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       Posted by SLOFUT Posted on November 15, 2005 View Comments 0      
Super Fucking Psycho Sexy
   Cage comes down and traps her on the king sized bed wrapped in cool sheets naked. She does not seem to mind as she rolls around rubbing on pillows like a hungry house cat. Just now she sees me, her head tilted forward looking at me like dessert. It seems I have caged a little beast. She motions me over.....I stand my ground. She pulls the black sheet aside and opens her legs tilts her head back and with two fingers begins masturbating and taunting me with wet pussy.  I approach the cage surrounding the bed.....I pretend to unbuckle my belt as I approach, but as I walk up to the cage I reach in and grab her ankles and pull her legs through the bars. She is putting up only minor resistance....I have worked it out so the there is only one bar between her legs. I pull her ass across the sheets till there is only an inch or two between her slit and the cold metal bar......I am holding her just under her knees she wraps her legs around me and pulls herself towards the bar and me.....but I strain to keep her from touching the bar. We battle for a moment and then I pull her against it, she lets out a small gasp wraps her legs tighter around me and slides up and down on the cold metal bar with sinuous pelvic trusts I look at the wet bar and think about my cock in it's place. I reach in and pinch her nipples hard, she responds, her movements become jerky and her breathing labored and at the top of the curve she screams....and comes down shivering...and quaking at the lightest touch. 

"fuck me"


"fuck me" 


"fuck me asshole"


I do want to fuck her, but she needs to know that for now at this moment that her pussy is mine it belongs to me. She sits up and reaches towards me I let her hold me a moment between the bars of the cage...but only to prepare the cuffs hidden in my belt.


She is cuffed to the bars, she cannot touch me or herself. She jerks at the cuffs causing the cage to shake, threatening to bring down the bed poles. She has a wild look about her....her hair is fuck me tossed, her makeup is starting to surrender to her sweat....and she looks like a heroin goddess. 



"Fuck ME"


I walk the the opposite side of the bed where she cant reach me at all "Get over here and fuck me asshole" she implores.   I unbucle my belt and I can see a look of anticipation on her face as she looks over her shoulder at me, she is unconsciously nibbling on her bottom lip, eyebrows arched and a desperate little twinkle in her eye. She is laying like a cat cuffed to the bars...I slide the belt off slowly.."on your knees" I command, she instinctively understands and grabs the two bars she is cuffed to, gets up on her knees and points her beautiful ass at me and gyrating it very slowly and methodically. I wonder if this is instinct or whether she is doing it on purpose either way I like it....... If she had a tail it would be standing straight up. 

My belt is off and doubled up in my hand, I cock my arm in the air and reach through the bars "whose pussy is that" I ask her. "What?" she answers pretending not to hear me....I bring the belt down on her ass just hard enough to sting into a warm slow burn". "Whose pussy is that" I ask again, she turns looks at me and with a devilish smirk says "what?" once again I bring the belt down just hard enough to so the belt and her both sing out. 
"Whose pussy is that" I exclaim louder "Whose pussy is that". "you mean this one" s
       Posted by JTRACY3358 Posted on November 1, 2005 View Comments 3      
Cabin Fever

  We needed firewood. The stack out beside our house was getting a little sparse. A friend of ours, John who owned a cabin in the nearby mountains and had told my wife, Karen and I, to let him know when we ran low because he had more there than he could use. He’d told us he was planning on being up there Saturday, so we decided to drive up to visit and pick up a truck load.


  His cabin is nestled in a little ravine on the side of a mountain overlooking a gorgeous lake. The interior is completely done in knotty pine with a big stone fireplace and rustically decorated. He did have lots of extra wood so he and I cut and split most of the afternoon while Karen prepared a good hot meal for us.


  Karen and I have always been open about our fantasies and love to turn each other on with sexy stories. Most of them involve one of us fucking someone or someones while the other watches. John didn’t know it, at least I didn’t think he did, but he was the star of several of my wife’s hot stories. I knew that she was pretty horny from the things she’d talked about on the trip up to his cabin, but I had no clue that one of our stories was about to come true.


  After a good dinner and a few drinks, all three of us retired to the living room to relax in front of the fireplace. We sat and talked for a bit while the Jack and Cokes did their job. John suggested that we stay the night since it was pushing 9 o’clock and it was a two and a half hour drive back. He said with two bedrooms and two and a half baths there was plenty of room. I looked at Karen and she said, with a sly smile on her face, that she thought it was a great idea. My heart skipped a beat. Could I be reading her right?


