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       Posted by MTANDERSON Posted on September 25, 2011 View Comments 8      
Sexting Series - Shauna Part II

Shauna Part II:

We are in the room when Shauna knocks on the door. We’ve cleaned up after our earlier bonding session. I’m wearing a black skirt and a leopard tank top with new leopard undies peeking out beneath. I open the door and Shauna steps into the room.  It had been a long time since we saw her.  I almost forgot what she looked like.  Long dark hair – lovely, eyes bright, smile flashing full lips spread across white teeth. 

She walks past me brushing my waist with her hand straight over to you.  Looping her arms around your neck, she leans in for a kiss.  You’re surprised, pleased. You focus your gaze on her and return the favor.  You’re hands slide down her side to circle her waist.  Pulling her closer you breathe in her scent.  Your hands scoop behind and drop to cup her rear.  She wiggles a bit pressing her hips tighter against you.  You’re enjoying the exchange, but don’t have the tension you had earlier.  Breaking the kiss, you suggest dinner. 

Her eyes and smile widen in surprise.  She’s accepting that diversion as a challenge. You step back and take in what she’s wearing; jeans and a low-cut blowsy top.  You get an eyeful of lots of cleavage. She’s bustier than me - rounded smooth, soft flesh peaking up over her bra – spilling out. 

We take her to dinner somewhere nice.  She sits between us in the truck. You’re driving, but having trouble keeping your eyes on the road.  I’m sneaking peeks at her cleavage myself. She turns her attention to me leaning heavily on my arm.  Her hand falls on my thigh travelling north . . . testing my limits.  She dips her head towards me for a kiss - lips soft and available.  I press forward to deepen the kiss and taste her tongue. Wet, wet, wet . . . so hot.  Our hands start to roam. Your eyes wander dangerously from the road.  We stop at a light, but don’t come up for air.  We’ve piqued the interest of the couple in the car next to us.  We’re causing a scene, but we don’t care.  You want to see everything but driving takes precedence. 

We arrive at the restaurant now and are seated at a booth.  Shauna slides in next to you and across from me.  As dinner progresses, she capitalizes on every opportunity to touch your arm, thigh, back.  She sparkles, eyes shining drawing us both in.  We’re relaxed, drinking, eating chatting . . .  comfortable with each other, anticipating what’s to come. 

“Let’s play pool after dinner!” Not sure who suggested it, but we all thought it was a good idea.  You lean across the table, pull me close to you. Staring into my eyes you tell me to bring you my panties “I want your panties in my pocket.”

“Yes baby.” I slide out of the booth making my way to the ladies room.  I signal for Shauna to follow.

“No, you’ll be there for half an hour if Shauna goes with you. Go quickly and come back.”

In the restroom I pull my panties off my rear, down my thighs, over my ankles. Lace black and leopard print. My legs are bare, skirt loose, thighs rubbing together. My sex brushes my thigh as I walk back to the table with my panties in hand - clutching satin and lace, contrasting textures rough and smooth together.  I sit back down in the booth across from you. Shauna has capitalized on her time leaning heavily against you; breasts brushing your arm. She knows what’s happening.  She’s aware of your directive. Her foot comes out of her shoe, raising her leg - seeking, determined, demanding. 

I feel her toe touch my clit. It’s all I can do to keep from moaning out loud.  Sliding her foot south, she tests the waters.  I’m soaking wet – so hot now.  You can tell what’s going on and encourage her antics. We pay the bill and leave the restaurant.   

We switch places in the truck.  I’m in the middle now - an easy target.  You pull out onto the road and reach down to hike my skirt up to my waist.  I’m completely exposed to you both.  Shauna boldly reaches between my legs to pinch my clit between her thumb and forefinger. Pressing down, she slides my hood up and down over and over revealing that sensitive bundle of nerves. I grab your thigh and squeeze tight; my head thrown back I moan.  Wow! That’s nice.  Whew, unexpected.

You’re trying to keep your eyes on the road.  We pull into the parking lot at the pool hall.  Shauna leans across me to engage you in a kiss.  Still exposed, I’m trapped between you caught in the middle of your moment enjoying the view watching you explore – deep, wet, tongue kiss.  We spill out of the truck drunk with desire leaning on each other laughing, smiling reckless.

To be continued . . . .

       Posted by MTANDERSON Posted on September 21, 2011 View Comments 1      
Sexting Series - Shauna Part I
Sexting Series - Shauna Part I

Hubby and I had been talking about playing around as a couple when we met a lovely young lady at a local pool hall. She floored me with her boldness requesting a kiss from me and asking hubby if she could take me out. She didn’t follow through, but definitely got us thinking and talking more about the possibility. The narrative that follows is the first in a series of sexy text messages I sent to hubby developing a fantasy scenario with her. I’ve removed his responses since they don’t advance the story, but as you might expect he frequently chimes in with appropriate appreciation.

Shauna Part I:

We get a hotel room for the night so we can connect in a neutral, comfortable environment. We drive to the hotel, unpack and settle in with a drink. After a few minutes we change into swimsuits and go downstairs looking for the hot tub.

We’re very relaxed playing in the water. You can’t help yourself and keep leaning in for kisses. Shauna calls to say she’s on her way. We’re taking her to dinner somewhere nice. She’s excited to finally get together. We’ve been talking about it for so long. She’s breathless when we talk about plans. Her boldness is subdued by the imminent expectation. It’s all set up. I can tell she wants me. Her voice is deeper, richer, throatier. Her Spanish accent sparks a response making me smile.

I lean over for another deep, wet kiss with you. She’s turning me on through the phone. You press closer to me reacting to my response. I’m thinking you’re getting lucky before anything else happens tonight.

“Let’s go back to the room.”

We gather our stuff and dry off. It’s a good thing there no one else was there because we are acting like newlyweds. Hot, hot, hot! We go back to the room. You close the door and I press against you. Face tilted up, leaning in, connect in a kiss.

“I want you!”

You groan and press me close. Pulling strings on my suit you have me naked in seconds. Hot tub wet, water dripping down my breasts, my stomach, into my sex. I’m wet for you. Hot and ready for you to take me. You spin me around and push me face first into the perfectly-made, pristine bed. It doesn’t take long at all for you to also get naked. I feel your cock pushing against me – seeking, finding my hot, wet spot.

We can’t take too long. Shauna is on her way now. You dive into me. Standing next to the bed, taking in the view of my ass - my naked back - my face pushed into the mattress. Your hand lands heavy on my rear with fast, hard smacks. I’m vocal with my appreciation. You are driving me wild! I’m heated up starting to sweat with tension, exertion, passion.

Your mind wanders to the thought of what’s to come with Shauna. You see her long dark hair, caramel skin, full lips. You visualize her under me; naked, soft skin lovely. She’s not there yet, but you’re making plans. The thought of her under me, kissing me, trapped is driving you mad.

You flip me over pushing me higher onto the bed. Leaning in for a kiss you push harder, faster, holding me tighter. You can tell you are close and decide you want to make a mess on me. You pull out and straddle my chest. I’m still wet from the tub and sweat. I tilt my head back chin up, breasts high, nipples tight. I’m available for your come. Shoot on me baby. Squirt all over my breasts. I want to feel your hot, wet come all over my chest. You let go. Splash! My hands instinctively reach up to spread your come all over my breasts.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm whew!!!!!! I’m all stirred up and you start the evening with the edge taken off you.
We jump in the shower. You wet down and rub soap all over my breasts cleaning me up in preparation for Shauna to arrive.

