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       Posted by LORIANDI Posted on March 30, 2011 View Comments 0      
Something to think about...

Ok, so I'm out running errands and stop for a quick bite at Chili's. As I walk in, you are sitting at a bar top table having a drink and an appetizer; the place is crowded and you see me looking around, there aren’t any available seats. I look your way and as our eyes meet we nod and say hi and you ask me if I’d like to sit and join you. We start talking and laughing and have a couple of drinks. The topic changes and we both agree that we need to be someplace a little more private. We pay the bill, you look up into my eyes... have this devilish little smile on your face, kiss me quickly and say follow me.


  We are getting ready to walk into a room or an apartment; you have the key in your hand and unlock the door. I step in and you follow. As you turn to lock the door and as you do I step up behind you as your back is to me. I reach up and pull the hair away from your neck and kiss the base of your neck from behind. I feel you relax as you close your eyes and rest your head against my chest.


   Next, I bring my hands are on your shoulders and gently slide all of the way down your arms to where our fingers interlock. I raise your hands and arms above your head; taking both of your hands into my left hand. With my right I start to caress you slowly with my finger-tips lightly down your right arm as I steal another kiss to your neck. You push back into me trying to turn, trying to break free but you can't, I've got you just tight enough so that you are still facing the door, me behind you... caressing you. I take a moment to slide my hand across the side of your breasts and you sign and push your ass into me; your eyes are still closed and your head still resting against my chest. You can feel me getting hard against your ass as you move lightly slowly back against me.


  My hand leaves your beautiful breasts, sliding across your stomach; I pull up your shirt, caressing your stomach. I start to undo your belt and you playfully try to get away; you can't though and actually enjoy it. I work your belt loose and then your jeans. You whisper "damn you" as my hand slides under the waist band on your panties, reaching lower until I feel your wetness... I'm there teasing you, tempting you, caressing you, wanting you.


   At this point, I let your arms drop and you spin around into my arms as we kiss, wet, hot and deep. You kick off your flip flops and step out of your jeans as you unbutton mine and allowing me to be free...  


... you reach down, pulling my cock out caressing it. I start to kick off my boots as my pants drop... you spin me around this time ... pushing my back against the door, you kneel down, pulling my boots, pants and socks off... you quickly lick the head of my cock and stand up to me, kissing me ... hard. We break the kiss and I turn you to the couch, bending you over as you are completely exposed to me... teasing your wetness with the throbbing tip that you just licked. You want more, pushing back against me but I've got you by the hips. I have control again... for now. It would be so easy just to slide deep inside of you with you being so very wet and warm but do I have other plans.

   I take you by the shoulders and stand you up; you kiss me and call me a "tease" (you just don't know...) and I tell you "you haven't seen anything yet!"

   I take you by the hand and lead you to the bedroom; I pull down the blankets and turn to you... I take your hands in mine... kissing the insides of your wrists, your arms, your neck. As I'm doing this I reach down and take your top off and bra and drop them to the floor, you are so sexy standing there! I take my shirt off and lay you down across the cool sheets, your nipples become more erect than I could imagine. We are lying side by side kissing; I pull you close caressing your bare back and ass as we do.

   As we break the kiss, you moan gently and lay back and close your eyes... wanting me, almost frustrated that I've been teasing you... can you feel it right now? I think you can.

   I rise up on my arms holding my body over you. I bend and kiss your neck and across your shoulders slowing as I go down your chest. I take my time with your beautiful breasts, teasing you that much more. From there, I'm kissing your stomach, your sides and lightly caressing your skin. I trace my middle finger from your belly button in a line straight down and you start to arch your hips wanting more; “not yet” I whisper.

   Next I slide down between your thighs so that your thighs are resting draped over my shoulders and my hands and fingers dancing across your stomach. I look up into your eyes and smile without saying a word. You put your head back in anticipation, closing your eyes, your arms folded under your head, under the pillow.

  You can feel my breath warm against your wetness as I ever so lightly tempt you with just the tip of my tongue. I turn my head to lick and kiss your right thigh and then take your left. You say to me "stop teasing me” and then... “I can't hold out any longer”, I want to taste you. I slide my tongue from the base of your lips, lightly parting them all the way up to your clit. As I do this you shudder from head to toe, it's amazing. I do it all again this time deeper, letting my tongue slide deeper into you until I reach your clit. This time I don’t stop, I take you between my teeth holding you there exposed... pulling lightly as I tease you with the tip of my tongue, up and down quickly.

  I feel your hands in my hair as you are alternating between massaging my head, running your fingers through my hair and pressing me down onto you. I let go with my teeth and slide my tongue deep inside you and then sucking on you taking you into my mouth. You start to really tremble; I'm teasing your clit with my tongue... light and quick, light and quick.

  I'm watching you get closer... so very close until you throw your head back, your back arches and your hands holding my head firm between your thighs... your legs spread, I can feel your feet on my back as your raise your legs, trembling, shaking you explode as wave after wave of pure pleasure washes over you, once, twice and then three times in succession.

  You let go of my hair, your legs relax and straighten, your body lets go. You are so turned on, your body’s still tingling and as you’re laying there you simply just say "WOW"!

       Posted by MARKETING Posted on January 13, 2011 View Comments 0      
Young, Erotic, and New to the Lifestyle
I awoke that chilly autumn morning thinking “this is going to be a good day”.  I was 22 and every day seemed good, but this day felt extra special. Getting ready I took extra care that morning, not sure why, and headed out to work.  Throughout the day intricate sensual thoughts kept stealing my attention and distracting me, my body at times moaning internally for sexual fulfillment.  As I made it through the day and headed for cocktails with some girlfriends in the city, I was pleasantly content an air of sensuality that I often found during my favorite time of the year in New York.  We were to meet at a cozy but swank new cocktail bar on the Upper East Side, which had been gossiped about as the new “hot” spot teeming with gorgeous professional men.  As I walked in the door the scent of sexuality filled my breath and made me feel slightly dizzy.  I saw my friends at the bar and joined them. 

The music was soft but sexy and just the right volume to not overpower conversation.  My girlfriends and I had experimented with some flirty bisexual touching and foreplay, but never had we crossed that invisible line.  As one of my friends wisped away the hair from my face she caressed my cheek and then my neck and I felt a tingling sensation throughout my body.  I smiled and looking at her plump wet lips all I wanted to do was kiss her.  But, not there, later, if we were alone.  Just then the bartender brought us a round of drinks and said they were from the group of men at the end of the bar.  My friends and I smiled at each other and decided to join the men and thank them for the drinks.  They were quite a handsome group, but there were these two that stood out from the rest.  Their beautiful eyes and inviting smiles effortlessly causing my pussy to throb and pulsate.  My friends and I flirted with the men for several an hour or so and as we were about to say goodbye to them, the two very attractive men asked my friend and I if we’d like to grab a bite to eat, maybe a dance club after?  We couldn’t possibly say no. 

We dined at a nearby Greek restaurant which included continuous flirting and wonderful conversation.  The sexual chemistry was enticing and the crisp autumn air nipped at the edges of my body creating sensational waves of sensual yearning.  One of the men asked if we’d rather head to his apartment for a cocktail instead of a nearby nightclub.  His apartment smelled of sandalwood and leather and my girlfriend and I smiled at each other just glad for the fact that it wasn’t a dump.  The view from his upper west side high rise was exhilarating, you could see all the way down to the Hudson, the Towers shining in the clear night sky, the moon dancing on it’s glory and reflecting off the water.  Just then soft music started playing and one of the men handed me a drink, his face soft but masculine in the dim light.  He put his arm on my lower back as we gazed out the glass wall onto the settling city below.  He began to caress my back, then my ass and I could feel my body responding.  I turned towards him and he kissed me deep and passionate and my body started teeming with sexual desire for him.  I could feel him aroused against my abdomen, and he pressed against me harder as his mouth moved down my neck to my breasts and brushing aside my blouse I could feel his warm wet mouth on my nipple.  His hands roaming my supple curves, creating sensations I’d not felt in a long time.  He guided me toward the bedroom and undressed me; I stood there naked and warm as I watched him undress before me, the light from the windows and candles casting shadows over his body enhancing each muscular morsel. 