  If we were going to stay, I’d need to go out, cover the load of wood and tie the tarp down over it because it looked like it was going to snow. When I stood up to go outside, John announced that he was going upstairs to get a shower and Karen said that she’d put the rest of the food away.


  It took me 20 minutes or so to get the wood covered up and secured and it was getting pretty cold so I hurried back inside. I came back in through the kitchen and Karen wasn’t there so I took off my shoes and walked into the living room, thinking she’d be sitting by the fire. No dice. I called her and still no Karen. I then noticed the sound of muffled voices coming from upstairs. I figured John was showing her where we were going to sleep and getting her towels and such for us to get cleaned up. I stoked the fire a bit and decided to go up and see which bedroom we were assigned to.


  As I got near the top of the stairs, I could hear the shower running and it sounded like the voices were coming from John’s bedroom. My heart started doing flip-flops remembering that one of my fantasies involved another guy with my wife and a shower. My trousers suddenly became mighty uncomfortable with the anticipation of what I hoped I was about to discover.


  Before I even got to his door the mirror on his dresser gave me a view of the path through the bedroom, leading to bathroom. In a line, from the door and into the bathroom were various pieces of men and women’s clothing strewn across the floor, looking like they’d been ripped off in a hurry. I recognized the sweater, the jeans and the socks my wife had been wearing, intermingled with John’s jeans and polo shirt and boxers.


  Through the clear plastic shower curtain I could see water cascading over two naked bodies, my wife and John’s. There they were locked in a passionate French kiss. His hands kneaded my wife’s firm beautiful breasts while her hands were feeling up his naked muscular butt.


  I was mesmerized, excited, and could hardly believe what I was witnessing. One of our incredibly sexy stories, come to life. I held onto the doorjamb and prepared to watch this fantasy unfold.


  I suspected that Karen knew I’d finally figured out where they were and what was happening because she turned half lidded eyes towards the door. John had moved his head to her neck and was kissing and licking his way down towards her breasts. She leaned her head back to more expose her perfect throat to the caresses of his tongue as it slid down, down, down. His left hand had slid down her slick, wet, body to rest between her slightly parted legs where he lightly massaged her outer pussy lips.

       Posted by EXCLUSIVEGAME1 Posted on October 15, 2005 View Comments 1      
Photo shoot

Photo’s for you


After the last photo shoot Michelle was determined to get Phil back and give him a surprise as well. So armed with the yellow pages she rang round and found a photographer that she hoped would give her what she wanted.


When she phoned she took the bull by the horns and told them that she wanted a raunchy set of photos to give to her husband and could they oblige. As the conversation expanded Michelle said that she wanted the photos to be tantalising with a high degree of artistic styling combined with suggestive and fanciful poses. The receptionist informed her that it was quite a common request and yes they would be happy to commission a set at their studio. She also suggested that Michelle was to bring various outfits to use and that they themselves would provide additional props to give her exactly what she wanted.


As the date was arranged Michelle put the phone down, convincing herself that she wouldn’t go through with it anyway and that it was just a flight of fancy.


However as the Wednesday came round Michelle grew more and more keen on the idea. At one point she nearly blurted out to Phil what she was planning but managed to hold it in and not give anything away.


She contrived to explain that all her lingerie was being sorted out and soon had a hold-all packed with every thong, g-string and PVC set she possessed.


As she drove to the studio her heart felt it would miss a beat and it took all her courage to enter and stop at reception. However she didn’t have to worry as the staff put her at ease straight away and the receptionist introduced her to the photographer Ian, and his assistant Mike. Michelle looked shaken, these two were perfect specimens of masculinity – Ian was 6’2 blond and blue eyed with a rugged clean shaven look that suited his slightly ruffled hair. Mike was of a similar height but with dark well cut hair and dark green eyes.


‘Are you both going to be part of the shoot’ Michelle asked. Ian smiled and explained that they had undertaken 100’s of similar shoots and that Mike was able to direct and assist in making the photo’s even more special.


To put her at ease a bottle of wine was opened and a quick two glasses seemed to relax Michelle’s nerves. Ian directed her to the changing rooms where she could change and they didn’t stipulate what outfit she should wear – conscious to put her at ease.