(To be continued. . . . )
       Posted by BB4INTERRACIAL Posted on August 17, 2011 View Comments 1      
Fantasy Cum True For a Hott Blonde
For the sake of privacy, let's call her "Janet"
A little background on Janet, she's a 5'9" goddess with blonde flowing hair, gorgeous model face and an ass that doesn't need to be bent over to be appreciated, not to mention perfectly round 36D melons capped off by the juiciest nipples ever seen on a woman. Long legs that put even Cameron Diaz to shame, I imagine they look amazing in her little business suits. See Janet works as an internal auditor for a well know Fortune 500 company, which requires her to do quite a bit of traveling. As you can imagine that would frustrate any healthy and almost always horny regular 28 yr old MARRIED siren. We met as a result of a friend of a business associate and unknown to the others hit it off more than with just business ideas. Skipping past all the mundane occurrences, I’ll get to what changed things for both of us.


So here I am pulling into the parking lot of the 4 star hotel that Janet's company had put her up in, quite nice I might add. Turning the engine of my car off I recline back in the seat and wait for my next set of instructions. Yeah, we had decided to play a little game Simon Says: The Erotic Fantasy Version, a combination of both our fantasies. But tonight Janet is holding all the cards, which makes me smile, this little nympho is far from what everyone sees while she's in her suits, carrying her little portfolio and making notes. Rick James' Superfreak blasts over my blackberry shattering the silence in the north side parking lot, yup that's the first word that came to mind after our conversations over the last 6 hours, she's a FREAK, but I fucking love it.

"There should be a door behind you leading into the hotel, walk towards its and you'll find an access card laying on the floor outside, use it to get in...oh btw the room's 208"

I get out my car and head back to the building behind me; I recognize they aren't any cars here except for a few maintenance trucks belonging to the hotel. Something tells me she's done this before, but whatever. As Janet said, when I got to the door flipped over on the sidewalk was an access card. I let myself in realizing there wasn't a single person in sight, I walked down the corridor, eventually passing the front desk and saying hi to the receptionist. Eventually I came to the elevator and took it to the 2nd floor, navigating through the corridor I came to room 208.

This latch was left open to leave the door afar, as previously instructed once inside the completely dark room I locked the door behind me, dropped the access card on the floor and slipped my shoes off. Walking over towards the king size bed in the corner of the room, I’m guided only by the light from her cell phone. Even with my eye's adjusting to the lack of light I could make out her gorgeous body on the edge of the bed, not much else was visible, which is exactly what Janet wanted. As I stood there with my hands on my hips, I could hear Janet's moans getting louder and louder and her breaths shorter and shorter as she thrust her bright orange vibrator in and out of her already juicy pussy. The sound of her juices splashing around was so hot I think my cock became hard instantly. Janet reached out and grabbed my cock, never stopping fucking her pussy good with her favorite toy. In perfect sync she thrust the vibrator deep in her pussy and jerked my cock off at the same time, every few seconds you'd hear the distinct buzzing of the vibrator as more and more of it slipped out of her juicy cunt.

In one swift movement Janet slid off the bed and onto her knees and sucked every length of my cock down her throat. I must admit, I gasped, both unexpected and heavenly. Her mouth was like nothing I can explain, like the juiciest, tightest pussy you've ever felt, but better....much better. I had to focus on not cumming in her mouth right there and then. I still don't know how I did it. My cock was already at full attention at this point, Janet let my spit drenched cock slip from her vice like mouth and crawled back onto the bed on her hands and knees. I knew what she wanted. *smile* So I gave it to her.

I got up on the bed behind her and slammed my dick balls deep into her soaked pussy, no need to be gentle, that's not what Janet wanted. She just wanted it hard and deep, the way her husband doesn't and can't give it to her. So much for not talking, Janet is screaming at this point, she's trying her best to not break her own rules but it's hard when you have an 8"+ piece of black meat stretching your pussy in ways that are new to you. With my hands on her hips I’m giving it to the little hot white bitch the way she begged for it, long, deep strokes setting her g-spot on fire with each thrust. Janet tries to hold back but it's no use she screams out she's cumming and I feel her pussy grip my cock and I repeatedly slam inch after inch deep into her. Three more orgasms later for Janet and her legs can no longer support her; she slumps to the sheets with my cock buried in her creamy white pussy. You'd think she had enough, not this little slut; she slips her hand under the pillow and pulls out a slightly smaller vibrator than the one she was using when I first got there. She sucks on it long and hard like it were another BBC in the room, and then she slips the shiny vibrator in her hott ass. Not slowly, she pushed the entire length all the way in and reached back and put that bitch on full blast. Strong vibrations ripped through both our bodies, her pussy started to clamp down on my hard dick again as she came uncontrollably. Feeling her juicy cunt squeeze dick so tight was more than enough for me, i yelled out "I'M CUMMIN, I'M FUCKING CUMMIN". I slammed the entire length of my cock to the depths of her hot pussy and shot load after load of hott thick black man juice deep inside Janet, so much so while I was still buried deep inside her my cum was running down her thighs. When I pulled my cock out of her used pussy she gasped. I stepped back wiped my cock in her lingerie that was on the floor, Put my shorts and shoes back on, and walked out the door, Janet had passed out on the bed. I closed the door behind me and just smiles as I walked through the lobby of the hotel and got in my car and drove away.

When I got home I realized Janet had sent me two texts:

"OMG that was soo hott baby, I think we have to do that again the next time I'm in town, ty I'm going to go sleep now, I needed that...xoxo"

I laughed, "Glad I could make your fantasy cum true doll...ttyl"

Getting out of the shower I think to myself, 'Yup another white slut hooked on BBC"
       Posted by BB4INTERRACIAL Posted on August 17, 2011 View Comments 0      
First time bedding a hott blonde MILF
Being in an open relationship at the time was a great idea for me and my gf at the time since she was away at college in another state, some nights tend to be longer than other. So we agree if we found someone(s) that we were comfortable with then by all means go for it. Unless of coarse that either of us had reservations about the potential friend with benefits, then all deals were off.

So I had been online one Sat evening just relaxing after a long day of work, then errands and household chores, when i stumbled upon a more mature, very hott might i add blonde MILF. Just thinking "what the heck" i contacted her soon to be surprised that she has a thing for black guys, although never considered being with someone as young as i was at that time, but we were both a little intrigued.

We started chatting and soon realized that we had alot in common, from our humor, to what sports we liked, even to recent events in our separate lives. Similar tastes in fashion, food and life in general. I was a little taken back by how easily we fit together and after 2 or 3 hours of conversation it wasn't we were strangers but old friends getting reacquainted.

We both talked about our current relationship statuses, I explained how me and my then gf agreed on an open relationship because after having her off to school now for 2 years, our desires were starting to get the better of us and we needed a way to release the pressure but with us still having control over it and not running wild. In my new friend's case she wasn't getting what she 'needed' at home and was feeling emotionally and physically unsatisfied because of it, there was only so much she could put up with and she was at her limit now. Also with her husband away on a business trip she was feeling a little more free and not to mention horny.