I approached him and kissed his chest, swirling his nipples with the tip of my tongue I could feel his body shiver from the pleasure he felt.  I moved down his body with my mouth, kissing and caressing him and I knelt before him.  I kissed his inner thighs and then took him in my mouth, his manhood throbbing from the pleasure of my warm wet throat.  I could feel his hands on my face and as he took my hair in his hands and thrust deeper into me I could taste the sweet juices flowing down my throat.  He lay me back on the bed and I could feel another, it was my friend, her naked body next to mine, our soft smooth skin touching.  The other man was caressing, kissing, and playing with her and I became completely aroused.  I could feel the guy I was with moving slowly up my body, his mouth and hands touching, tasting.  He took me in his mouth and my body arched at the sensation.  My thoughts wandered to my friend whom I wanted so badly to kiss earlier in the evening.  I took her breast in my hand and caressed her, her face just inches from mine; I could feel her breadth on my cheek.  As I looked into her eyes I could sense it’s what she wanted also and at that moment she moved closer, I felt her soft plump lips upon mine and thought this was the most erotic kiss I’ve ever had, a woman’s kiss, soft, gentle, caressing.  With his mouth sucking on my clit and pussy lips at the same time I was heading over that invisible line at any moment. 

I so wanted to taste her, feel her in my mouth, suck on her and drink her sweet juices.  As he moved upward, he grabbed me and turned me over, pulling me closer the bottom edge of the bed.  And as he entered me from behind, there she was, her beautiful pussy just below my face, I could smell her, her scent wafting up into me, calling to me to take her.  I lowered my head and kissed and licked at the outer edges of her pussy lips and she writhed with pleasure, tilting herself up towards me, begging for me to take her.  I could feel the guy behind me deeper and deeper within me, his cock head stopping just inside my opening to spread me wide as he rubbed it quickly.  I moaned and cried out in pleasure, cumming uncontrollably as he penetrated me again and again.  I flickered the tip of my tongue on her clit a bit and she cried out, so I took her, I suckled on her clit till her sweet thick juices rushed out at me, filling my mouth.  I could see her sucking on the man she was with, his hands on her perfect breasts.  But, I wanted more of her.  I moved forward and lay on top of her, the mounds of our pussies pressed against one another.  I suckled on her breasts their softness under my skin and her nipples taught in my mouth.  The man behind me came up between us from behind and took turns penetrating each of our waiting and dripping pussies and as I moved closer to her mouth, kissing her softly as she had me we exploded in ecstasy together.  I’ll end the story here as imaginable thoughts of the ending will entice fellow readers.  In conclusion, this was my first lifestyle experience, one I’ll never forget, enjoy fellow readers since this is the first time I’ve ever revealed it in print.
       Posted by MARKETING Posted on November 1, 2010 View Comments 0      
Slut for Blacks
Since my introduction to black cock, I've found myself needing more and more of it. I suppose this makes me a slut, but I don't care. It satisfies me sexually, and gives me a feeling I've never experienced with white guys. It started on our honeymoon. We got married, then caught a flight to Jamaica where we were going to spend two weeks in the warm Caribbean sun. Alex and I had known each other since grade school, and when we became old enough, we started dating. During college, we were on again - off again, dating other's since we were about 1,200 miles apart. After college, we began dating again, and finally got married at the age of 23.

We arrived in Jamaica and checked into our hotel. The first thing we did was to test the bed out. Alex is a wonderful person, very handsome and has eight inches of cock. As we fucked, he brought me closer and closer to a huge orgasm, and we both came together. Then we got dressed and went out to eat. We both had a lot to drink and felt the affects of the alcohol. We got back to our hotel at 11:00 PM, and jumped back in bed. Alex fucked me to three orgasms before he, too, blasted his sperm into my hungry pussy. Then he rolled over and fell asleep. I was still drunk and not at all sleepy, so I went down to the beach and drank in the warm Caribbean breezes.

I sat on the beach in my very brief bikini, with my head spinning. I noticed a figure moving down the beach towards where I sat. As the figure grew larger, I saw it was a big black man. As he approached, I thought about the way I was dressed and wondered how he would take it. He stopped and said hello, and we started up a conversation. He introduced himself as James, and told him I was Vicky. As the conversation went on, I found myself intrigued with this large black man. The muscles rippled on his chest, and I found myself feeling very warm in his presence.

I told him I had just gotten married and that Alex was passed out in our room. He asked if I wanted to go for a nightcap and I said I'd like that. He took my hand and pulled me to my feet and we walked, holding hands, to his car. We drove through the city and ended up at a house on a mountain overlooking the city below. We went into the house and to the bedroom where he served me some Rum. He put his arm around me, and I first felt panic. As he hugged me, I began to feel horny, scared at this feeling. I had just gotten married and here I was having these feelings for a man I had just met. He took my face in his hands, and brought his full lips to mine. My head was spinning, I was ready to spread my newly married legs for this man and allow him to satisfy his needs in my steamy cunt. On the other hand, I felt guilty that I almost couldn't stand it. He parted my lips with his tongue and began to explore inside of my mouth. I sucked on this invading tongue, feeling the heat continue to build inside of me.

Then his hands began to explore my body, first untying my top and letting it fall off, then taking my nipple between his fingers and rubbing it 'til it became fully erect. I knew what I was doing was wrong, that I was cheating on Alex who lay asleep in our room, but my body betrayed my feelings. He continued to kiss and fondle me, and finally his hand went to my briefly covered pussy. He pulled my bikini bottoms to the side and I felt his huge hand on my pussy. He slowly inserted a thick finger, then another and finally a third. As he began to finger fuck me, I found my passion going beyond what I had ever felt. Finally, he pushed me down on the bed and fully removed my bikini. I lay there on this stranger's bed, completely naked, waiting for him to fuck me. I reached down to rub his cock, and he pushed my hand away. He stripped and then lay between my legs, spreading them wide open. He lowered his head to my fully aroused cunt, and I felt his breath on me. He gently licked my inner thighs, teasing me and starting me out on the journey that would inevitably lead to his pumping his cum into me. I felt his tongue lightly scrape my clit, then again, a little harder. Finally, he took it into his mouth and began to suck on it.

He once again inserted three of his thick fingers into my waiting cunt, moving them in and out. I shuddered as an orgasm snuck up on me and wracked my body. He began to kiss his way up my body, and stopped at my nipples. As he sucked them, I felt his cock bounce around between my spread wide legs. God, he must be huge! I thought to myself. Then I felt this big prick begin to enter me. He moved his face to my own and again began to kiss me as his cock began it's journey inside of me. I felt so wicked, cheating on Alex like this, but I powerless to do a thing about it. He slid in inch after inch, stretching my cunt out more than it ever had been stretched before. I felt like I had died and gone to Heaven.

I came repeatedly, experiencing for the first time, multiple orgasms. Finally, he stretched me to the limit, and could get no more of his cock into me. It was moving in and out of me with each stroke becoming harder and faster than the last. He fucked me for about an hour and a half before blasting his sperm deeper than I had ever felt before. When he withdrew, he told me to suck his dick and make him cum again, this time down my throat. I swallowed as much of this ten inch cock as I could, taking it down about half of his length. I sucked him for about forty minutes, until he sent another load of sperm down my throat and into my belly.

We left his house and he drove me back to the hotel. Alex was still asleep, and I lay there alongside of him wondering how I was going to break this news to him. Finally I went to sleep, more from sheer exhaustion than anything else. It was about 3 AM when I finally slept. I awoke the next morning with Alex eating out my pussy. I was cumming before I was fully awake, and he climbed on top of me and sunk his cock into my cunt. After he came, I began to cry and he asked me why.

I came clean and told him everything that happened the previous night. Instead of the expected anger, he began to get horny again, his cock growing very large. I asked him if he was mad at me, and he replied that he wasn't, that he still loved me, and that he would love to watch this happen again. I was dumbfounded at hearing this. He then slid back into my cum filled cunt and started to fuck me again, begging me to tell him all the lurid details. Soon, he was shooting his cum into me, and finally rolled off.

Later that night, we went out for dinner and proceeded to get drunk again. After we got back to the hotel, Alex had me dress up like a slut, and go to the beach to see if he came back. He did, and this time we went to our room. Alex was sitting in a chair, naked, and told James to feel free to use my whore body any way he wanted. James took me in his arms and began to kiss me. I felt the heat rise once again, and I allowed my body to respond to his touch with horniness. As we lay down, James bared my 34C tits and began to suck at the nipples.