Michelle deliberated before choosing her grey work suit which was a matched with dark stockings and high heels. The skirt finished just above the knee and after Ian rattled off a few shots Mike suggested she sit on the desk that they had arranged to look like an office.


Michelle perched on the edge with her hands flat on the desk, this pushed her breasts forward and her bra free nipples invitingly protruded through her blouse. Ian gave great encouragement and told her to inch her skirt higher, which she did until the tops of her stockings came tantalising into view. Next Ian suggested she lay back on the desk and in doing so her legs opened displaying her thong to the cameras prying eyes. The scene looked really suggestive and was every manager’s fantasy to see this gorgeous woman sprawled on his desk with stockings and suspenders showing.  ‘That’s so hot Michelle – now just cup your breasts through your blouse’ Ian requested. Michelle duly obliged and her eyes shut as her nipples enlarged at her touch and her skirt rode higher. Needed no further encouragement she slid off the desk and stood legs wide apart and fell forward leaving her skirt to ride up and show her black and skimpy thong pressed deep into her pert bot

       Posted by MAINX11 Posted on August 20, 2005 View Comments 4      
My 50th Birthday Fantasy Cum True

My husband and I were on vacation in Key West, Florida.  We were doing some clothes shopping and we entered a shop where an incredible young, sexy guy helped me with my selections.  He was very good at his job and helped me make sure everything was fitting just right. 

My husband and I were in the store for quite awhile and ended up buying several things including some very sexy shoes.

After we left the store, I couldn't stop thinking about how intriguing he was. I told my husband that I would certainly like to have him as my birthday present. We did a little more shopping, stopped for a couple of drinks and my husband suggested we go back into the shop and see if he was interested. I was very uncertain about this as we didn't know if he was married or even perhaps gay as Key West has a very high gay population.

My husband finally convinced me and we ended up going back in. He seemed very glad to see us again. My husband casually asked told him we had a local hotel and asked if he might be interested in playing with me later.  He said yes but he didn't get through until midnight.  No problem for me as we were on vacation. 

We went to a local bar that night and danced for awhile.  I couldn't believe I was going to actually go back and see what was in store for me.  Around 11:45pm we did go back and he still had some customers.  He told them he was going to be closing and they needed to finish up their shopping. 

At midnight, after everyone left he locked the doors and proceeded directly to the dressing room and sat on a stool.  I was concerned about staying in the store after he closed but he said it was his store and he could do whatever he wanted. I walked up to him and proceeded to go down on him.  I told him my husband likes to watch and I was a little worried that might turn him off.  Instead, he simply looked at my husband and said "would you like a stool".

As my husband watched, we ended up on the floor of the dressing room. It was such a turn-on to have hot sex in a public place with a sexy young guy who knew what he wanted. We exchanged very few words although his Latin accent was very much a turn on as well.  Our sex was so hot and furious he didn't even take off my miniskirt, just pulled it up over my hips and was delighted that I was shaved.

When we were both satisfied, my husband and I left. But just before we walked out the door, I had to ask him how old he was.  He said "25" and just smiled his beautiful smile.

My husband and I went back to the club and danced a little more with the idea of what had just happened still very real.  Now, everytime I wear those sexy shoes and clothes, I think of him and I can't believe I actually lived out the best fantasy of my life on my 50th birthday.


       Posted by ICARUS88 Posted on August 20, 2005 View Comments 2      
A first time

A little over two years ago, my significant other had a rather late night at work Being so late she called me to pick her up - she was going to be in a late-night bar with a couple of her workmates having a nightcap.

I joined the party - it must have been 3AM - and tried my best to "catch up" with everyone. They seemed to have reached that stage of being tired but not "too pooped to party", and the conversations were of the open, secret-sharing variety.

The conversation switched to swinging. My significant had never hidden the fact that she was attracted to her female workmate, Irina. I soon found out that the feeling was mutual.

I wasn't too taken aback when Irina asked me if I was against the idea of a foursome. She noted that what she wanted was to experiment with my Helena - and that there would be no swapping or touching outside the established couples. Since I thought that it was the vodka & tonics talking, I assented - knowing that her beau was not due back for at least 6 monnths (he lives abroad).

Of course, nothing happened and the whole idea was forgotten. Until not too long ago, when another late night at work lead to another later night in a bar.