We decided to move to IM for i guess what you could call a 'webcam date'. Once the cam was on I was in awe, she was even more beautiful on cam then in her pics, and she also had an amazing smile. She waved to me, pushing her blonde shoulder length hair behind her ear, looking amazingly sexy. I had a huge smile on my face as thoughts of "10 things i would do to her right now" came through my head, getting caught up in my thoughts, she buzzed me "What are you smiling so sweetly about?" of coarse i brushed it off, and let her know it was because i was amazed at how beautiful she was. I never would have thought that I could get and 'older' (i hate using that word) lady to blush the way she did. It was almost like she was a high school girl all over again. "God she looks soo cute!!" is all I can think in my head.

We continue our conversations centered around no one topic, we talked about anything ranging from recent history, to more sports, TV shows, her kids, what we both wanted for the future, some of our sexual history, and our respective partners. At that point we were truly 'friends' now, the chemistry was like nothing either of us had previously with anyone else. She had a great sense of humor, much like my own, witty and a tad bit sarcastic at times, she was definitely a sharp lady who could keep up. Now if only to find out if she can keep up in the bedroom the way she keeps up intellectually.

Since neither of us had plans for the night previously, and with no kids or hubby, we decided that our night was going to be about us partying non-stop, dinner and drinks followed by going to the club and hopefully back to my place :D to add a little fireworks to the night.

I arrived at dinner first since the restaurant we chose was closer to my house, but soon after while i was sipping my drink at the bar, i felt this cool breeze across my ear and i turn around and there she is looking absolutely gorgeous. I cupped a feel of her cute butt when i helped her get seated in her chair, talk about firm. She only responded with a smile.

The food was okay but we hadn't missed a beat from our conversation online, so much so we stayed at the restaurant an extra two hours more than we wanted to, so feeling a little tipsy and horny from our conversation, we walked out the restaurant with my hand squeezing her ass. She looked me straight in the eyes and said "Let's just go back to your place, we can go clubbing another time" So she followed me back to my house, longest 15 mins of my life. I walked her up the stairs just so i could get another look at her ass in those jeans before i knew they were coming off.

As we walked in my completely dark house and i closed the door, i grabbed her hand to guide her through the house, half way to my room i spin her around and we have one of the most passionate kisses ever imagined. At that point we start dragging each others clothes off, my shirt ended up in the kitchen, her jacket on the couch, her top on the TV, somehow her bra ended up on the door handle, but needless to say there was a trail of clothes scattered everywhere. By the time we got to my bed we were both completely naked, my 8in black cock was standing proudly and her creamy pussy was already dripping on my hand.

After a few minutes of heavy kissing and teasing each others body, she pushed me back on the bed, got on top looked in my eyes and said, "I've been wanting to taste this cock all evening so if you don't mind, i'll do just that" I thought i had died and went to heaven, her mouth was like a gushing waterfall, she sucked my cock from the head all the way down the shaft to my balls and sucked them in her mouth, OMG if this is what getting head from a porn star feels like, i'm in the wrong business. Then she spit my balls out of her mouth and took half the length of my cock down here throat. I grab her by her hair and pull her up on the bed now, spin her around into a 69, and i dive straight for her swollen cit, her pussy is so wet its leaking all over my bed. We 69 for a few minutes until neither of us can take it anymore and she get on all fours and looks over her shoulder and says "Give it to me, i wanna feel you deep inside me" How could i say no to this beautiful lady, she begged me to go a little slow since it had been a while since she had taken a cock this big. So we started out slow, building up the pace as we went and as her pussy loosened up around my cock, by now her pussy was so slick i could have put my whole fist in her easily. I started pounding to her wet pussy now, she let out a loud moan and to my surprise she squirted all over my leg :D now there's something she 'forgot' to mention. My excitement of finally having a squirter took charge and i was determined to make her squirt again. For the next hour i kept pounding away at her pussy in different positions, she came and squirted another 5-7 times. At one point when i had her doggy style again she looked back at me and said "you want to put that thing in my ass don't you? I want you too also, just get some lube and you can pound my ass like you fucked my pussy" In no time i was all lubed up and pushing my cock against her puckered asshole, it was a pretty ass too actually, after the head was in it felt amazing, and to think she thought she wouldn't be able to take the entire length in her all. They all do, but it still happened in the end. Soon enough i was banging her ass doggy style til she pushed me over and rode it reverse cowgirl. I reached around and started playing with her clit, til she screamed out and she squirted 3 more times. I fucked her ass for another hour, then gave her pussy a pounding for another half hour before we were a pile of sweat, tits and balls lying in a cum soaked bed, compliments her squirting more times than she ever has before.

We roll over to look at each other, out of breath, but satisfied. We didn't even have to say it, we both just thought it. HOLY SHIT!!!! that was fucking good...."We definitely have to do this again some time" she said to me.

As i walked her out and we grabbed her clothes that were thrown everywhere, i pushed her against the wall, kissed her passionately and whispered in her ear...."and you thought i was too young for you"
       Posted by INDCPLNNJ Posted on July 27, 2011 View Comments 14      
My wife transforms into a Whore

