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       Posted by GENTLEFRIENDS Posted on September 28, 2006 View Comments 0      



Today....I breathe you in....and
feel you inside me

Soft and gentle....ripples through
our bodies......

Imagined kisses that are somehow
more Real.....and penetrate deeper than the physical....

This moment....a special time....a
special gift to both of us

I come for

We touch without touching....and our
breath catches...

It is time to explore..............

Our skin contacts.......and
glides....and caresses...

I come to devour your neck.....

I come to feast on your shoulders....

I come....and am lost in you....and

I come to taste..and taste...of your

You have opened to me....and we are

A journey....reaching
forward....without end

I Want you....You Want me



Dear Twins


I must nibble..........

The moisture from my tongue bathes

You arise and present your full
glory to me....

So beautiful.....

You send forth your messages of
anticipation....not to be disappointed...

Your crown chakra says to
you.........surrender.....and you have...

You penetrate my lips.......finding
your moist destiny...

Suction....gentle....then firmer....

I give freely....

Your Friend below
rejoices......becomes slippery....

OH.........spasm of delight...


Dear Twins


You have filled me....and yet I

Deep within.............the call is
heard to come.....the need for more...

I respond.....and the need

My cells cry out in

Call.......and I Will come......


Join with me in this Misty
Morning....of Hunger

Sing the Body Electric.............

I Blow........and devour your

So sweet....................

I am
nourished..........and yet I Hunger for You....


       Posted by SHYWTXCPL Posted on September 26, 2006 View Comments 1      
Office Fantasy

A little office play.   Posted this is in my blog a few days ago, thought I would share it here, too.  It has a little of everything, my usual sensual eroticism, mixed with some Bdsm and some tasty action with a cat-o-nine tails.

Cum on in and check it out!

       Posted by SHYWTXCPL Posted on September 19, 2006 View Comments 0      
Just a little vampire story, for those that like em.....from my blog.

Walking in the shadows, as I am apt to do, I come across some unusual things now and then.  But, nothing so rare as the discovery I stumbled onto last week.  Stalking through life in my usual manner, imagine my surprise when I came across, of all things, an angel lying in my path.


            She lay there, bruised and battered, more on the inside than outside.  Her body was dusty and spent, exhaustion showed in her every fiber.  One leg was turned beneath her and her wings were in sad repair.  One wing was broken and the feathers on both were wilted and frayed.


As I approached her, she kept her eyes downcast and her head hung with what was part exhaustion and part shame. She was dirty, dusty and her clothing was in tattered disarray.  She was everything you would NOT expect an angel to be, but angel she was and of that there was no doubt.


Walking up to her, my eyes drank in every inch of her.  Her lithe body was unimpressive, bundled in the flowing white garments lying crumpled around her and camouflaging her form.  Exactly how she had come to be here, I had no idea.  But, I cared not why she was here, just that she WAS here.


She was an earth-bound angel, she may have come from heaven at one time, but for whatever reason she was now firmly bound to the earth.  She was lost, alone and clearly frightened, though her posture showed a defiant stiffness that knew no fear. 


Standing before her, I waited patiently for her to look up at me.  I didn't wish to ruin the magick of the moment and feared that anything sudden I might do would send her soaring off into the clouds or scampering into the brush. 


"Its OK, little one."  I spoke quietly.   "You have nothing to fear from me."


Still, her head hung limp and her reddish brown hair clung protectively to her face.  Slowly she began to move.  Her head tilted to the side and I glimpsed a view of her spectacular beauty, so startling it near took my breath away.  As her head lifted more, I felt my eyes drawn to the soft brown abyss in each of her eyes. 


"A man could drown in those deep pools of brown."


I heard my voice speak in a stuttering sort of stammer, but I am still not certain if I actually spoke out loud or if the words merely echoed in my mind. 


She was exquisite.  There really isn't anything else to say.  I pride myself in my ability to use words, but this description was beyond means of conveying in mere mortal words.  Torn, limp and battered, she was still of such phenomenal beauty and grace that just imagining her leaves me speechless.


"Can you speak?" I heard my hoarse voice whisper.

She gazed up at me with an innocence so pure it made me blush.  I feared she could read as much of me as I was reading of her.  Giant bottomless pits of brown stared up at me, and she shook her head side to side in what I could only assume was either an answer in the negative or a sign of non-comprehension.


I knelt slowly by her, moving with easy and reassuring movements.  I swallowed hard, for as I neared her I could hear something like music, it surrounded her much like an aura, it encompassed her.  She seemed neither aware of it, nor why I seemed so taken aback by it. 


She didn't pull away as I expected.  I could see comprehension in her eyes, but   she seemed to fear me not at all.  I am not a pure person.  I am not even sure I AM a person.  In fact, at times I wonder just exactly what it is that I AM.  I know I am dark, violent at times and that I am w

       Posted by LUSCIOUSBBW Posted on August 1, 2006 View Comments 0      
Personal pleasure.

