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It’s a Pleasure Being Present with You

Are you — all of you — really present with your partner(s), or is your ego getting in the way?

5 Tips for How to Have the Perfect Threesome

Here are five things to keep in mind to help a threesome session go smoothly and ensure that everyone is having a great time.

Q&A: How Do I Know if a Woman is Bisexual?

No, they don't stand in a beam of light surrounded by fairy dust.

Q&A: Will Opening Up Our Relationship Bring Us Closer?

Just because it's worked for other couples, it does not mean it'll work for you.

Q&A: How Do I Know if This Person is Real?

Online dating has its uncertainties, even in the lifestyle.

Questions Couples Should Ask When Developing New Friendships

Find out if the new connections in your life are the right friendships for you before you invest too much precious time.

Q&A: How Can I Get in the Mood When I’m Just...

The scheduled play date with a couple finally arrives, but you're just not into it. Here's what to do.

Q&A: I’m New to BDSM. How Can I Top a Bottom?

We all start somewhere with a new venture. Here's how to step into a dominant role.

Q&A: Is BDSM Illegal?

It depends on where you live or where you're going to play, so look it up!

Q&A: My Husband Wants to be Humiliated During Sex. Can You...

When you love your partner, it can be difficult to engage in degradation roleplay like cuckolding. Here's how to do it.