It all started as playful flashing here and there, whenever we had an opportunity. Both of us are big exhibitionist and I(husband) love to watch people devour my wife with their eyes.  Our fantasy and guts grew with each episode of flashing. I had her strip by the side of highway and put on a show for the passing cars. With each episode she became comfortable in showing her naked body to others. I wanted to take it a step further. I wanted her to be displayed as a slut and used as one ,while I watch. I have discussed about sharing her with others and at first she wasn't ready but slowly she became open to idea. I just didn't want to see her getting fucked , my deviant mind wanted to do things which she probably wouldn't do. I signed up on an adult website and started looking for a couple who would like to take her as a slave and internet was full of ideas. It didn't take too long to meet a couple . The couple were into BDSM where the female(will be referred as M for the rest of the story) was the dominant one and male(will be referred as slave for the rest of the story) was the submissive one. We initially chatted on the website and later over phone . When both parties were comfortable we decided to meet. For our first meeting , I wanted my wife to dress slutty and wanted to see the look on their faces. So I decided she wouldn't wear a panties. Nothing underneath. My wife was very nervous as expected. The day arrived and we went to a restaurant I picked. My wife was wearing a skirt which was knee length and told her that she has to sit with her legs wide apart. We were few minutes late and they were already seated. We went straight to the table and as I was walking I texted M to let her know that my wife isn't wearing any underwear. She doesn't know that I texted them , so everyone on table knows that she wasn't wearing it. we exchanged greetings and started our initial conversation , when M dropped her phone and asked her slave to pick it up. As he was going down to pick ,I made sure my wife's legs were wide apart from him to enjoy the view. He looked up with a beaming smile and wife looked flushed. Just then M asked her , did you like exposing yourself to my slave? and we know you aren't wearing any underwear. My wife looked at me and I said answer the question. M told her "you need to learn to answer when you are asked a question" and then she looked at me and said "I think we need to start from right now, This restaurant is a fine place to start our training". Then she requested that the guys should leave the table and come back after few minutes. I decided to take restroom break and when I walked out I had an instant hard on. My wife who was shy and nervous few minutes , was flirting with the waiter. The first two buttons on her shirt were undone. The waiter had clearly view of her cleavage and it was obvious she was doing it to get his attention. As I walked towards M saw me and asked me to sit with her and I obliged. In the meantime M's slave walked and the only available place next to my wife. To my surprise she stood her and let him in, while I was expecting to take the seat she was sitting in. Now she had two guys beside her starring at her chest and M's slave was getting closer and closer to her in pretext of reading from the menu she had. We finished ordering our food and now M's slave compliments my wife on her perfume and on how she looked. My wife completely flushed while I was hvaing a raging hard on. M grabbed my cock and said, "wow!! your husband seems to love it. He is very hard. I'm glad he likes it otherwise it wouldn't be fun . right ? " . I was speechless as looked at my wife. I didn't know what to say. M still was holding to cock and I sat there thinking this must be dream. In the meantime her slave as an arm around my wife and whispering into her ears. M tells me drop my phone and pick it up. I did what she asked me to do and I couldn't believe what I saw underneath the table. M's slave had his left hand between my wife's legs underneath the skirt and with every thrust she seems to be opening her legs wider. This is woman walked into the restaurant with me and within a span of 30 mins she is in the arms of a stranger. M turns to me and says, do you like it ?. and then proceeds to touch my cock and then says "you love it, seems like you gonna explode .  I spoke to your wife , she will listen to me whatever I ask to do. My slave needs some play time and I thought this would be good opportunity from him to enjoy his time. Once we finish our here we can go back to my place and I have few more things I want her to learn before she goes back home".  The waiter even got a glimpse of what was happening when he dropped the silverware. After finishing our dinner, we walked out. I was with M and my wife with M's slave. M suggested that we drive in one car, as she had planned something for my wife.   I agreed without any resistance. I parked my car in a local parking garage and got into M's car. I sat in front along with her slave, while she sat with my wife in the back. M turns to wife and asks, so did you like it ?. how was it ?.  My wife smiled and didn't say a word. M proceeds , " you know your husband wants to turn you into wanton whore and he told me all about your flashing. So are you ready to be a whore ?". Then she puts her hand between my wife thighs and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My wife has never been another woman and always shrugged off that topic and here she is letting a woman touch her. M turns to me "Your wife is wet , she is definitely is ready to be trained" . We started driving out of town on the highway, when M instructs her slave to take an exit onto an off beat road and asks him to pull over. She tells me to get my camera ready and then asks wife to wear a collar . The collar read "WHORE". My wife took and wore it around her neck and I took her first "WHORE" picture. M instructs my wife to take off all her clothes and to hand it over to the slave. She then instructs him to come back in exactly 5 minutes. He drives away with my wife's clothes. She is standing there naked. M grabs my cock in front my wife and tells her "I told he loves it. Look at this he as an instant hard on". She then takes her lipstick starts to write on my wife's body. It read "$1 FUCK". She tells me to take a picture of my wife from different angles as she whisper something in my wife's ears. Now I see M's slave driving towards , M grabs me and moves way from my wife. My wife is now standing on this road Naked, with a whore collar around her neck and "$1 FUCK" scribbled on her body. As M's slave pulls close to my wife and asks her something, then proceeds to park the car by the trees. My wife walks towards the car as M's slave comes out naked. He then proceeds to kiss her slowly and passionately and she seem to respond every action. He then lays down and then proceeds to lick her. With every lick her body would arch more and we could clearly hear her moan. I was completely blown away with what was happening. All this seemed too much for my wife, she was twisting and turning as she pulled him closer to her hole. She then finally squeezed his head between her legs and came. Breathing heavy she gets up to find me recording the event. Most of the letters from "$1 FUCK" have been wiped clear expect for "UC". M looks at her slave , "I thought you wanted some play time. This your playtime you won't be getting any till Saturday" and proceeds to look at me. She tells him to fuck my wife and then proceeds to strip. Now I'm the only one who isn't touching my wife. M is kissing and caressing my wife , while her slave has gone back to lick my wife. I was thinking to myself what did I get myself , my wife of 7 years isn't even looking at me but the sight of two people devouring my wife was overwhelming  erotic. M has proceeded from kissing and fingering to sit on my wife's face , while her slave decides to enter her. M is not bad looking , she is a bit older with nicely shaped body . She was now moaning with every lick , while my sliding up and down with every thrust. It was beautiful sight. M squeezed my wife's face between her legs and came on her. Once M climaxed she proceeded to spread my wife's legs apart as her slave started moving in and out faster. By now moans were getting louder and louder, if sound wasn't acceptable for M she just sit on my face a for few seconds. Meanwhile, the slave was in heaven fucking my wife and kissing his Mistress. The thrusts have become faster and he was deep in my wife's pussy . M asked my wife if she whether would like him to cum in her pussy or in her mouth , to which my wife paused and said mouth . M looked at her with smile and said sorry hun he is going cum in your pussy. Her slave shot his cum deep into my wife's pussy. M signaled me to undress my pants and then says to my wife "we are all here to have good time. Since you wanted a guy cum in your mouth , suck your husband's cock and don't forget leave even a drop " . With all the things that happened it take long to cum. I came quickly with cum covering my wife's face. M took a her picture of my wife on my cam and then showed it to her. She had cum on her face and on her pussy. The look on her face said it all. M looked and said she is now fully ready for training and this whole episode was to see if she was ready for what she was going face in future. We decided to meet up again on the weekend and she instructed my wife to a buy a couple of g strings and a butt plug and also , told her to wear the "WHORE" collar every time she visits M.  On our way back , my wife and I talked a lot about her transformation. She felt ashamed of what she has done and apologized to me. I consoled and told her if not for me she wouldn't have done it. When went back we looked at the pictures and fucked each other like rabbits. 
On Saturday , We reached M's place. She saw us as we pulled into her driveway. Me and my wife got to greet her , when M noticed that my wife wasn't wearing the collar. She took her in and slapped her and said, "If I tell you to wear it you do it. Don't ever disobey me". She stripped my wife and took her clothes threw it in the garbage and told my wife not wear any clothes till she says so. She took upstairs into one of the bed room and locked the door behind her. All I could hear was some scream and slapping and followed moaning . M came down and told not to worry and it is part of the training and said I can go and see her but not disturb the proceedings. As I went up I could hear moaning and when I opened the door a tad bit , I couldn't believe my eyes. My wife was gagged and there were two people fucking her M's slave and this new lady. M's slave was pounding my wife's ass while the lady was fucking her with a strap on. I never fully got enjoy ass but now she doesn't mind letting a stranger fuck her ass. In meantime , M's slave saw me and said "Come in bud. We were waiting. Sandy meet the guy who is going click pictures for our event today".  I nodded looking confused.  Both M's slave and my wife climaxed and I took pictures of her with cum oozing from her ass and pussy. Sandy put a leash on my wife and tied her the window and asked her not move until M says so. In the meanwhile M walked up and told sandy that the one of the guys in the event doesn't have a lady and that they pair him up someone. She looked at me then and said "Sorry I forgot to tell we host swinging parties from time to time and that my wife is going to entertaining some of the couples." She grabbed my cock , which by now was hard on and said "I knew you would like it thats why you are going to take pictures while your wife is entertaining my friends".  After a few hours one by one about 4 couples walked in. After exchanging greetings and the initial conversation , M tells 2 of the couples thats she has a new slut and that they would enjoy her. The guys were eager to meet the new slut(aka my wife) and M proceed to show them the new slut. Both guys loved her body and smiled at M. M then told them I will be the one taking pictures and that they will not be allowed to take any pictures. M's slave took the guys wives into another room while M and sandy entrained other guests. In the room where my wife was there was jar with the letters "TIps appreciated but not required" .  Both the guys ravaged my wife's body and soon a third one joined . Officially my wife's first gang bang was on. I couldn't count the number of times she climaxed and at the end she had cum in her mouth , pussy and ass. She now has completely transformed into a Whore. After all this M decided ,I needed relief and ended up fucking one of the wives.  It was almost midnight when we decided to leave , M reminded my wife that she needs to do what she was told otherwise suffer the consequences and gave her the tip jar. The jar had about 60 dollars and I remember seeing 30 dollars and was confused how it became 60. M told me that when I was fucking one of the wives she arranged for another gang bang involving my wife and that she needed to do it as one of the guys was her business partner. It was clear that my wife has now completely transformed into this whore and didn't mind following orders from M. From then onwards we would visit M's parties where she would whore her out some of her closest friends or sometimes she will keep her for herself . I have become my wife's and M's official photographer...... 
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Cancun Trip / Day 3