My pussy was, of course, on fire and in need of this man's huge cock. He pulled up my skirt and found only my nylons covering my long muscular legs. His hands went to my cunt and he began to finger fuck like he did the night before. I came quickly and asked him to let me suck his pleasure giving cock. With that, he straddled my face and rubbed this monster all over it.

Finally, I took it into my mouth and began to suck it in earnest. He fucked his way into my throat, and soon treated it like a cunt. This time, I managed to take the entirety of his cock down my throat. As he was about to cum, he pulled out somewhat so that his sperm shot into my mouth and not down my throat. Still hard, he got behind me and slid his cock all the way in and proceeded to fuck me for about two hours keeping me constantly cumming.

The next day we went sight seeing around the island, and we pulled off into an area that was hidden by the lush tropical foliage from view. Alex took me there on the ground in the jungle. After he shot his load into me, he asked how I liked getting laid like a slut. I told him that it was very good and that I loved him all the more for allowing this. I told him another big fantasy of mine was to get gangbanged by a group of men, and he told me that he would talk to James about making it happen. We returned to the hotel about 8 PM and showered.

That night Alex told me everything was all set and my fantasy would come true thanks to James. We were to meet James that night at a certain address at 10 pm. We hailed a taxi and arrived at the address at the appointed time. We entered the house and I was told to strip. I hastily removed my clothes and stood there. I looked around at the men, all naked, and almost panicked seeing the size of their cocks. They ranged from 8 to 10 inches and I wasn't too sure that they would all fit inside of me.

I was taken to the bed and tied there, spread eagled and laying on my belly. They put a pillow under me which thrust my ass high in the air. This time, there was no foreplay. I felt a cock begin to rub against my pussy and when I got wet, it was thrust inside of me. There were about 8 men there in the room with us, and I was sure that I was going to be pretty sore for while after they finished with me. After this large cock made it's way into my slut hole, another got in front of me and started rubbing his big dick all over my face. I sucked his cock and he pumped into my throat. They made me suck them all one by one. They untied me and one of them made me get on top of him and insert his great cock in my cunt. Then another got behind me and he slid his cock into my cunt as well.

Fortunately, my pussy had been stretched so wide that it only hurt a little at first to have two big dicks in me. Then the feeling became pleasure and I lay there, both of them thrusting their long cocks deeply inside of me. They both came at the same time, sending what felt like a gallon of sperm into my whore cunt. God, I felt so wicked, yet also so fulfilled. After a while, just James, Alex and I were left in the room.

James then got behind me and I felt his cock begin to probe my asshole. I was a virgin in my ass until this moment, and he thrust into it causing me to scream out from the pain, soon the pain was replaced by the most excruciating pleasure I ever felt. I came my brains out constantly while taking James' huge cock in my back door. Alex had a full view of this black man fucking my virgin white asshole, and finally he slid down my body 'til his cock was at the entrance of my sore pussy. He slid into me and started fuck me hard.

This happened every night we were there, and by the time we arrived back home, I was well stretched out by the black cocks that fucked me nightly. Alex and I continued to fuck like animals, but I found myself missing the huge dicks that had used me for their own pleasure for the two weeks.

One of my girlfriends told me one day of her own dark thoughts about extramarital sex. I admitted everything to her and we agreed that she would spend the week with us when her husband went out of town for a meeting. Just before he left, they fucked and she told him to have fun, and fuck other women. He was kind of stunned, but he told her she was great for allowing him to. So, that night, when she got to our house, I told her to sleep with Alex.

I went out in search of black cock, and didn't return home 'til 4 AM, my cunt filled with black sperm. I entered out bedroom, and found Alex and Vanessa fucking like rabbits. After he shot off in her (for the fifth time that night), I crawled between her legs and started to lick out my husband's sperm from her well used cunt. Alex, meanwhile, was now fucking my pussy and brought me to several orgasms. Vanessa was cumming quite a bit also, and Alex put his cock in our faces so we both could suck him too. Finally, everyone had cum, but Vanessa wanted more from me. I continued to eat her sweet tasting cunt, and reached into our night stand drawer and retrieved a huge dildo.

I fucked her with it, causing her to eventually cum, screaming. The next night, we both went out and picked up a group of four black men and went back home with them. All of them had us, in every hole, repeatedly that night. We didn't get home 'til noon the next day. I turned Vanessa into a slut who loved black cock as much as I did. Then, after a week of this, she left for home, since her husband was due back. She later told me how he had fucked several girls he worked with during this meeting, and then she told him about her experiences. Her husband, Carlos, asked her if she thought I would allow him to fuck me.

I readily agreed, since I believe that all sex is good sex. Vanessa came to our house the next Friday night to spend the weekend with Alex, and I went to their house to fuck Carlos. I arrived wearing nothing but an overcoat to hide my nakedness as I walked in their house. Carlos had an impressive cock, and I dropped to my knees and began to suck it. Soon, he filled my mouth with his sperm, and then turned me over and fucked my asshole. He ravaged me all weekend, and I loved every second of it.

This all happened 4 years ago, and I've still not gotten my fill of cock. As a matter of fact, I've become hornier than ever, and I satisfy my lust daily. Usually, it's with black men, but I also fuck other white men, and also women. I hope I never get tired of all of this fucking, for it has made my life complete.
       Posted by CAPECORALLOVE Posted on July 31, 2010 View Comments 2      
date night
You always did enjoy date night..going out with the man you loved. And as he liked to make things spicy, it was always an adventure. He set out the remote control vibrating egg, placing it on the panties you picked out to wear, while you were in the shower. You couldn't help but smile when you saw it.
     Of course, you put it in.
     He didn't use the remote the entire drive to the restaurant, which surprised you. The anticipation was maddening though. You could feel its weight in your pussy, especially when you shifted your hips. He just smiled at you lovingly.
     He waited until you were in the middle of your order to hit the remote. Vibrations flooded your body, and you gasped aloud. The waitress looked alarmed, asked if you were OK. He looked at you with a vaguely worried look, which didn't touch his eyes in the least. You smiled, tried not to squirm, and said it was just a muscle cramp.
     He would buzz you on and off all evening..not enough to get you even close..but enough to get your panties soaked. He would wait until you went to sip your drink, or when the waitress returned. Near the end of your meal, he handed you a small card. It read : Go to the bathroom now, remove your bra, and your panties. NO questions. You excused yourself to the restroom, and had to fight to walk straight, and not to moan into the mirror as you touched up your makeup. Still..he was being unusually light with couldn't help but wonder what else was in store for you tonight. The inner questions made you almost faint with desire.

     You walked out of the restaurant, holding tightly to his hand. He had the remote on, and it was beginning to drive you mad. Instead of going to the car, he pulled you, almost roughly, around the side of the building. As soon as you were in the shadows, he turned you to face the wall, and half bent you over. He lifted your black skirt, and ran his fingers over your wet,open pussy. You feel him slip out the vibrator, and you are even more excited to hear its now loud buzz on the night air. You hear the whisper of his pants open, and then he is behind you. His cock is rock hard, and scorchingly hot. He slams it home inside you unusually rough for him, causing you to bite your lip to keep from crying out in pleasure. He lifts your shirt and pushes you further into the wall. You feel the rough, cool brickwork against your nipples, and the side of your face. He reaches down with the hand that is not keeping you pressed against the stone, and holds the egg to your clit. You moan as the vibrations add to the pleasure.
     He fucks you, hard, slapping his body against yours. You feel the heat building inside of you...and then without warning he stops and pulls out of you. You look around in alarm, thing you have been caught at last..but all you see is him putting his still hard cock away into his pants. You start to ask him why, but he stops you with a gentile kiss, and whispers "The night is still young, my love."  His last act is to slowly, lovingly, slip the egg back inside you.

