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Amerian Sex Podcast Episode 61: Amy Jo Goddard – Empowerment; Healing...

Sunny and Amy Jo discuss the impact of age that #MeToo has had on various members of society -- women, survivors, allies, non-binary folks, men, people of color, etc. -- and how our roles in it all intertwine.

American Sex Podcast Episode 45: Dr. Chris Donaghue – Masculine Sexuality

We get right to the heart of issues common in masculine sexuality in this episode with Dr. Chris Donaghue.

American Sex Podcast Episode 29: Barak and Sheba – Adventures in...

Barak and Sheba tell Sunny and Ken how exploring sacred sexuality lead to them opening up a thriving sex-positive community center.

American Sex Podcast Episode 13: Interview with Grapefruit Lady, Auntie Angel

This week on American Sex Podcast: Blowjob Empress, Auntie Angel!

Living a Sex Positive Life Episode 34: Empowering Society to Have...

Amy is all about those deep emotional energetic forces behind great sex and intimate connections.

American Sex Podcast Episode 60: Stella Harris – Healthy Communication in...

In this episode, Stella teaches us: what to do when one partner isn't putting in the effort; boundary and expectation setting in the early part of relationships; how communication differs for vanilla and BDSM situations, and more.

American Sex Podcast Episode 44: Dan Savage of Savage Lovecast

Dan Savage of the Savage Lovecast and Savage Love advice column talks with Sunny and Ken about growing up gay while attending an all-boys Catholic seminary school.

American Sex Podcast Episode 28: Joanna Angel – Night Shift, Burning...

Joanna Angel talks with Sunny and Ken about her first book -- a choose-your-own-adventure style erotica novel Called Night Shift: A Choose Your Own Erotic Fantasy.

American Sex Podcast Episode 12: Dr. Joycelyn Elders Interview – Former...

Ken and Sunny talk with Dr. Elders about sexual health; pleasure inclusive sex ed in church; transgender children; the legalization of marijuana; Waffle House vs. Denny’s; #MeToo, and more.

Living a Sex Positive Life Episode 33: 100% Arousal by the...

Pink Heffs & Black Heffs are a line of all-natural sexually stimulating supplement pills designed to help strengthen and improve the sex lives of both women and men.