Day 3:

Kate woke me the next morning with a big kiss. The glow from last night was still in her eyes. She grabbed my cock and asked me if I wanted a blow job. Hell yes I said! As she went down on me, I told her how disappointed I was that I didn’t fine that guy for her last night. She didn’t say a word. I kept talking about how horny I was thinking about him fucking her. How hot it would have been to see him make her cum! As I talked, Kate took more and more on my cock in her mouth, she was sucking me like she had never sucked me before. I could tell the idea of this was getting her excited to. Kate reached down and started rubbing my balls with one hand while the other was stroking my shaft. I couldn’t take it any longer. I told her I was Cumming and then I blow my load deep in her mouth.

We both got out of bed, showed, and went down to get some breakfast. We were just about to finish eating and head to the pool when two couples came over and asked if they could sit down with us. Holy shit! It was Dan and Suzie, & Dave and Christy. The two couples we might our first night. As they sat down Dave said sorry we missed you all yesterday but the four of us got up early and went on all day fishing trip. The six of us talked over breakfast for about an hour. As we left, we all decided to together later tonight, because they were all going into town to shop.

We took it easy most of the day. As night started to fall, Kate was starting to look a little nervous. Kate looked at me and said “what do you think they are excepting from us tonight?” I said “I don’t know?” But my question is, what are you excepting to happen tonight? Kate smiled a sheepish little grin and said “I don’t know”, “I’d kind of like seeing you please another women again!” This got me horny as hell. I told Kate to go take a hot bath, baby oil her body up, and just relax. I’m going down to the resort store and buy her something sexy to wear out tonight. With my dick still hard from what Kate had just said to me, I went and bought her a little black micro-mini dress. When she slipped it on it barely covered her ass. It was very low cut in the front too! She looked so hot in this dress, and she knew it. In fact she liked it so much that she decided to wear the dress, some high heels, and nothing else.


We walked down to the dance club to meet our friends. We all got there around the same time. We found a table and ordered some drinks. The girls broke off from us and headed out to the dance floor. They danced sexy together while us guys sat around shooting the shit. Dave and Dan both said “Kate looks smoking tonight”, “Very sexy,” and they both liked the dress. I said “if you two like her then go dance with her”. Neither of them said a word. They both put down their drinks and headed out to the dance floor. The five of them danced for a song or two, then Suzie and Christy broke off from the group and headed back over and sat down with me. As they did Dave and Dan continued to dance with Kate. They both moved up real close to Kate, Dave was in front of her and Dan behind her. The three of them started to grind up and down on each other as they danced. Kate was in the middle and getting it from both sides. Dave started kissing her, and Kate was kissed him back, as this was going on I noticed Dan had moved one of his hands up her dress and was rubbing her ass from behind. Kate looked like she was loving it! I couldn’t take me eyes off of her. She looked so hot and horny out there! As I watched, Suzie reached over and rubbed the front of my pants, she asked me if it got me horny watching Kate getting played with by Dave and Dan? I said “hell yes!” with that Suzie pulled down my zipper and started stroking my cock. Christy started to kiss Suzie as she was jerking me off. Then both girls stop, they looked at me, smiled and both went down on the floor, under the table and starting sucking my cock. It was fucking amazing! Two mouths moving up and down, and all over my cock and balls. I was in heaven! I looked back to the dance floor area and I could now see that Kate had one leg up around Dave’s waste as Dan was fingering her from behind as they all danced.

Receiving the best blow job of my life and watching Kate at the same time was too much for me. I couldn’t hold off any longer. I looked down and told the girls I was going to cum. Suzie moved in and put my cock deeper in her mouth as Christy sucked and rubbed on my balls. My legs got weak, my eyes rolled back into my head, and I exploded! OMG I must have cum a quart! Both girls came back up from the floor. Suzie got up and said she would be back in a minute. As she did, Christy looked at me and asked if I wanted to go back to their room? I didn’t know what to say? What about the others I thought! Before I could answer, Suzie walked back up and had Kate, Dave, and Dan with her. She said “We’re all going back to our room now, do you two want to join us?” Kate never said a word as the four of them walked away. Christy grabbed my hand and said “sure we do”. Kate, Dave, Dan, and Suzie were walking about 30 feet in front of us as we heading back to their room. As we all walked Christy started telling me what a good fuck Dan and Dave are. She continued by saying Dave had the thicker cock, but Dan was longer, harder, and had a huge head on it. She told me Dan also had the stamina of an 18 year old, and could fuck for hours. Christy then stopped walking, leaned over and grabbed the front of my pants, planted a big, warm, and wet kiss on me and said “Well I don’t care what the rest of them do; I just want to fuck you tonight!”


I didn’t say anything. I grabbed her by the hand and hurried to their room. We all walked in the door about the same time. In less than 20 seconds we were all naked and laying on the beds groping and kissing. Me and Christy in one bed, and the other four in the other bed.

As I was kissing my way down Christy firm little body on my way to her pussy, I could hear Suzie talking dirty to Dan and Dave, She was telling them what she wanted them to do to Kate. This was making everyone hotter and hotter. Kate was lying on her back as Dave and Dan were licking and kissing her from head to toe. Suzie then told Dave to start eating Kate’s pussy. As he did Kate arched her back up and began humping Dave’s face. Dan grabbed his cock and placed it by Kate’s mouth. Kate reached over and pulled his big fat head in her mouth. She could only seem to get the head of it in her mouth because she was moaning so much from Dave eating and fingering her hot, wet, pussy.

Watching and hearing all this just made me want to make Christy cum right now. I pushed two fingers in her pussy as I sucked on her swollen little clit. I was thrusting my fingers in and out of her fast and hard. Christy was moaning even louder then Kate was now. The muscles on her stomach were tightening up, and I knew she was about to cum. So I placed one more finger into her hot little pussy and starting rubbing her clit back and forth with my our hand. That was it! Christy began bucking up and down, and moaning OH YES, OH YES!  She opened her eyes really wide for a second, then close them back tightly as she let out a scream that rocked the bedroom as she came for what seemed like 20 seconds straight.  