    You are home, and you don't know if you are angry at being so cruelly teased, or a little afraid to see what comes next. Again he silently takes you by the hand, and leads you through your darkened house, to your play room. He undresses you rapidly, with none of the loving caresses and kisses that are his norm. He doesn't even smile, until he carries the leather blindfold to you. He makes sure it is quite snug, and that you are quite blind, before kissing you deeply. You are smiling now, hoping..
     He takes your hand and leads you to the one wall. You hear the rattle of the chains and the hiss of the velcro, as he binds your wrists. You are quite trapped, chained to the wall. He left them slightly longer than normal, giving you a little movement range. You hear him, behind you..then feel him kiss the back of your neck. Sparks shoot through your already aroused body..stronger when you feel the leather collar slip around your neck, and be clinched tight.
     He leaves you then, with a slight caress down your body. You hear water running in the bathroom. You cant decide what. You stand there, bound, for what may be two minutes, or could be five. You are very aware of your nakedness, and your arousal.You gasp and give a little jerk when he touches you again. He laughs softly, and begins to run a sea sponge over you, soaked in almost hot water, and scented oil. You moan in pure pleasure as you feel the warm water run down your skin, and the slight roughness of the sponge is a delight. He carefully washes your face..slowly runs hot wet circles over your breasts, until your nipples are straining. He stops short of your sex, although the rivulets of water slipping over your pussy drive you mad. He kisses your cheek as he washes your back, and you can feel him, naked and hard pressing into you. You try to push your hips back into his cock, needing to feel him, but he just steps away.
     He dries you then, a large, soft warm towel. He strokes it over your body..your skin has never felt this sensitive, this alive. After you are dry, another sensation. This one takes you a moment to place..silky and soft..your prized plush bear! You cant help but moan and twist as he runs it over your ass..up your spine. He runs the softness over your nipples, they are almost painfully hard..and you long to have him take them in his mouth, even for a moment. Over your sides..your belly..lower..gliding over your pussy. You whimper..and your knees buckle so you are almost supported my the chains at your wrist, and his arm under your breasts. He runs the plush bear up your body, and near your can smell your sex on it. "Please", you say.
     He starts to kiss you then, his tongue fills your mouth as his hands run over you. He  bites down lightly on your shoulder, then hard enough to make you gasp. He runs his tongue down your spine, lower..along the backs of your legs. One finger teases your clit..then its gone. Your anger returns, and you open your mouth to protest..
     The leather strap bites across your ass, bringing a startled yelp instead. It strikes again, a little softer, along your shoulders. You give a little cry, and shake your head. The thin strap whips around you, across your breasts, lightly, but still stinging. Then harder again, snapping and smacking into your ass again and again. You whimper with each strike, trying to guess when the leather will fall next. You are so aroused you can feel your juices brimming over. Just as suddenly, it stops. Your ass, and legs burn, and you can see them in your mind, cherry red. Your breasts also have areas that feel hot and reddened. You give a jerk, as he caresses all your abused flesh with a soft, silky piece of cloth. He kisses you tenderly on your shoulders, and slips around you to kiss your lips. He works downward, kissing your breasts, and at last taking your nipples, one at a time into his hot wet mouth. You let out a shaky sigh of pure relief, and try to press your pussy into him.
     At long last you feel his mouth, swirling over your pussy. His tongue molds to your body, and teases moans out of you. He sucks your clit, then begins licking in earnest. You moan again, only to have to become a scream of shock as the leather slaps into your ass again. Someone else is there! His licking never faltered, waves of pleasure making it hard to think. The leather strikes home again, and again. Is it a woman..a man? "Who's there?", you try to whisper, but your orgasm overtakes the words. You cum in a sudden rush, every muscle tensing to the breaking point. You cry out again and again, feeling the leather and mouth.
     The only thing keeping you standing is the chains. You hang the, feeling sweat run over your body. Your lover (you think its your lover..) still kneels in front of you, lightly kissing the lips of your pussy, and your thighs. From behind..silence. Then..hands in your hips, pushing you forward slightly. You know the invader is male then, as a hot, hard cock swirls over your ass. The licking in front of you grows stronger, faster again. The cock returns, and you man when you feel it press between your ass cheeks, wet with lube. You struggle, instinctively, futilely, as the man (or is this your love..?) presses his cock to your asshole. He reaches up and pulls your head back, using the collar..your moan aloud,and instead of struggling push back against his cock. You make a snarling sound as he enters you..just the hard at first, then slowly deeper. He pulls the collar again, and thrusts, and you cry out as you take him fully. The mouth in front of you starts to work your clit and wet. A finger slips into your pussy, and presses back against the cock the is fucking your ass.
     He has released your collar now, and is sliding in and out of you, slowly, hands gliding over your breasts and hips. You feel your muscles tighten again..and he starts to fuck you faster in response. His hands close over your shoulders..the as his breath begins to speed up, onto your collar again, jerking you back to meet each thrust. You cry out with each thrust, and at the fingers fucking you with equal fervor. He gives one last huge thrust and then he is pumping cum inside you, gripping your collar. Your orgasm meets his..and you scream..
 You hear the shower start, as you hang there. You think you are still cant decide who was where. You are tense..still very aroused, as you keep replaying it all in your mind. The shower stops, and there is only silence. You strain your ears, trying to catch any clue. You gasp as hands run over your think you catch your lovers familiar scent, but its hard to tell with the mingled scents of oil, sweat, sex and cum. You hear velcro, and your wrists are released. You collapse in his arms, and open your mouth, but he stops you with a finger to your lips. You sigh with returning lust as he leads you to the bed, and lays you down. You reach out and run your hands over him..his skin is smooth..and you find his throbbing cock. A need fills you then and you lay back and open your legs in invitation. You feel his lips over your body..but his cock presses hard and needy into your leg.
     "Fuck me", you command.
     He pauses for a heart beat, then kneels between your legs..You moan once more as he enters you, and you KNOW its your man. He fills you and feels like home. You lock your legs around him and meet each thrust with your hips. You reach out to grab the bed sheets..and encounter the other man..hard, kneeling on the bed. His hands start to rub your breasts. You explore him with your hands..their bodies are very alike..his cock hard and wrap your hands around it and pump in time to the fucking. He gasps, and you feel him moving forward. You feel his cock play over your lips. You lover is deep inside you now..fucking you slow and open your mouth and take the man into you. He moans, and holds his hands on your head. You start to suck his cock, trying to match the speed of the cock in your pussy. He starts to thrust into your mouth slightly..and you suck harder. Your lovers thrusts get stronger, and his finger finds your clit. You moan around the cock in your mouth. The man trembles at your oral skills,and he cries out, cum spilling into your mouth. You swallow, and focus on the tension building in your pussy. He is slamming into you now. You start to cum, still leaving the stranger in your mouth crying  his name, and you feel him errupt in your pussy, filling you, as he collapses on you, moaning your name.
     At last he holds you, kissing you softly, telling you how much he loves you, as you hear the front door close.