This time things were a little different. Irina was very tired - and had a very stiff neck. Gentleman that I am, I offered my services as a masseuse (I've always been told that I have good hands). I was able to relieve her somewhat but it was clear that she needed more "work" on her upper back. Since she lives 2 blocks away from the bar, we were invited to come up so I could apply some oil to her aches and pains. Helena would be the "chaperone" - we'd hit the road in half an hour.

In her flat I began the rubdown. Irina's back was rather tan, with freckles on her shoulders (a little fetish of mine)... but I behaved myself.

What took me aback was when Helena, out of the blue, told me to move over on the bed. She immediately began to lick Irina's back - surprising Irina to no end. Words were exchanged in Russian - which I don't understand - and Irina turned over, which I DID understand. I was going to be a witness to my Helena's first lesbian encounter.

Helena is a tall, thin and beautiful lady with red hair, piercing blue eyes, and a body that matches her profession as a dancer. She has small but very sensitive breasts with large aureolas that drive me - and seemingly Irina - crazy. She is almost hairless. Irina, likewise a dancer, is of the petite variety, exotically attractive.

I watched from the foot of the bed as the two kissed passionately. Both seemed almost desperate, groping, kissing, sucking one another's breasts noisily. Helena asked me to help Irina to remove her short skirt and panties - and I was shoved away.

Helena moved down to lick Irina's obviously swollen pussy, her back to me. Mindful of the rules from a year before, I concentrated on doind to Helena what Helena was doing to Irina - licking her from the crack of her ass to her clitoris. I hadn't seen Helena so wet nor her clitoris so swollen without having been "worked on" before - I could feel her tremble from her bent knees to her sensitive butt-hole.

From experience I knew that Helena was too busy to pay much attention - but not too busy to feel me inside her. I quickly stripped and plunged my circumcized penis deep inside her - an easy entry answered with a low moan. My eyes caught Irina's - her eyes were half-closed in ecstasy.

I pumped Helena as Helena seemed attached to Irina's pubis. Irina reached an earth-shattering orgasm - which egged me on to do the same.

Helena hadn't had enough though. She was hungry - enjoying her first taste of her friend's snatch. Moving around so that Irina was sitting up against the wall, Helena again began to eat Irina while I sat next to her on the bed. Irina's eyes looked down at my penis while my eyes roved over her pert little body. Tentatively I moved my head towards her right breast, gave it a quick flick of the tongue while watching Helena working "down below". As Helena made no show of being upset with the move and as Irina shifted a bit to give me better access, I began to lick and nibble her breasts in earnest.

Almost immediately I felt Irina's hand grasp my throbbing penis, massaging it.

Helena was getting tired and she pulled away to watch. She seemingly wasn't too happy with the situation and she spoke to Irina in Russian for a moment - and suddenly lead me to the bathroom. "I'm in trouble now" ran through my mind as the bathroom door closed, but I was relieved when Helena immediately bent over and gripped the edge of the bathtub. I pumped her for what seemed to be forever - never noticing that Irina had walked in. She was watching us, fingering herself.

After cumming, Irina said that she was sorry - she really wanted me too, but she couldn't. She hoped that when her beau returned that we could have the promised foursome, and if he and Helena didn't mind, that she wanted to feel me inside her.

Returning home, Helena and I dodn't say anything. We went to bed - where Helena immediately pulled me to her. She was still hot and she pulled my penis between her butt cheeks, slowly taking me inside her back door. We fucked until well after sunrise.

Now I'm waiting for another "late night at work cum nightcap"...

       Posted by SHYWTXCPL Posted on August 3, 2005 View Comments 5      
Come along with me as I tour a young friend through her first FmF

Introducing a young friend to her first thrills of exploring another woman and guiding through her her first experience with anal.  Story starts with a romantic feel of meeting an Internet Chat friend and gets hotter as the story goes along.  It ends with a more hardcore experience.......

       Posted by HAVEHOTWIFE Posted on July 17, 2005 View Comments 0      
In here the text, description, location etc
       Posted by MISBEHAVING Posted on July 7, 2005 View Comments 6      
house party game

We went to a small after party late one night in a hotel room. All the girls (6 of them) were giving blindfolds at the door, They all put them on as they entered the room. The room only had one big king size bed in it. The girls climbed on the bed together and undressed and played with each other, Not knowing who was who. It was hot!! The guys all stood around on the sides of the bed naked, The girls could reach out and play with the guys too if they wanted but the guys all had to keep their hands to themself.