After Christy was done cumming, I rolled over onto my back and looked over to check on Kate. Kate was now on her hands and knees in the doggie position. She was sucking Dan’s fat cock as Dave was rubbing her clit from behind. Suzie was lying on her back rubbing Dave’s balls and licking the head of his dick. Kate was starting to thrust her body back and forth and I knew she was about to come. Seeing this Suzie told Dave to stop playing with Kate’s clit. Suzie looked over at Kate and said “do you want more, do you want him to make you cum?” Kate just panted and said “Yes, Oh yes, please don’t stop!” Suzie then told Dave to stick his dick in Kate’s pussy and make her cum. Dave did as told. With one big thrust he shoved his cock into her ready and waiting pussy. Kate’s eyes sprung open wide, her head popped up in the air and she let out a deep grown like I’ve never heard her do before as she had her first orgasm of the night. Kate was still trying to suck on Dan’s cock too as Dave reached down and grab her by the hips and started fucking her harder, faster, and deeper. Kate starting having a string of orgasms that lasted for at least 10 minutes. Dave strokes where getting faster and faster and then he said “I going to cum” Hearing this, Suzie told Dave to pull out and let me swallow your cum. Dave pulled his cock out of Kate’s pussy, and Suzie put the head of it right in her mouth, stroked his shaft up and down with both hands as he shot his cum deep in her mouth.

Seeing Kate get fucked for the first time by another man was amazing! This was the horniest I had even been in my live! And I know Kate enjoying all of it too! Seeing him make her cum over and over again made me want some pussy right now! So I grab Christy and pulled her up on top of me. As I did she reached between my legs and grabbed my cock. She placed it right against her pussy lips and said “do you want to fuck me like that?” I just said “Hell Yes!” as I plunged my cock up deep inside her. Christy started moaning right away, she was saying “fuck me, fuck me, harder, harder!” as I fucked her. She came once or twice like this, and then I rolled her off me and onto her hands and knees. I wanted to fuck her doggie style now so I could look over and watch Kate who was still sucking on Dan’s cock. Lying next to them was Dave and Suzie. Dave had a big dildo in his hand and he was fucking Suzie with it, as she sucked on his, now hard again dick.

It was an unbelievable site. The six of us all fucking and sucking right next to each other. Christy started yelling “I’m cumming, I’m cumming” So I pounded her harder and deeper as her pussy tightened up around my cock making us both cum at the same time. We both collapsed onto the bed, Suzie was close to cumming too. Dave shoved that dildo in her pussy as far as he could and she came all over it.

Dan was still holding off. Kate was working hard; I could tell she really wanted to make him cum. I bend down and whispered in Kate’s ear “Why don’t you fuck him”; Kate said “no way, I couldn’t take it! His cock is too long, and the head is to fat for me!” I said “I really want to watch you try, it would be so hot”! Kate smiled at me and said ok. So she sat up, pushed Dan back on the bed and climbed on top of him. As she lowered her pussy to Dan’s cock. Suzie stopped her and said “let me get you both wet first” Suzie put her head between them and licked Kate’s pussy lips and then sucked on Dan’s cock some. Getting them both good and wet. Suzie then said “ok honey he’s all yours”!

As Kate lowered her pussy onto his cock, I could tell by the look in her eyes that it wasn’t going in. She moved her body around some and it started to go in some. Kate rocked her hips once more and his fat head slid in the rest of the way. Kate gasped for a second and then rocked her hip’s some more getting about half of his cock inside her. When she did this Dan reached up, grabbed her by the ass and started fucking her. Kate groaned loudly and fell forward into Dan’s chest as she had a big orgasm. She laid on him as he pounded away at her pussy for all he was worth. Kate was cumming over and over again, Moaning and groaning the entire time. She looked like she was in an orgasmic trance! And Dan was only fucking her with ¾’s of his dick. The rest of us just laid down beside them and watched. Suzie reached over and rubbed on Dan’s balls as they were fucking. After Dan fucked Kate for what seemed like a hour, He yelled out that he was going to cum! Kate put her hands on the bed and raised her body up some to help stable herself as Dan was pounding away and get ready to come. Just as Dan was about to pull out and cum , He made three more hard and deep thrusts into Kate’s pussy, Making her cum again.  Then Dan whipped his cock out and came all over Kate’s back, while Suzie jerked him until he was dry. Kate rolled off of Dan, and laid down on the bed with the rest of us. We were all spent! It was going to take all the energy we had left just to walk back to our room.

We all hugged, kissed, and said our good byes. Kate and I were heading home early in the morning.

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Cancun Trip / Day two

The next morning we slept late. Around 11am we decided to go and get some food. Kate said she was a little nervous that we might run into our friends from last night. I mean, what do you say to someone the next day, after a night like that? That was our first time, so do we all hang out the next day or what? Kate and I giggled to each other as we sat down to eat. After lunch we hung out at the beach and pool area the rest of the day. We met several couple from all around the world, but he never saw our friends from last night again.

That night we stopped by the dance club at our resort. They were having some kind of Adult oriented party (oh course!!) The party was called “Card Night”. Not really knowing what that was we went back to our room and relaxed a little bite. About ½ hour later Kate said “hey you never told me what your favorite part about last night was”? I looked at her and said honesty? She said yes. I said well it was watching someone else make you cum, watching you suck another man’s cock, watching you got me hotter than I’ve ever been. This conversation ended up getting us both horny. Kate grabbed me, kissed me deeply, and then said; well maybe we should do it again?

With that we decided to head back to the dance club and have some sexy fun. Kate put on her little black silk dress, it was backless, and low cut in the front. She also put on a small black thong, but decided not to wear a bra. The party was getting ready to start when we got there. Seeing us walk in the door the host said, looks like we have one more couple, please come up here and take a card from the deck. We both went up and took one. The cards had a number on them from 1 to 25 (that’s because there were 25 couples in the room). Your goal was for everyone to walk around the room meeting others and trying to find someone with the same number as you. Even if you didn’t, you still got to meet a lot of hot and sexy people this way.

Kate went one way and I went the other. I found this firer little red head about 25 years old, she had the same number as me. This chic was smoking, 5’4”, maybe 110lbs. with very sexy eyes. She was way out of my league. But she seemed to be into the party theme so I played along too. The two of us talked and danced for about 30 minutes or so, then I slow song came on. She pulled herself close to me and started to grind herself on my leg. My dick was thumbing it was so hard. She smiled and said I see you like this! Hell yes I said, you’re so fucking hot! As the song went on she began kissing on my neck and licking my ear. I did the same back to her. When the song ended we were both ready for more. She said let go sit on the couch over in the corner. We sat down and starting making out right away. She was rubbing my cock thru my pants. I thought I was coming to cum right there. I stopped her before I did and pulled her over onto my lap, facing me. We kissed some more then she stared lap dancing on me. That was it; I had to have some of that pussy. I slide my hand up her firm legs, all the way to her panties. I rubbed on the front of her panties for a minute and she was loving it. She moaned and pulled herself onto my lap more. I moved her panties to the one side and slide my finger in her wet, hot, and clean shaven pussy. She began grinding her pussy on my finger and moaning in my ear as she had her arms wrapped around me tight. She was breathing heavier and heavier now. I wanted to make her cum now so I slipped another finger in. She moaned even louder now, I started thrusting  my fingers in and out of her until she came two or three times in a row. She then climbed off my lap and kissed me one very deeply one more time. As she did her husband talked up and sat next to us. He said, that was fucking hot. I’ve never seen her cum without be fucked before. He told us that the girl that match his card and he didn’t really hit it off. He said he was really to go back to their room, he asked me if I wanted to come with them? I looked around the room and didn’t see Kate anywhere so I declined the offer and we said good night.