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a little story
     The email said to go to the hotel, room 224, and knock. That all. You step out of the elevator on rubber legs, and walk slowly down the hall. You find the room, and hanging from the doorknob is a plastic bag, with a slip of paper taped to it. On the paper is your first initial.
     You open the bag, trying to control the tremors in your hands. Inside is a leather and velvet blindfold. You slip it on, and the world goes dark. You take one last trembling breath, and knock on the door.
     It opens, and they take your hands, lead you inside. They each kiss you briefly, his strong lips, hers softer. They then start to unbutton your shirt, slipping off your bra. One of them reaches up and roughly yanks your panties out from under your skirt. You hear her laugh softly, and comment on how wet they are.
     You are suddenly pushed downward, bent over the bed. You gasp in shock, and prop yourself up on your arms. He pushes your skirt up into a bunch around your waist. You feel him spread your legs wide, and then he enters you, hard and deep. You cry out as his cock fills you. There is none of his normal teasing or soft caresses. He is simply fucking you. One hand buries itself in your hair, and pulls your head back. You moan every time his cock slams inside you, shiver with every smack of flesh on flesh. The heat inside your pussy explodes throughout your body as you cum, and you scream, not caring if others hear you. You pushes you down to the bed, as you feel his cock swelling inside you. You feel the cover against your cheek, rocking back and forth as he pounds his cock into you. His hands are around your waist now, pulling you back to meet each thrust. Your pussy throbs, and you cum again and again, matching the increasing pace of his body. He give a final deep thrust that pulls another cry from your throat, and you feel him explode inside you, hot and endless.
     As he slowly slips out of you, she guides you onto the bed. Her hands glide softly over you, as she strips you of your open shirt, and slides your rumpled skirt off. She lays you back onto the bed, and kisses you, her tongue exploring your mouth. You moan as she slides down your body, ice to his burning fire. Gently, she kisses and sucks your nipples, running her fingertips back and forth over your skin. Slowly she licks and kisses her way down between your thighs. You her her sigh as her mouth at last comes to your sex, and she starts to lick and suck your swollen lips. She purrs as she laps the taste of him out of your body. After ages of softness, you feel your body start to arch against her mouth, your hands digging into the bedspread. Your orgasm spreads you open, bares your body and soul in slow pulsing waves of pleasure. As you come down, you feel her tense, and start to move back and forth. You smile knowing he is inside her now, fucking her as she continues o lick your clit.
     She licks you with tender care; getting you close to climax, then letting your body relax again. He fucks her just as carefully, with some hard thrusts followed by slow, deep ones. You lose track of time to a haze of pleasure and frustration. At last you feel her pull away. You hear the sound of jingling metal, but before you can think about it, you feel someone on the bed, next to your head. You turn your blind gaze in that direction, only to find his hands in your hair again, guiding your head to his hard cock.
     You let your mouth flow over him, tasting your pussy over laid by hers, sweet and musky. He allows you to slowly minister to his cock, licking every taste of her off him. His hand rests in your hair, maintaining a grip, but not pulling. You feel a cool hardness pressing against your pussy, and you freeze, with the head of his cock pressing against your lips. There is a slight sound, and the pressure comes alive, vibrating against your already sensitive pussy lips.
     You feel her climb onto the bed between your legs, the pressure from her strap-on  building, almost sliding inside you. As you open your mouth to moan, he pulls your head forward by the hair, sliding your lips back over his cock. You almost choke, for just a moment, before regaining your self control. A moment later she slide up between your thighs, and her hardness penetrates you. Your cries are muffled by his cock. You wrap your legs around her waist my instinct, and pump your hips to meet her thrusts. The vibrator is powerful, and you feel the heat building inside you in waves already. She is on top of you, fucking you, and the brush of her hardened nipples across your skin, and her breath panting in your ear drives you into primal lust. He is holding your head tight by the hair, and has taken away any illusion of control from you; He is fucking your mouth now, driving his cock into your mouth with each thrust of his hips. One of your hands claws at her back, with the other tightens on the cheek of his ass. You feel the muscles move as he fucks your mouth, hear the wet sounds of both his cock as it slides through your lips, and her strap-on, as she fucks your pussy.
     In a sudden flash of heat, you cum, your whole body tightening and raising off the bed. You feel her thrusts go from steady and hard to frenzied, and she is crying out in your ear. Your orgasms combine, riding the both of you, feeding off each other's spasms and cries. You are just coming back to yourself, feeling her body collapse upon you, hot and slick with sweat, when he gives on last deep thrust, and pulling you tight against him by your hair, explodes into your mouth. You feel his cock jerk against the softness of your cheeks as you tighten against him. Your body responds on some deep level to the musky flavor of his cum, as he shoots again and again, and you cum again, this time with every muscle tensing up, your thighs shaking. You hear her gasp as the rocking of your hips drives the toy hard into her.
     He falls back from you, panting. He runs the head of his cock back and forth over your lips, and you lick his cum from them, shivering at the sheer, indulgent dirtiness of the act. You moan as she slides out of your pussy. She moves up the bed, and guides your head, almost as roughly as he did, to her "cock". You eagerly suck your juices from her, almost tasting your orgasms. You roll on your side to face her, whimpering with pleasure as she runs her hands along the back of your neck, your sides. You suck on her as if she too was going to explode in down your throat.
     He lifts on of your legs, and moves it out of his way. He slowly starts to slide his fingers in and out of your pussy. He is slow and un rushed, exploring every inch of your body. You can feel your wetness as he rubs his fingers over your swollen lips. Every touch makes your body twitch.
     She un buckles her strap-on, and drops it over the side of the bed. You pause for a moment, waiting, and she guides your head to her pussy. She kneel beside your body, and presses your face into her pussy. You almost drown in the sweet liquids, inhaling her scent, and flavor. She lets up the pressure on the back of your neck, just slightly, and you pull back enough to start sucking and licking her clit.
     He moves your leg more, and is now rubbing his cock over your pussy. You feel him harden with every stroke teasing your entrance, then sliding away. You murmur into her pussy as you lick, and suck, and nibble, rewarded with her quickening breathing, and faster caresses. Your free hand glides over her breasts, worshiping her sheer femaleness.
     At last he slowly slides his fully hard cock into your pussy. Your body reacts instantly, tightening around him by itself. You shiver as he moans aloud, as he starts to fuck you, with the same slow rhythm as his fingers. Your lips press into her pussy softly with each of his thrusts. One of his hands cups your breast, while the other slides along your hip. He caresses your ass slowly, then softly slides a  finger inside your ass. Your body shakes in a swift explosion, causing her to press your face to her pussy again. With an effort, you start to lick her anew.
     He slips his free hand under your hip, and raises you slightly off the bed. He starts to fuck you hard now, and you struggle to keep your focus on her pussy. You feel the soft smooth skin of his sack slide over your inner thigh as he straddles it, feeling like satin. Her juices are covering your lips, your cheeks, your tongue. His finger is fucking your ass in time with his cock, and you feel yourself tightening again, losing control. Every nerve in your body pulses with light and heat and you are screaming into her pussy. You feel her cum, more then hear her cries, her pussy almost kissing your lips as it spasms. You slip your tongue inside her to feel her tighten. He abruptly pulls out of you, and you can feel the sound of flesh on wet skin. He cries out, and you feel jets of hot fluid striking your hip, your breast, your face.
     All three you you collapse, spent. You slip in and out of sleep for a time. You awaken to find them washing you, tenderly, with a warm washcloth. They dry you slowly, lovingly, then help you dress. They guide you to the door, and as you step out, it closes softly behind you. You take off the blindfold, and blink in the light. The whole time could have been a dream, save for the lingering scent of sex surrounding you like a succubus's halo, and the time pearled drop, dried on the velvet of the blindfold. Your legs are no less rubbery, as you walk slowly down the hall.
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First Time and the Mystery Man

My husband I had talked for years about fucking other people but never got past the occasional role play in the bedroom. Our time in the bedroom had become routine and boring. Over time we lost interest in each other, and before we knew it we had drifted apart. It was not really anyone's fault but after 30 years we stopped communicating both emotionally and physically.

I was mentally and physically preparing myself to go out on my own. I began to go to the gym and work out on a regular basis. I lost over 20 pounds. I got a new hairstyle, and went shopping for myself for the first time in ages. I turned 50 during this time, and found myself looking at my own self in a different way. i would walk down the street, and men would stop and stare. I never considered myself sexy or really pretty, but i couldnt help but feel that men at the stores or at work, were looking at me in ways that I never noticed. i found that in some ways, it excited me too. During the day, i would find myself getting wet, just thinking about the man I saw at the gas station, or the waiter trying to look down my blouse at lunch.

During my transformation, I noticed my husband was "checking me out" too. If I wore a short skirt to the grocery store, when i got back - he would come up behind me and give me an extra hard hug. Then after a while he started to go with me to the grocery store. I could see him watching the men who were watching me. usually when we got back in the car, he would comment that guys were looking at you, or that you were giving every guy in the store a hard on. He began to initiate sex more on a regular basis, getting hard ons almost every night. It wasnt long before we were fucking again almost 3-4 nights a week, and several times over the weekend. I had only been with one other man before I met my husband. i found myself wondering what another cock would feel like in my hand, or in my mouth, and sometimes if I let myself - I would try to imagine a man laying on top of me - with a hard cock - in my pussy.

One night during an intense fucking session, my husband asked me if I had ever thought about having a threesome. i just assumed he meant another woman. Imagine my surprsie when he suggested that he would like to see me with another man. A few days went by, and i brought it up again, and while i was stroking his cock, I could tell the thought was really exciting him. I began to describe what I would do with another man. I told him how i would suck his cock, and let him eat my pussy. Before I could finish he came with almost an explosion.

The next day we both got on the internet and began to research what we found out was called swinging or "the lifestyle". We found a club in our city and got the courage to visit. I didnt know how to dress or what to expect. We entered and found a table, and began our initiation into the world of hard and soft swaps. We didnt enagage anyone during our first couple visits. We only went and observed, asked questions, and had fun rediscovering the bonds between us. I began to buy sexier clothes and shoes that i now called my "club clothes".