As the tantalizing breeze caresses my wet, sun warned skin an inner feeling of erotica takes over my senses.  My skin yearns for the touch of strong hands, my lips long for the taste of seduction, my hands wanting to feel the passionate heat of another.  The music in the back ground sends my mind into a flurry of sexual acts, wishing to have him here, in front of me, to please and be pleased by him and him only.  I dream up scenarios of erotic orgasmic acts the make my inner thighs wet with juices of lust and pleasure.  As I lie there in the sun, alone, with my over active mind, I begin to rub oil on my body.  I imagine it is his hands that rub my body with sinful desire.  My hands start at my calves as the warm oil heats up with every stroke.  I work my way up to my thighs, and my minds wanders and my body arches.  I drip the exotic feeling oil on to my chest.  I start rubbing it into my skin, around my waist and working my way up to my breast.  By then my nipples are hard and screaming out for the forceful but tender feel of his mouth as he licks, nibbles and sucks them to the point, my point of pleasure between my legs drips with the juice of ecstasy.  I can fool my body by satisfying its urges with my own hands but my mind knows better.  As I reach my point of orgasmic explosion, my body is, for the moment, satisfied, but I know it’s just a temporary fix. For I can, over and over caress my skin, penetrated my lust soaked pussy, massage my breast and bring my body to its point of pure erotic exhaustion but once the deed is done I am left with an empty feeling.  The look in his eyes as we make love, the taste of his skin as I lick his body, the intensity of his kiss, the strength of his thrust as he penetrates me, the softness of his touch as he caresses my body and breast, the warmth of his mouth on my on my skin, the tantalizing action of his tongue engulfing my breast and exciting my clit, how can my body be fully satisfied with my hands and mouth, once it has experienced the passionate, erotic, pleasure he can give it.

       Posted by LOVINGLIFE Posted on June 13, 2006 View Comments 2      
Jen's story

Jen’s Story


Chapter I


It seemed like a normal Friday afternoon in South Florida as Jen hustles around the kitchen preparing dinner. The phone rings and it is Jen’s husband, Danny. Since Danny is due home at any time, Jen is a little curious as she recognizes Danny’s number on the caller ID.  Jen answers the phone and Danny says “Jen, sorry but I am going to be a little late this evening, I have been caught up in a big meeting all day. Please hold dinner for just a little bit, but believe me we are going to have an interesting conversation at the dinner table.” Intrigued, Jen asks, “Wow, sounds like a very good meeting, I can’t wait to hear about it”


Danny started a new company about a year ago, and has been working long hours to achieve break even point before running out of investment capital.  The long hours and stress have been taking a toll on Danny and Jen is excited to hear that something good might be happening. “Well, it might wind up being a very successful meeting, but the degree of success is actually going to depend on you Jen” sighs Danny. Jen notices a little apprehension in his voice. Now Jen was even more curious that ever and said, “What is it you want to talk to me about, and how can I possibly be a part of the success of your meeting?”  Danny replies “Let’s wait until dinner, we can go out on the porch and I will explain the whole day to you”.  Well at this point Jen knows it must be something pretty intense and begins to have a series of mixed emotions, anxiety, apprehension and excitement. She begins to sense that this is going to be a very interesting evening indeed.


At 7:30 Danny arrives home and immediately goes into the bedroom to change his clothes. Jen finishes dinner and sets the table on the patio. Finally, Danny walks out on the porch and sits down. He seems to be in a slightly apprehensive mood, but at the same time, sort of giddy, like a little kid with a big secret. Jen finally asks, “So tell me about this meeting!” Danny lets out a sigh and replies, “Why don’t we finish our dinner and afterwards I will make us a drink and I will tell you all about it”. Jen begins to protest, but after all the stressful evenings of late, she resigns herself to wait until Danny is ready to talk. “Well, I guess I will just be patient and wait until you are ready to tell me” Jen responds.