They called it the "BlindFold Game" 

Great way to start out the night!

       Posted by SLOFUT Posted on May 25, 2005 View Comments 8      
Summer Heat (Bob Roy's Adventure)
As I approached her the heat rising from her crotch made her pussy shimmer like a beer can on the hood of a top fuel dragster. Oh yea this bitch was in heat I could smell it from across the trailer park even my old hound Flip Flop was baying like a horny old boy. I knew I was going get under those little daisy dukes and give her a 10 point tune-up courtesy of ole Bob Roy Jenkins, shit I might even check her brakes if she cleans my dipstick.

Christina Joe don't even know what what an old poon dog like me can do for a woman..yep I am all man and like'at bird on the cereal box I followed my nose...and lo and behold some hot juicy ass at the other end.

Yea I gave her a line as I brushed up against her perky little breasts like is was an accident. She just sat smiling and I took that as an invitation. I scooped her up swung open the trailer door and headed for the nearest bedroom....Christina just smiled that pretty little smile as I carried her to bed. She seemed to tremble as I slowly pulled her shorts off sliding them down her long smooth legs, but she just laid there and smiled that pretty little smile. I felt like was about to come bursting out of Levi's at any moment. I decided to be patient and licked her neck down to her pointy little nipples...ummmmm. I could not hold myself any longer and I dropped my pants and got all up inside her with a manly thrust. Those nipples still beguiled me so I began licking and then nibbling while in full sexual embrace. I began to hear a little hissing noise....I suspected she was a whispering at me. So I put my ear to her lips but she was saying nothing....I could feel her body yield underneath me as her head sunk into the pillow. She seemed to melt into the bed as we fucked.

I went to suck on her nipple again but it started a bubbling at me when I licked it...a might unusual if you ask me? just then I noticed she seemed to be losing weight at a rapid pace....she was damn near flat as pavement possum. Then I realized I done busted another one, too much of a man I suppose...

Oh well time to roll this bitch up and get out before the occupants come home....being busted in a strange house with a woman is one thang but with a deflated woman...good lord.

P.S. Should I patch the one nipple or both for symmetry?
       Posted by LIFEIZGUT Posted on April 30, 2005 View Comments 25      
I fucked Ann Coulter in the ass, hard
Sunday, April 24, 2005
The Farmers Market on Fairfax and 3rd is a Los Angeles landmark, attracting tourists and everyday Angelinos alike, as well as many famous faces. Among the celebrities I have seen there are Muhammad Ali, Terri Garr, Tyra Banks, Laura Linney, Keenan Ivory Wayans, the guitarist for The Cult, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, and Weird Al Yankovic.

But Ann Coulter is the only celebrity Ive ever spotted at Farmers Market that I wound up fucking in the ass, hard.

It would be fair to observe that my feeling obligated to present the list of celebrities above in roughly Black-White-Black-White order is indicative of my own carefully Liberal sensibilities. And that this sort of conscientiousness is more than a little ridiculous, on examination. But what I notice about myself only on reflection, Ann Coulter seemed to recognize and respond to in an instant, like a puma recognizes an injured giselle. For Ann Coulter is a predator. A predator with a hungry asshole.

I first spotted her sitting at a table in front of The Gumbo Pot with another woman who looked not unlike her, but a generation older (I neglected to ask her at any point subsequently whether this had in fact been her mother). I vaguely recognized hertheres always a lag time placing faces you know from cable when unconfined to a telescreenand began to notice, stealing furtive glances up from the copy of Steinbeck I was reading, that she was eyeing me with unsettling scrutiny.