One visit at the club was a night where single men were present. We sat at our table and danced, and watched the other couples, not expecting anything different that night from our usual but fun routine. Then I noticed a very tall, handsome man standing off to the corner of the floor. My husband noticed him too. He gently nudged me and suggested that I go ask him to dance. To my surprise I did! He was very respectful, and very friendly. During several dances - I brushed closer to him letting my breasts graze against his chest, or push my hips into his cock (which i could feel was very hard). During one part of the dance I turned my back into him and let his hands cup my breasts, while I reached behind me to let my hand rub on his bulging cock. I joked with him and said I want to make my husband jealous. He remarked that by the look on your husband's face - that he was enjoying it.

I brought him over the table to meet my husband. We sat and enjoyed a few drinks, and I suddenly realized that I was surrounded by two men with hard ons that wanted to fuck me! I couldn't comprehend it at first, but then the more I realized it, the wetter I got. The man began to stroke my leg and work his way up my skirt. I didnt have panties on , and I was getting nervous thinking my husband was geting upset. I looked over at him and he was watching the man's hand move up my thigh, and he reached over and began to kiss my neck. I let out a sigh, and opened my legs a little to encourage the hand now moving to the inside of my thigh. My husband had reached inside my dress and unbuttoned the front to let my breast spill out. I closed my eyes and felt a finger enter my pussy, while a mouth closed on my nipple at the same time. I felt bolts of electricity enter my body and i adjusted myself in the chair to give both of them better access to my body.

The man scooted his chair back and knelt down in front of me. He parted my legs, and began to lick my pussy which was now dripping wet. As he was sucking on clit, my husband was sucking my tits. The feeling was incredible. He licked me untill it felt my pussy was on fire. I let out a load moan while i had my first orgasm. The man got up and sat back in his chair and unbuttoned his pants, and took out a very large hard cock. I was drawn to it and to him. i stroked it twice before i bent over and took him in my mouth. I didnt even think about it. I let my mouth slide down his shaft and heard him moan. It felt good to know that i could return the pleasure he had given me. For a few minutes i forgot all about my husband. All I wanted to do was suck this magnificent cock until it exploded in my mouth. But my husband had not forgotten. I felt him pull my hips out of the chair and raise my ass in the air. I looked up for one split second to realize that we were still at our table and had gathered a small audience. I saw a couple of guys had taken out their cocks and were stroking them or were being stroked by other women who were watching too. I quickly put them out of mind, and returned to sucking the cock. I felt my husband's cock enter my incredibly wet pussy. I could hear him telling me to suck the cock harder while he pumped me harder and faster. i was so wet that I could hardly feel his big cock slide in and out. in a few minutes I could feel him cum as he rammed himself all the way to his balls into my cunt.

I felt myself being pulled down into the chair. I fought at first because I didnt want to take that sweet tasting cock out of my mouth. but i let myself be guided down not knowing what was coming next. I didn't care - every nerve in my body was tingling and I just wanted to cum over and over again. The man pulled me forward in the chair and got on his knees. He took his cock, and slid it into my pussy. I gasped and pulled him deeper into me. I laid my head back and felt my husband caressing my neck, and then cradling my head in his hands. He held my head like it was on a pillow. I felt my body being bucked back and forth while the man's cock rammed in to me over and over again. I felt waves of cum washing over me until I lost count. Then I heard him moan and felt him shudder. my pussy was so wet - I barely felt him cum but could feel his cock pulse in quick jerks until he slumped forward. He got up and kissed me so gently, and when I opened my eyes - he was gone.

I opened my eyes and looked around. There was a circle of people around us and they all applauded. I got embarrassed, and pulled my dress down. But then I felt, sexy, good, and the center of attraction. I asked my husband to take me home. When we got home, we fell into bed, and his cock was rock hard. I just opened my legs up and pulled him into me. We made love three more times that night, and havent missed a night since.

We dont know if we can re-create that night. But when we return to the club - i will be looking for my mystery man.

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One Sexy Vacation!!

I checked into my hotel at around 2pm, I was extremely cranky from the jet lag, the lost luggage, the cranky airline staff and the bitchy passengers. I made it to my room where I noticed that the king bed that I requested, was magically 2 full size beds, ugg nothing more annoying than getting what you didnt want... I decided to take a nice hot shower in hopes of calming down and unwinding a bit before dinner, I undressed, hopped into the shower letting the hot water run down my erect nipples, my shaved pussy and my smooth legs, I was actually getting a bit arroused at this point but I decided to hold off a bit just to savour the moment to relax a bit and unwind. I got out of the shower and began to contemplate if I was going to go to dinner now or not. I lotioned my legs up, did my hair, my makeup and finished getting ready.

I pulled out my sexiest dress, strappy black sandals, and got dressed. I went down to the beach restaurant where I noticed that everyone there was in couple of some sort. Boy did I feel out of place, everyone was staring at me, and the looks were those of pity.. I ordered my dinner and noticed this extremely sexy man and these couples across from me, they were giggling at me, or so I thought, soon after the waiter came over and put on the table a bottle of champagne compliments of the party of 5 across from me, with a note attached asking me to join them. I decided what the hell im here to enjoy myself, what do I care. I went over to them and introduced myself to them and we immediately started chatting it up like we'd known each other for years. I couldn't help but notice how extremely hot they all were. I was sitting between the 2 women and the men were sitting across from us, suddenly I felt a finger make its way up my dress and hit my clit, I immediately got moist from her touch, she leaned in and said to me that she would love for all of us to go back to the room and see what happens, as she was leaning into my ear and asking me that, the other woman was asking me to do the same thing, all the while the men were undressing us with their eyes, and wondering what we were whispering about and smiling about to ourselves, little did they know that I had a beautiful womans finger inside my pussy, making me soak the seat under me. I excused myself after dinner and told them to meet me at my room in 15 mins, so that I could go get ready.

I went to the room and got undressed and put on my sexy nighty, all sheer and black with my high heel glass slippers, and patiently waited. A few minutes later the knock on the door came, and I think I nearly came right there. I answered the door and one by one they enterred the room, the women first then the men. The women led me to the bed furthest from the door while the men made themselves comfy on the other bed, now I see why it was best after all to have the 2 beds, they began to passionately kiss me and fondle my breasts and one of them spread my legs and began to massage my clit with her fingers, then as smoothly as she was with her fingers, she smoothly moved down there using her tongue, all the while the other woman was kissing me and fondling my nipples. I could see the men bulging out of their pants with the show these women were putting on, they were getting very impatient I can see that. I myself was so into the moment that I was beginning to cum with the most intense gush that I have ever experienced in a long time and that was from this amazing woman and her oral skills, as I began to cum in her mouth I could see that the other woman was squirming in her seat as if to say to me that she wanted the same pleasure. I motioned for her to sit above my face and to let me take care of her and let her sweet juices flow into my mouth, she sat on my face and I began to massage her clit with my tongue and took my fingers into her wetness, all the while I was still getting my clit massaged with the other womans mouth and fingers. As the woman on my face began to get more and more pleasure from my mouth and fingers, the louder she got and I knew she was close to cumming right in my mouth, all of a sudden her pleasure released right in my mouth and my face and just then I came again....we both screamed with pleasure so much so that we just melted into one.

At that moment we composed ourselves to find that the men in the room with us were all naked now and practically cumming themselves, the women made their ways to their men while I was left with the other man, He was so delicious looking, the ladies and myself sprawled the men out on the one bed side by side, and we went from man to man, sucking each of their cocks one at a time, then moving around in a round robin type motion, so that each of them got our mouths. Each of the men didnt know what to make of it, they were moaning and groaning and their cocks were pulsating like you wouldnt believe. Everytime I took one of them in my mouth, I got wetter. The men were so eager so much that they took each of us and laid us out on our backs, simultaneously they each ate our pussies again with the round robin effect that was so fucking intense, I didnt know how to react to this, each and every mouth on my pussy made me cum more intense than the last time. All at once the men slipped inside of us, the women with their men and me with this other man, pumping away, and pumping away so hard so fast and so deep. At one point we all screamed out in sync with one another it was intense and each of us soaked the bed underneath us more than the other. The men moved around in a side by side pattern taking each of us into them deeper than the last. We then took turns and rode the men leaning over each other and kissing each other all the time, so fucking hot, and intense, this whole night so far made up for the crappy day that I had.