I walked around the club looking for Kate. We had been at the club for an hour and a half now and we both seemed to have forgotten about each other. Finally I found her sitting across the room making out with some guy. He looked to be about 30 yrs old, around 6’3”, 200lbs with a slaved head (looked like he had slaved arms and legs too, probably a weight lifter). I watched as they hugged and kissed each other. That lead to some heavy petting and some serious body grinding. After about 10 minutes Kate stood up and walked over and went into the bathroom. As she came back out I approached her. She said, I saw you with your little red head, she was hot! Then she said, here, will you hold this for me? She handed me her black panties and walk back over to her new friend. HOLY SHIT! This was unbelievably hot!

Kate sat down on her friends lap and started kissing him some more. He had both his hands up her dress and was cupping her ass. She started grinding her pussy on his lap. They were really getting into it. Then Kate did something I never thought she would do. While sitting on his lap she reached down between his legs and pulled his cock out of his pants. She grinded on his cock for about 10 minutes until they both seemed to be having an orgasm. After they came together, Kate kissed him on the lips and then just walked away. She walked back over the me. I said OMG, Your so hot! I can’t believe how much I enjoyed watching you, but I never thought you would ever fuck someone else. Kate smile and said, well I didn’t really fuck him. I wanted to, but I just rubbed my pussy back and forth on his cock. Feeling his throbbing cock slide up and down my pussy lips while the head of his cock rubbed on my clit was amazing!

All this talk made me horny again so we decided to go back to our room and finish the night off right. As we were walking back to our room, Kate looked at me and said, you thought I was fucking him? Did you like that? Would you really want to see me getting fuck by another guy? I said, up until that point, I never thought I would like it, but seeing you with him tonight made me want you to. Kate stopped in her tracks, looked deeply into my eyes and said, well then let’s do it! One time! Right now! Tonight! Before I change my mind! She said you go back to the club and get him and I’ll go back to the room and get ready for you two.

I didn’t say a word. I hurried back to the club, as I did I was thinking how hot this was going to be. Seeing my wife suck and fuck another man. See him make her cum right there in front of me. I couldn’t wait!

I went into the club. Ran around looking everywhere for this dude, But He was nowhere to be found!

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I Had To Have His Cock
We'd just moved and my husband started his new job.  He would come home and tell me about his day, I felt like I knew everyone already.  I stopped by his job to take him lunch and met the guys, one of them I could not take my eyes off of and got wet just shaking his hand.  He was tall, light brown eyes and fine as hell.  our eyes met and it was as if we could read each others minds.  We both smiled and turned away so I could go into the lunch room with my husband.  My husband knew I loved to tease and loved to please even more.  I would visit the office after ensuring he was working and I was wearing something to show off my beautiful 40Ds.  Each time we greeted each other with hugs that seemed to get longer each time I stopped by. 

On night after I'd cum about 4 times already, I told my husband I would love to do his co-worker.  He asked me to tell him what I wanted to do and I began to tell him I want to swallow his dick as far down my throat as I could get it.  I wanted to tease the head of his cock and make him moan.  Then when he couldn't take it anymore I wanted to get on my knees and let him take me from behind.  My husband was so turned he fucked me like never before.  I lost coung of how many times finished cumming that night. 

we talked about his co-worker while having sex and I during the day I couldn't help thinking about him and getting so wet.  I knew by now the co-worker knew I wanted him and he wanted me just as much.  I had to figure out a way to have him.  One night it just happened.  My husband called and said his co-worker's car would not start so he was coming to stay at our house for the night!  My pussy was so wet before he could finish talking to me.  we agreed I could have the co-worker as long as he agreed to be diecreet since they did work together. 

The plan:  When they arrived at the house we all sat around watching TV.  My hsband got us all a drink and as I flirted with him I could see his cock growing.  It was such a large cock!  I was not letting this chance pass me by.  as we'd planned my husband had to go to the corner and check the mail. As soon as the door closed I leaned over and planted a kiss on him.  He received it well and we kissed passionately for a few minutes.  I rubbed his cock as we kissed and whispered to him I wanted him to fuck me.  He asked what about my husband and after I told him my husband was ok with it he began to unbutton my shirt and caressing my nipples.  He confessed that he had been waiting for the moment as well.  He'd want to fuck me for a long time.  We were both naked by the time my husband got back an I was on my knees sucking the largest cock I had ever seen.  He tasted so good.  I licked the precum and teased his cock with my tongue,  I saw my husband out of the corner of my eye as he came close and teased a tit.  He said he was going to  shower and would be back.  The co-worker pulled me to him for a deep kiss and laid me on my back on the couch. He kissed his way down starting with one nipple and moving over to the next.  He then kissed his way down as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling.  I coud feel his warm tongue as he made his way to my soaking wet pussy.  He put his tongue in my pussy and I let out a scream as I had an intense orgasm.  I told him I'd been waiting to fuck him.  He asked if I thought I could take his enormous cock and I told him as wet as I was I knew I could handle it and wanted it.  He put the head of his cock on my clit and rubbed, teasing me and asking if I wanted his cock in me.  He said my pussy was so wet warm he wanted to take his time  I kept moving my hips trying to get his cock inside and he would move back and rub his cock along my wet pussy.  When he felt I had enough teasing and he knew I was about to explode he put his monter cock all the way in with one push and stayed there for a moment without moving.  All I could do was scream.  It felt so good and hurt so bad at the same time.   
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Cancun Trip, Day one

After 18 years of marriage our sex life had become null and void. We both wanted it to be better but with raising kids, working, and trying to make ends meat, we just didn’t have to for it.

The other night while lying in bed together, my wife (Kate) decided that we needed to take a vacation without the kids to help rekindle our love life. I agreed.

 The next day I found a couples only placed on the internet. They were running a last minute special for this coming weekend. It was in Cancun which sounded perfect to me, so I book it!

Kate is 39 years old. 5’ 9”, 130 lbs. with nice firm 34c’s and sandy blond hair. She is in great shape for her age. Just the thought of getting to see their in some tiny little bathing suits, laying on the beach in Mexico, got me horny.

The weekend finally came. Friday around 11am we arrived at the resort in Cancun. It was nice and sunny. A prefect day in Mexico. Unfortunately the resort said that they had over booked. Several couples would have to be moved to another resort in the area. They also said because of this that they would upgrade our rooms and pay for anything else that we needed while in Mexico. Sounded good to us.

The resort hey took us to was only 5 miles away. It looked just as nice as the one we just left. They checked us into our rooms in no time. We unpacked and headed straight for the pool area. Kate was wearing her tiny little black bikini and a tank top. When we got to the pool there where hot looking couples everywhere. Most of the women were topless and wearing thongs. Kate looked at me and said “what the hell” and took her top off too. Right then and there I decided that I love Mexico! LOL!

We talked with three of four other couples most of the afternoon. Made some plans to eat dinner with two of them later that night.

Around 7: pm we headed to dinner. While we were walking to the restaurant at the resort, Kate noticed that all the other women at this place were dressed very sexy. She said “I feel so over dressed”. She told me to go ahead and go to dinner with the others; she said she would be there shortly.