The next thing I knew, her companion (mother?) had left and Coulter was standing over me, looking skeptically at my reading material.
The Grapes of Wrath, huh?
Yes I said, faking composure. Its fantastic.
Its a fantastic primer for vacuous proto-Communists everywhere, she said dismissively.
I dont know about that..
She sighed. I dont have enough ink in my pen to keep a running list of what you dont know. May I?
She motioned to the empty chair next to me.
Of course. It would be fair to say my voice trembled a little.
She sat and said nothing. Ann Coulter evidently takes an unappreciative view of small talk. That she was eager to continue antagonizing me became evident when I re-opened my recently-insulted book to resume reading. A young man passed in a t-shirt proclaiming Iraq Nam. She stopped him.
1. Haircut. 2. Shower. 3. Get a job, you sniveling hippy, she glowered. Youre probably too high to remember that, so write it down--if you can write.
He looked at her with dismay and scampered away like a kicked cat. She turned to me with bloodlust.
What do you think of the war: complete success, or very nearly complete success? she asked.
Well, in no timebarring the strong possibility of Civil War--well have a democratically-elected anti-US Islamicist government in charge of the worlds second-largest oil reserves, so Id have to say only very-nearly, on the complete success scale, at a hysterically distorted best.
She showed her teeth. It sounds to me like you dont support our troops.
I think that Support Our Troops business is the most crass, craven cowardice ever to go unquestioned by the allegedly Liberal media.
Yes? Yes? There was oddly growing excitement in her voice.
It allows the Administration to absolve itself of responsibility for its own flawed policy. Its no different than if you sent a classroom of 2nd graders into a burning building, and when anyone objects you throw in their face that they "dont support our 2nd graders"
Where do you live?
A few blocks away.
Take me there.

When we got to my apartment, she looked around glumly.
I was thinking youd have half-burned American flags up on the wall, she said, disappointed.
Thats ridiculous. I love my country.
Whatever you think that means, she said, rolling her eyes. Dont you have anything nasty to say about the President?
Like what?
Like hes an imbecile, or corrupt, or a corrupt imbecilethe usual sore-loser bitter chatter.
To be honest, I didnt like the nasty things that were said about Clinton, and Ive decided to have respect for the Office, no matter who holds it. I dont think President Bush is corrupt or an imbecile anyway. Would you like something to drink?
I think maybe this was a mistake, she said, starting to go.
Thats not to say I dont disagree strongly with many of his policies and objectives.
She seemed to reconsider. Like what?
I dont know. Name one.
Get me a drink first.

With every point I expressed that ran counter to a view she held, she removed one article of clothing. Soon she sat on my couch naked, gently pulling at her untrimmed pubic hair, staring intently but not quite invitingly at me. The growing hard lump in my throat was just outpaced by the one in my pants. I was a little nervous because we had agreed on the last two pointsthe need to reconsider the option of nuclear energy, and drilling in the Arcticand I noticed her oversized nipples were no longer hard. Luckily, she was, by this point, determined.
What do you think, she began provocatively, of the Presidents plan to privatize Social Security?
I sighed with relief; this was as sure a promise to seal the deal as her asking if I had a condom.
I think its a payoff to the Americans the President has always been most intent on pleasing: the richest 1%.
What do you mean? she cooed. I noticed her nipples hardening once more. She dropped to her knees in front of me. She pushed me backwards and positioned my legs up in the air.
A stocks value is even now only partially tied to the actual value of any publicly traded company. But whos going to profit from inflated valuations when stock prices swell irrationally from the forced, artificial injection of capital?
Her breath was hot on my taint as she lifted my scrotum. Yes? Yes?
You might as well shoehorn billions of dollars into the Baseball Card market. The price of a Derek Jeter rookie will be driven up to hundreds of thousands of dollarsbefore the bubble bursts and the whole market crashes massively. It was getting hard to stay on point as she tongue-fucked my shitter vigorously.
Dont..Stop!! her contorted mouth pled from my butthole.
The top 1% will sell stocks at the inflated valuations to the novice investors-by-necessity, the market will swell and crash, and the same 1% will come back and re-purchase their holdings at pennies on the dollar. Meanwhile, Social Security will go bankrupt and all the novice investors will be eating catfood for the duration of their "golden years,' barring a massive Federal bailout several hundred times in excess of what the Savings & Loan scandal cost us.
She sprung up on the couch on all fours and looked over her shoulder at me. She pointed to her twitching, puckered anus. See this?
I nodded eagerly.
I want you to wreck it.
I spit on my skeezer-pleaser and, prying her ass cheeks apart like a hot dinner roll, drove it home, into the biggest browneye I had ever seen. She gurgled contentedly. Every thrust of my babymaker was met with a wrenched squeal as I grabbed her by the hips and began really leaning into it.
Harder! she begged, Harder!! Tell me what you think of Chomsky!
I..think..hes..brill..iant..but..I..dont really agree with much of his stance on Israel, and--
Youre slowing down! she snapped. DONT SLOW DOWN!
I went back to punishing her asshole, giving no thought wha