Once again the woman were being dominated by the men, they put us on all fours and began to pump away at our bare pussies all exposed to the air that blew around in the room, one by one down the line, the first woman exploded with her man in sync and that turned me on that I just came again all over the man that was fucking away at me, then the next woman she came so hard she blew her man out of her with her squirting pussy, this made me cum again just seeing that, and hard this time, and then finally it was my turn, the man was pumping me and pumping really hard and really fast and then he made me cum again and pulled out and shot his cum all over my ass and my clit and made it drip down my legs...I released in pleasure and total enjoyment that my legs were shaking and I was trembling so hard, I didnt even notice that the other 2 couples left the room without even a goodbye....

I turned over and looked at the man that just pleasured me, he was smiling his goofy smile like to say he did good, and wanted a pat on the back...I said to him baby, that was fucking hot, how did you get them to come up here and meet with me, he said babe for you it was easy, when we talked about it I had no idea that that night in that hotel that I would be there with my husband and 2 other couples seducing them, when all the while they thought they were seducing me, we had them convinced that I was the lonely woman and that someone had to take care of me, he was there with them and made them feel sorry for me, but all the while we had this planned....
So that would be the ulitmate swingers experience, the fantasy of strangers and me having a man that I could experience all that with...hope you enjoyed reading it, as I have dreamed of that moment for a long time and someday will get that experience!!

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The F Club London - A True Story from a Member

By Day, I am conservatively dressed 9-5 girl working in a high profile job with a high profile Company. But that is where my secondary life ends and the real me begins.

I am a 32 year old single female with a curvaceous and voluptuous figure with a proud bust of 34DD which I am really love showing off. I always wear cleavage bras which show off my true assets, although in a suit in my day job. Once at home I am braless and when the mood dictates topless. I very rarely wear knickers as they inhibit my clean shaven pussy.


I am a party girl who loves the fine things in life and I have more sex buddies than friends and very bi. I am perpetually horny and wet most of the time, hence, no knickers. My erogenous zones are my penny-sized nipples and the nape of my neck. Kiss or lick me there and I am in seventh heaven.


Lately I have been getting a bit bored with my sex life and needed a real challenge. Spending time on the net, I can across swinging and that got me really going. Reading more about it made me realise that this is probably what I have been missing and could really spice up my life.


So the next stage was to look for, either house parties or clubs and depending on what you read, there is quite a choice. I came across TheFClub and rather liked like the idea of a club. So I called a very charming Gentleman took me through what to expect at the club. He assured me that there will be no pressure to get involved and I could just sit in the corner and enjoy the ambience and music (although, I knew that I am not the one to just sit around). I was sold on the idea of visiting this club for my first swinging experience. Now I had to decide which party to attend.


I looked at the website and the Erotic Masquerade Ball rather appealed to me. I knew that I would have the appropriate outfit (oh, by the way, I have more lingerie that Imelda Marcos would have shoes). The only thing missing was the mask so my second call to the club made that simple as I could buy one on the night.


I had only 3 days to go for the party and most of my waking moment was just thinking all about it. So many questions and naughty thoughts. I decided to go alone as I was not ready to take any of my sex-buddies with me because I wanted to explore it alone without any baggage with me.


As Saturday dawned, I decided on the sexiest outfit that I had. It was a black silk dress with a very low neckline which would accentuate my cleavage. It was fairly short and if it rose a couple of inches, it would show my crotch. The Bra was one size short with nipples showing and my boobs waiting to burst out. I was definitely not going to wear any knickers and the risk was that my wetness might glisten through.


I decided to take a cab as I wanted to enjoy my drinks. It promptly arrived at 9pm and I got in the back with the driver holding the door open for me. I deliberately sat down first and then took in one leg at a time. I am sure that he saw my pussy and he started adjusting himself to hide his hard-on! As he got is the driver’s seat, he pretended to adjust this rear-view mirror but I knew that he was perving on my cleavage as he could see my nipples.


It was half an hour ride and the driver could just not concentrate on the road which gave me an idea. I asked him to stop at the nearest cash machine. After pretending to draw some money, I surprised him by getting in the front seat. I adjusted my seatbelt so that the strap pressed between the breasts which meant that the breasts were showing in their full glory. I was having fun watching him get a real hard-on which he tried to hide but every movement  that he made, probably made it very uncomfortable for him.


We arrived at the club at about 10pm and I was nervous at this stage. It was some kind of an industrial estate and I began to get a bit worried at what kind of a club would be based in a estate like this. We drove around the various blocks until we came to block F where the club is. There were a few people milling around waiting for the doors to open.


As I got out of the cab, again very deliberately, to give the drive a last look at my ample body so that he can have wet dreams for a long time, I was conscious of many eyes looking at me, both male and female. I was enjoying this attention and getting slightly turned on and people were making, ever so slight movements, to get my attention. I felt slight dampness in my pussy which was not helped when this hunk of a doorman approached me to guide me to the reception. I could see that he was having a field day eyeing me.


As I climbed the stairs, it felt like walking up to some Hollywood set. The decor and lighting had created the right ambience and it was like going into the unknown. At reception, I had to fill in some forms and after checking my ID, I was cleared to enter the club. I bought a small mask and put it on immediately. At the entrance, I was handed a glass of Champagne which was a great starter to the Ball. There were only a few people in at this stage but I could see a queue building up behind me. I could not help but feel that all eyes were on me at this stage. I made my way to the main Bar and sat on one of the stools. Within a few seconds, a young couple joined me and started making small talk. He was dressed in a tux and she had a skimpy outfit which did her figure no harm at all and they were in masks too as were all other walking in. I must say that everyone look absolutely magnificent and it looked very classy.


The couple, Mandy and Jake, I was chatting to had been to the club previously and started explaining the whole setup to me. I was getting a bit turned on as they went to explain what happens. The offered to show me around which I gladly accepted. Mandy was an exquisite creature and I couldn’t but help finding her very attractive. Jake was looking very good too but my attention was solely focused on Mandy. She took my arm and led me through the bar to the back of the club. At this stage she was walking very close to be and I could feel her breasts pushing up against my arm and her mouth was so close to mine that I could feel her breath on my neck. I think she knew exactly what she was doing to me and it was very deliberate, not that I was complaining. I was really getting very wet and I could see that it she was also turned on.


As we entered the first play room, Mandy’s hand went down my back and she started caressing me until her hand reached my buttocks. There she rested her hand as she led me near the beds. At this moment, I thought that she was going to push me down on the bed and climb onto me, not that I could have complained, instead, she pulled me a bit closer to her and our lips were just a few millimetres away. I so wanted to kiss her but she held back just enough and my eyes were just focused on her mouth and wet lips. She knew what she was doing to me and I was past caring what happens next. She expertly led me away from the beds for the rest of the tour which was now a blur. All I wanted was to get laid by her but she had other ideas. She wanted to wait and keep on teasing me so that when it did happen, it would be earth shattering.


We walked to the rest of the club and made our way back to the Bar area. By this time the club was filling up nicely and as everyone walked past each other, bodies bumped into each other to and you could feel boobs and cocks all around. The atmosphere was electric and almost everyone looked like they were turned on.


As drinks began to flow freely, time just flew and soon it was midnight and the time for the show. This was truly a great progression of the whole party. I was engrossed in watching when I felt a hand on my thigh and as we were all standing very close to each other, I thought that it was accidental. It started caressing my thigh and moving up slowly towards my crotch. I slightly turned my head and my eyes locked with Mandy’s She winked and I knew who the smooth hand belonged to. She very cleverly touched the lips of my pussy and I felt a slight current pass through my body and Mandy carried on. I was really getting wet and turned on. I put my hand on hers and lead her to the opening of my pussy and she pushed her finger inside. I whispered to her that we should go to one of the rooms.


She took my hand and led me through the crowd to one of the lockable rooms. I don’t know where Jake was but I hoped that he would not join us as I wanted it to be just the two of us.


As everyone was so engrossed with the show, the rooms were empty and we chose one which we could lock completely so that no one could see us nor interrupt. Mandy pushed me onto the bed and as I lay there, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse. I saw the most magnificent boobs every (and I have seen my fair share), they must be 36DD with incredible nipples.