An hour later as the sun begins lowering behind the trees, Danny retrieves a couple of cocktails and returns to the porch. Jen and Danny actually live on a golf course and Jen catches Danny gazing out at the course. With the long hours and stress, Danny has not been able to play much golf lately and Jen knows that he misses it. She quietly thinks to herself, “God, I hope this is really good news about this meeting, Danny has worked so hard to make this company a success”.  As the sun sets on a very pleasant evening, Danny finally turns to Jen and begins to speak. “Well Jen, as I told you on the phone earlier, I had a very interesting meeting today. I met most of the day with a large company from Minneapolis, and they seem extremely interested in doing business with us. If I can close this account, it will take us well past break even and definitely solidify our futures.” As Jen listens, she is expecting Danny to be very excited and animated about delivering this news, but instead he seems kind of nervous. Not waiting for Jen to comment, Danny continues, “Please let me finish the whole story before you interrupt, and please remember how much I Love You”. Now Jen is completely confused, why would Danny have to say such a thing, but she nods her head in acknowledgement that she is ready to listen. Danny takes a deep breathe, exhales slowly, looks Jen straight in the eyes and begins speaking again, “Big companies like this have multiple opportunities to do business with companies such as ours. They have made it very clear, that although they are extremely impressed with our products, in today’s business world you must be willing to provide a little “extra”. The President, Sam, then described a recent example of a company in New York that had taken them out for an evening on the town, complete with dinner, drinks, strippers and actually a few hookers. He then looked me straight in the eyes and asked me if I really wanted their business.  Jen, besides Sam, he has six other associates with him, there is no way I can afford to take all seven of them out on the town, at this point I simply do not have the money, “ Danny exclaims.


Jen could tell that Danny was struggling with what he was going to say next.  However she also knew Danny very well and a suspicion began to form in Jen’s mind. Jen’s mind drifted for a moment and she thought to herself, “My god, I know I have told Danny that I would do anything to help him make the company successful, but is he actually going to say what I am thinking?” Again Danny looks at Jen and says, “You know I love you,
       Posted by LOVINGLIFE Posted on June 13, 2006 View Comments 0      
Jen's story
In here the text, description, location etc
       Posted by SZYSKIP Posted on June 3, 2006 View Comments 0      
An Interesting Experience


We would like to share with you our first HOOK-UP at Trapeze. Well it was a Wednesday night in July. Suzy said lets do something tonight; we were visiting from Honduras where we live full time.  She had never gone to a strip club like Pure Platinum so I suggested that we go. She agreed and off we went. We watched the girls dance. Some were good, some were classy, and some were pretty bad. After a couple of drinks a very attractive girl asked Suzy if she would like a dance, she looked at me, and I said sure let's go. I guess she noticed Suzy’s approving glances.  I suggested a far more private place and off we went to another part of the club. Well this girl was good and turned Suzy on to the point of Suzy wanting to make a date to see her the next day. Sexual tension was running high. I suggested going to Trapeze.  Suzy said great let’s go.

Off we went to Trapeze. It was a little late by then, after 12 midnight, and as we had not planned to go to Trapeze, we had nothing to bring to drink. We tried Big Daddy’s but that was closed. Well moving along. We entered the club and started walking around. In a very short time a very attractive couple picked us up from Miami and Columbia. She was 25 He was about 40 -45. Slim and well spoken. They offered us a drink and we bellied up to the bar to get to know each other. I asked Juan if his wife was bi and he smiled and said very. We continued talking and some one suggested we get comfortable inside in private area of the club. First the girls kissed, then our hands all went racing for the each other’s partner. We were all pretty hot and kissing all around. We started into the back to change our clothes into our birthday suits.

When we finally got naked under our towels, there was no place to party until we found an empty clean private room. We all pumped on the bed. We paired off and started to kiss and suck at a great rush. I started sucking Janet’s pussy and it tasted so good I called Suzy over to get some. While she was sucking Janet, Juan was sucking her pussy and I was sucking Janet’s tits. We continued to eat each other out with Suzy dashing between Juan, Janet and me. She is a wild woman. Some how this turned out to be a soft swing. No decisions were made for it to be so but no condoms were introduced and no intercourse took place, except with out individual partners. Next time we will bring some, and be better prepared.

I have no idea how long we were in this state of nirvana but it sure was fun. Finally we fucked our wives and the men came too. We had a great time. We hung out for awhile longer and then went to get dressed. Suzy and I had a baby sitter. Juan and his wife may have lingered longer. I don’t know. Single guys were coming on to Suzy as we left. She thought it was fun and I guess it was okay with me also, but I think a meat rack of horny guys playing with them selves could create a problem if someone got too pushy.

What would we like to do differently? How could it be better? We would like more time to relax, be naked talk and of course fuck the women in different positions and different combinations of situations. We would like the girls to also have some private time to explore each other with the men out of the room. Not too long of course. At least time enough to cum a few times together. I finally realized the real beauty of a truly bi-sexual woman. The best of both worlds, they add another dimension to our sexuality.

We have to complain about Trapeze however. The Wednesday night on July 10, was the closest thing that I have ever seen to being a complete zoo. The good news is, we met a great couple and had great fun together. We look forward to our next experience. May be we will try Saturday Night. Couples only.

