger, faster again. The cock returns, and you man when you feel it press between your ass cheeks, wet with lube. You struggle, instinctively, futilely, as the man (or is this your love..?) presses his cock to your asshole. He reaches up and pulls your head back, using the collar..your moan aloud,and instead of struggling push back against his cock. You make a snarling sound as he enters you..just the hard at first, then slowly deeper. He pulls the collar again, and thrusts, and you cry out as you take him fully. The mouth in front of you starts to work your clit and wet. A finger slips into your pussy, and presses back against the cock the is fucking your ass.
     He has released your collar now, and is sliding in and out of you, slowly, hands gliding over your breasts and hips. You feel your muscles tighten again..and he starts to fuck you faster in response. His hands close over your shoulders..the as his breath begins to speed up, onto your collar again, jerking you back to meet each thrust. You cry out with each thrust, and at the fingers fucking you with equal fervor. He gives one last huge thrust and then he is pumping cum inside you, gripping your collar. Your orgasm meets his..and you scream..
 You hear the shower start, as you hang there. You think you are still cant decide who was where. You are tense..still very aroused, as you keep replaying it all in your mind. The shower stops, and there is only silence. You strain your ears, trying to catch any clue. You gasp as hands run over your think you catch your lovers familiar scent, but its hard to tell with the mingled scents of oil, sweat, sex and cum. You hear velcro, and your wrists are released. You collapse in his arms, and open your mouth, but he stops you with a finger to your lips. You sigh with returning lust as he leads you to the bed, and lays you down. You reach out and run your hands over him..his skin is smooth..and you find his throbbing cock. A need fills you then and you lay back and open your legs in invitation. You feel his lips over your body..but his cock presses hard and needy into your leg.
     "Fuck me", you command.
     He pauses for a heart beat, then kneels between your legs..You moan once more as he enters you, and you KNOW its your man. He fills you and feels like home. You lock your legs around him and meet each thrust with your hips. You reach out to grab the bed sheets..and encounter the other man..hard, kneeling on the bed. His hands start to rub your breasts. You explore him with your hands..their bodies are very alike..his cock hard and wrap your hands around it and pump in time to the fucking. He gasps, and you feel him moving forward. You feel his cock play over your lips. You lover is deep inside you now..fucking you slow and open your mouth and take the man into you. He moans, and holds his hands on your head. You start to suck his cock, trying to match the speed of the cock in your pussy. He starts to thrust into your mouth slightly..and you suck harder. Your lovers thrusts get stronger, and his finger finds your clit. You moan around the cock in your mouth. The man trembles at your oral skills,and he cries out, cum spilling into your mouth. You swallow, and focus on the tension building in your pussy. He is slamming into you now. You start to cum, still leaving the stranger in your mouth crying  his name, and you feel him errupt in your pussy, filling you, as he collapses on you, moaning your name.
     At last he holds you, kissing you softly, telling you how much he loves you, as you hear the front door close.

by ALEXSNFL on November 30, 2010
That was AWESOME!

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