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Q&A: Is BDSM Illegal?

It depends on where you live or where you're going to play, so look it up!

Q&A: My Husband Wants to be Humiliated During Sex. Can You...

When you love your partner, it can be difficult to engage in degradation roleplay like cuckolding. Here's how to do it.

Q&A: My Wife Contracted HSV-2. Should I Be Concerned?

Internet research about genital herpes is confusing. Watch this to learn the quick facts about this common STI.

Q&A: My Wife Says She’s Only Doing This for Me. What...

If play with others feels like an obligation, it can lead to resentment and other complications. Here's what to do.

Q&A: Single Female Perspective: How Do Couples Do This?

For those that have never explored the lifestyle together with a close romantic partner, it can be difficult to imagine how it works.

Q&A: We Both Broke Our No Kissing Rule. Now What?

Play rules are defined together as a couple, and they are likely to evolve with more experiences — especially when they're broken.

Q&A: We Hang with Big Ballers in the Lifestyle But We’re...

Here's what to do when a financial crisis hits and leaves you too broke to keep up with your lifestyle friends.

Q&A: We Have Different Fantasies & I’m Nervous! How Can I...

What should you do when one partner is naturally more adventurous about fulfilling the fantasies of the other?

Does the Submissive Have ALL the Power in a BDSM Relationship?

BDSM dynamics require balance. Watch to learn more about this interesting paradigm.

Q&A: We Started Separate Room Play & Now Our Sex Life...

Even when you've agreed to try separate play, it can still lead to problems. Watch to find out how to manage it and bring back your shared spark.