We went home to our hotel and made love. We are in love and swinging is just great sexual fun for us. It is nice to understand the difference between making love with your soul mate and having sexual fun with others. I sincerely believe that an outlet like the Lifestyle or Swinging can really help a good marriage. We all have desires; we all want to be validated as being attractive, and being desired. It makes a lot of good sense to have our egos rubbed in the correct way inside the relationship. Cheating in my view is totally destructive. It is a very harmful conspiracy between two people that really only want to be validated by each other. In most cases cheating couples really don’t want each other as lifelong mates or soul mates. They really don’t want to disrupt their present lives and switch partners and lifestyles. Cheating couples take the great risk of destroying their lives that they have worked so hard together to achieve. Swinging allows us to have that sexual freedom inside our marriage. Seems smart to me. But what do I know.





       Posted by HAIRLESSCPL Posted on June 2, 2006 View Comments 1      
Oral Challange
In here the text, description, location etc
       Posted by SEXYRN1 Posted on May 31, 2006 View Comments 3      

Are sex toys much more pleasurable during intercourse with you partner than without? Yes or No and why?

       Posted by ELNE Posted on May 11, 2006 View Comments 2      

Being a qualified masseur,allow me to relate an experience I had recently. My wife and I, along with other friends,decided to visit a club.We arrived at the club within minutes of each other and eventually all got changed and sat around chatting in our towels.One by one they paired off for fun leaving me and Minx together ( its my pet name for her )She has long red hair,pierced nipples,shaven pussy and a wicked laugh.After several moments of touching each others legs,I asked her if she would like a sensual massage.Quick as a flash she replied yes and as my cock began to twitch she took hold of my hand and we went in search of an empty room.Closing the door behind us,she lay on the bed face down and I could just see the swollen lips of her sex.I poured some oil onto my hands and began to massage her shoulders and back,with firm but gentle circular strokes and could hear a low moan escape her lips.My hands now travelled down to her bum,massaging each cheek in turn and occasionally,allowing a finger to slide down the cleft of her cheeks.She was now getting turned on as she started to moan a little louder and even emitted a few oos and ahs and her legs slowly began to open.My hands traced slow lines along the backs of her legs,first her right one then her left.I now positioned myself, sat between her outspread legs,giving me full view of her,what was now,a very wet pussy,the juices glistening on her outer lips.Starting at her ankles.I slid my hands up the outside of her legs,over the top of her bum cheeks and allowed my hands to slide down the valley between them,over her bum hole and as I approached the inside of her thighs,allowed my fingers to brush past her pussy and clit.

This movement had the desired effect,because as I did this she lifted her bum off the bed and pushed it back slightly,trying find my fingers.My hands returned to her ankles and repeated the whole move again,only this time as my fingers slid between her legs,they gently pulled her pussy lips open and caressed her clit in the same movement.Again I was treated to the sight of her open pussy as she lifted her bum off the bed.This time I slid my hands up the inside of her thighs and allowed my thumbs to enter her pussy,before sliding them to her buttocks.God,she was wet and my thumbs were left with a fine coating of her juices.Her head was moving from side to side and she said in a whisper "fuck me please " Sitting by her side I said " not yet you minx " and slid my hand between her legs,pushing 2 fingers inside her warm and very wet pussy.My other hand was massaging her bum cheeks as I slowly began to finger fuck her.My cock was rock hard and pressing into her thigh.Another finger found her clit and started to caress it with a gentle circular movement and my thumb was massaging her tight bum hole.Her bum was rising off the bed trying to suck more finger into her pussy and she was moaning and groaning about it feeling so good.Deeper and deeper my fingers sank and wetter and wetter she got,each move of mine was received by her thrusting her bum up.Her whole body began to shake as the pleasure of orgasm began to spread over her.She let out a cry of relief as the orgasm crashed over her.Seizing this moment,I gently turned her over and nudge my cock at her wet pussy."is this want you want,Minx" "Yes" she replied and "badly".

I moved forwards slowly and looking down,watched my cock sliding in her pussy.God she was tight.My cock began to pump in and out,as it came out and it was covered in her juices.She met every thrust of mine with one of her own,my balls banging on her arse." Take me from behind" she whimpered and so turning her on all fours,I sank my cock in er.Reaching my arm around her,I easily found her clit and as my cock was filling her pussy,I gently rubbed it.I could feel her pushing back on my cock and knew it wouldn't be long before I myself was coming."Harder" she implored "make me come" I leant forward and holding onto her long red hair,started to fuck her deeper. As I could feel my cum rising in my cock,I toyed with her clit,making her squirm and push back.Her breathing was now more of gasping for air as she could feel another orgasm welling up inside her."I'm coming I'm coming" she voiced and with that I let loose my load,deep inside her pussy,our juices mixing together.She gave one last thrust back and her orgasm,flooded her body and we both fell to the bed,my cock still twitching inside her. Having gained our breathe and composure,we headed for the shower but that's
another story.........................................