I met the other two couples at the table. First couple was Dan and Suzie. They seem to be around our age. Dan was a big muscular dude, 6’4”, about 215 and very fit. Suzie was probably 5’3” 110lbs. with nice C size tits. Other couple was Dave and Christy. Dave was a normal looking guy built about like me, 6’1” 200lbs. Christy was 5’6” probably around 115 and had small but firm looking little tittys.

After we ordered our appetizers Kate walked in the room. Holy Shit! She was wearing a yellowish dress that I had never seen before. It was a backless mini dress with a halter top that was cut down to her belly button. She looked smoking hot! Both Dan and Dave both commented on it. Kate just looked at me and smiled.

 After dinner we all went to the danced club at the resorts. We all dancing most the night. I got tired and decided to sit down at our table. Dan sat down with me while the girls and Dave kept dancing. Dan looked and me and said “your wife is hot” “how long have you two been swingers?

I said “what”? What makes you think we are swingers? Dan said well you’re at a swinger’s only resort, so we just figured you were. I didn’t want to look stupid so I just said “Oh yah well we are just thinking about it right now”. He just laughed and smiled. The rest of the group came back to our table now. I couldn’t wait to tell Kate that we were at a swingers resort. But before I could say anything to her she whispered in my ear that she was having a great time and that dancing with all the others in her short and skimpy dress made her wet and horny. This got me rock hard, so I said lets head back to our room. Kate said fine with me. Just as I got up from the table Kate said we’re heading back to our room, would you four like to come by for a drink?

My mouth hit the floor! What was she thinking? Didn’t she know these four are swingers?

The six of us headed back to our room. When we got in the room I tried to get Kate to go out in the hallway so I could tell her they were all swingers, but she said she needed to pee first. Dan, Dave, Kristy, and Suzie all sat on the bed talking. I just stood there waiting for Kate to come out of the bathroom. The door opened and Kate walked out. She had removed all of her clothes and was wearing a white see thru satin robe. Again my mouth hit the floor. I grabbed her and whispered in her ear “what are you doing” “These people are all swingers”. Kate looked at me and said “yes I know, they told me while we were dancing together, that what made me so horny”. She said they told her if we weren’t swingers that we could watch them all have sex if we wanted to. HOLY SHIT! My dick just grew 6 inches! Hell yes I said! I grabbed Kate and started to kiss her deeply. She reached down and rubbed on my cock as she kissed me back. As we were doing this the other four had already gotten undressed and were making out on the bed with their spouses. That lasted about 5 minutes, then Suzie and Christy started making out with each other. This was fucking hot! Dave and Dan were fondling the two girls as they made out. Kate grabbed on to my dick tight and just enjoyed the show. I could tell she was extremely horny now. Dave looked over at us and said “Kate are you sure you don’t want to join these girls”? Kate turned ghost white. Then she stuttered and said “well maybe just for a minute”. Hearing that, I lead Kate over to the bed. She sat on the edge for a second and then leaned over and started kissing Christy. I almost came on the spot. I had never seen Kate like this before. She was totally into the moment. Christy and Suzie then pulled Kate right in between them. They both started kissing her lips, her neck, and her tits. Kate was loving it all. I sat down on the bed to get closer to the action. Just as I did, Suzie starting kissing her way down Kate’s body. When she got to her hairless pussy, Suzie looked at me and said, May I? I said yes. Suzie started licking and sucking on Kate’s already swollen clit. Kate’s head popped up in surprise, but soon she put it back down and enjoyed what Suzie was doing to her. As this was going on, Christy had moved over to Dan and she was sucking on his 8” cock while Dave licked her pussy. Suzie looked up at Kate and said, Kate do you like having your pussy licked? Kate just moaned yes, Suzie then said if you want me to make you cum, you better start sucking some cock!  With this I saw my opportunity to get my dick suck, but before I could get my dick over there to her, Kate had already found Dave’s cock and started sucking on it. She sucked on it like I had never seen her do before. I couldn’t take it anymore. I reached over behind Suzie and started fingering her pussy as she sucks my wife’s clit. Kate started to moan even louder now. Suzie took two fingers and started to finger fuck Kate as she sucked on her clit. Kate’s back arched up off the bed and she let out a moan and had what looked like the biggest orgasm of her life.

After Kate came, she rolled back over and wanted to continue sucking Dave’s huge dick. It wasn’t more than 7”s long, but it was as fat as a beer can, and she seemed to love sucking on it. I went back to fingering Suzie in the doggie position. She kept rocking back and forth, fucking my fingers.

By now Dan was fucking Christy right next to me. I reached down and rubbed on her clit until she came all over Dan’s cock. Her orgasm was so intense that it made Dan dumps his load into her at the same time.

I moved back over to Suzie and finished finger fucking her in the doggie position, she must have came two or three times. It was so fucking hot!

Dave was moaning now, he was getting ready to cum. Kate gives great head, but she doesn’t like to swallow. So I told Dan to just give her a little warning before you blow. Dan rocked his head back on the bed and yelled I’m coming; Kate grabbed his dick even tighter as she continued sucking and jerking him off into her mouth. She was so horny that she wanted to swallow every drop of Dave cum. Holy shit! Watching her do that made me cum right there on the spot.

Kate got up and heading to the bathroom, so I told the rest of them that we needed to get some sleep now and maybe we would see them tomorrow. So everyone said good bye and left. Kate smiled as she walked out of the bathroom. She asked me if I had a good time. I said hell yes! She said what was your favorite part? I replied you tell me yours first. Kate said I loved sucking that fat cock and watching you finger another woman. This made my dick hard again and we fucking like two newlyweds for the rest of the night.

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His fantasy for her...

OK so David and I were talking about plans for this weekend and I started thinking about meeting you and let my thoughts run a bit. This is what I came up with...

let's see...we meet for drinks somewhere casual, someplace where we can sit and talk (like Oakwood’s Bistro), laugh a little, start joking about how "this one is dressed" or "what was that one thinking" The three of us hit it off... we are sitting in the back of a booth or corner table, on each side of David... facing each other... maybe a hand on his thigh, he handles himself well, we are just hanging out as friends having a great time.

At some point we excuse ourselves and end up in the ladies room and you just look at me and kiss me, long, slow, passionately. You take my breath away, just like I imagine. I pull you close and could do this all night long but someone walks in on us so we leave. We don’t say anything to David but he knows that something’s up.

We return to the booth and have one last shot and both are getting hotter and hotter just thinking about our kiss. You can see just how nervous I am (it comes out in a conversation earlier in the night that with as strong as a personality that I have, I just don't know how to take the "first step, the next step" when it come to doing anything intimate.

We talk about going someplace else but you mention dropping your car off at your apartment and it’s not too far away. You kiss David on the cheek and then give me a kiss (quickly teasing me with your tongue and then stepping away (you are such a tease). We follow you to your place and as you get out, you tell me you want to change and invite us in saying it will only take a minute.

We go in, you pour us a drink and excuse yourself to go in and change. We are standing in your living room when you call me and ask me to come in and see if I approve of what you are now wearing. I walk in and close the door behind me almost completely (David would love to see but I'm still being somewhat respectful). You are standing there and you have on a towel and nothing more. You walk up to me and kiss me deeply as your towel falls away...

....something to think about ...

xoxo Lori