She sat at the end of the bed and removed my shoes. Once off, she took one foot towards her mouth and started licking my toes. I was really enjoying this as she started sucking each toe in turn. She than expertly moved her wet tongue upwards from the ankle to the calf, knee and then the thigh. I was softly moaning which encouraged her. Her tongue was now inches from my vulva as I grabbed her hair and tugged slightly upwards. This she did slowly and tantalizingly until she reached my pussy. Each lick was sending such sensations through me that I had a mini orgasms. Suddenly her mouth was on my open cleft and a long loud groan rang through the air as I clutched her hair. I was out of my mind at what she is doing to me and I wanted more!


Her finger slipped out of me and I felt them lower so I shift slightly to give her better access. Her tongue worked magically on me and I was so wet that she easily glided two fingers inside as she skilfully bit my engorged clit and I went over the edge now in the land of extreme ecstasy. I just lay there unable to move and Mandy moved up to me as our eyes locked. She smiled and asked me how that was (as if there were enough words to express what I was feeling). All I could whisper was mmmm and she got the message.


I told Mandy that it was my turn to return the favour but she just put her finger on my lips and told me to just relax and enjoy the moment as the time will come for that. I put on my dress and we walked out hand-in-hand towards the Bar.


To be continued

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First time with two guys...

I was 26 years old, just fresh from the University and was working in my father’s construction company. To be a woman, engineer and the daughter of the owner was a non-standard combination, hard to survive for the almost all-male environment. As I was very naughty, the workers on site didn’t know if to look after me (and face the fury of my father, which was always short tempered) or simulate that they were completely unaware of me. I did as much as possible to push the limits, getting pleasure for their faces, mix of desire and fear. I went to the construction site with light transparent dresses, without bra, with 4” high-heels and was climbing stairs without any special care. Nothing more fun than to see the faces of the guys looking up!

Once I went to one building that was close to be finished with one girl friend from College, which stayed in my car while I did my paperwork with the main foreman. She was really crazy, sexually obsessed and craving for as many dicks as possible. The workers were ending the day and she noticed two young guys, cousins that smiled to her, just to back off as soon as they realize that she was in my car.

As soon as I joined her, she told me how handsome the two guys were (they really were!), and what a waste that I was not taking enjoying my position. Her fantasy at that moment was to have sex with two guys at the same time, and she keep talking and talking about what she would do, etc while I was driving her home.

Actually, her talk started to make me wet and horny; I started fantasizing with that and realized that it was something that I had to try myself. The occasion was perfect, as those guys were ending their contract and returning to their home city.

Next day, I asked the foreman to order the two cousins, in their last weekend in the jobsite, to come Saturday afternoon to do some piping checks on the Jacuzzis that were installed in the terraces. As all the apartments were finished and ready to be delivered, there will be no one else in the building. I told the foreman not to worry, as one of the architects was supposed to come with me.

I told this day my friend Malee what was my plan and she begged me to let her share the fun that she’ll do anything that I would told her, and so on. Finally, just to shut her, I accepted.

Saturday we went to the two roof apartments were the Jacuzzis were located and I told Malee to sunbath topless in one terrace while I was waiting for the guys in the ground floor. She was only wearing a string, no tan marks that made clear that she sunbathed naked. I put only a tight top, press my nipples to make them hard and protrude below the cloth, and a mini-skirt, with high platforms laced to my legs. Just a minimal string was covering my depilated pussy. I started feeling it becoming wet in anticipation.

The guys come on time, with their tool and as always, looked at me with wide eyes. I told them to hurry, as me and my friend wanted to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. As soon as we arrived, they saw Malee ass in the terrace, legs spread. I saw them becoming hard almost instantaneously, laughing nervously and trying to hide the looks to my friend.

I push them to go forward with the work, start checking the connection and filling the pools with water. I bent forward to point to some pipes, exposing my ass, rub occasional against them, letting them peek at my breasts that were free just inches from their faces. When the pressure was too much, they tried to watch other side, just to see Malee. Their erections were evident under the pants, the dicks trying to get free. I bumped against one, pressing his dick against my buttock, the guy went crazy!

Then, Malee called me loud to ask for some tan oil in her back, and I went and massage her from neck to toes with oil, having special care to cover the buttocks and go deep between with my hands, as I looked to the guys, that were no longer hiding their excitement. Then, she turned up, showing her breasts, without any tan mark and with the nipples hard as stones. She looked to the guys, smiling and starts to apply oil over her…

That was too much for them, anyway they were leaving the company, so better to fuck the two chicks and have a souvenir!

-What a hot whore! You really want to be fucked! You’ll see what’s to have two working dicks in your high class ass!

-She wants to have you, at the same time… while Malee kneeled and start caressing her pussy under the string…

-And you? You have been driving us all nuts, all this time…

-I’ll watch and then decide what I’ll do…you must deserve to have my ass…

At the same time, the taller one was striping naked, showing a glorious big dick, completely erected, thick and curved upward….and grabbed Malee head and penetrate her mouth…she started deep-throat, something that she was specially good at, and taught me how to do to perfection…

The other advanced to me, pushing down his clothes, exposing his dick, as I took my top and skirt out, spread my legs and stop him: “first you do her pussy, then me….”; I went to Malee, went down her back with one hand to her string and pull down, to expose her ass….then I caressed her deep between her buttocks and hold them apart for him….

-Mmmmm beautiful, but I need some help from you before….

I took his dick in my mouth and give him a deep suck, and point him to Malee’s pussy that was dripping wet: “she’s ready for it….fuck her!”

He penetrated her hard, as she moaned with the other guy’s dick in her mouth, spitted on two guys. They were frantic fucking her, deep and fast as she was crying for more…the view was hot, as the one in her back was squeezing her tits and nipples, as the other was holding her head and pushing all his dick in her mouth….she cum couple of times and the first guy grunted and blow himself on her mouth, in spasms, his cum dripping out of her lips……

I kiss her deep and took a load in my mouth and we both licked the guy’s dry…he was so excited that his erection didn’t fell a bit, pushing his dick in my mouth now….

I worked him carefully, licking the head, sides and balls, then some fast deep throats and the head with the bit of my tongue….his eyes were exploding, and getting harder if possible….

The other one was still ramming Malee’s pussy, and she told not to cum inside her, but to cum on my mouth, so he got up, stand in front of me, as I switched from his cousin dick to his, that was wet with Malee’s juices and start sucked him frantically, as was masturbating the other guy …some fast changes from one to the other and the second one cum a load all over my face….

The first one was hard as rock and told me “your turn now, bitch…, I want the ass you promised…”

Malee surprised all saying “let me prepare her ass for you…” and suddenly she was licking my ass deep with her tongue, going from the low of my back to my pussy, and start dilatation of my ass with one and then two fingers….

The guy sat in a low bench with his erected dick, and I sat on it, legs wide open…slowly until he pull me hard on him, that filled me with pain and pleasure… started moving up and down, faster, as the other guy was recovering and pushing his dick in my mouth….

My fantasy of being fuck by two guys was becoming true and I was enjoying one orgasm after other…then both guys cum almost simultaneously as I felt my ass and mouth filled with cum…

We were exhausted and just took a bath in the (now working and tested) Jacuzzi and parted separately, them to their city, 500 km from there

If they told anything to their former co-workers, this was just their dream to fuck the boss’ daughter….

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women versus men

A SPANISH Teacher was explaining to her class that in Spanish, unlike English, nouns are designated as either masculine or feminine. 'House' for instance, is feminine: 'la casa.' 'Pencil,' however, is masculine: 'el lapiz.' A student asked, 'What gender is 'computer'?' Instead o f giving the answer, the teacher split the class into two groups, male and female, and asked them to decide for themselves whether computer' should be a masculine or a feminine noun.. Each group was asked to give four reasons for its recommendation. The men's group decided that 'computer' should definitely be of the feminine gender ('la computadora'), because:

1. No one but their creator understands their internal logic;
2. The native language they use to communicate with other computers is incomprehensible to everyone else;
3. Even the smallest mistakes are stored in long term memory for possible later retrieval; and
4. As soon as you make a commitment to one, you find yourself spending half your paycheck on accessories for it.


The women's group, however, concluded that computers should be

Masculine ('el computador'), because:

1. In order to do anything with them, you have to turn them on;
2. They have a lot of data but still can't think for themselves;
3. They are supposed to help you solve problems, but half the time they ARE the problem; and
4. As soon as you commit to one, you realize that if you had waited a little longer, you could have gotten a better model..

The women won.