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Sexual Fads: Trick or Trend?

Much like the art of vajazzling, some fascinations are noticed and stick around for a bit and then fizzle away like they never happened, or do they?

Travel Insurance: Yay or Nay?

Insurance?! How boring, you say. Yeah, we get it, but remember — this is not just about the room or flight tickets, it's about any situation that can occur before and when you are traveling the globe.

Five Disadvantages of Polyamory

Some of the reasons why polyamory does not work for everyone

Four Types of Commitment in Polyamorous Relationships

How polyamorists let each other know they are in it for the long haul.

Is Polyamory a Form of Sexual Orientation?

As usual with polyamory, the answer is that it’s complicated.

The Shameless Psychiatrist Part 1

John and Angelique Luna talk with Dr. Lea Lis about her new upcoming book, "The Shameless Psychiatrist’s Guide to Parenting.”

The Shameless Psychiatrist Part 2

Dr. Lea Lis discusses how to talk to teenagers about sex using appropriate sex-positive, body-positive language.

The Shameless Psychiatrist Part 3

Dr. Lea Lis talks about how she came up with the name of her upcoming book and highlights the importance of knowing and communicating your sexual story.

SDC Exclusive: Fetish Con 2019

If you've ever wondered what it's like at a kink convention, walk the floor at FetCon with John and Angelique Luna in this exclusive video.

BDSM 101 with Julieta: How BDSM Heals Trauma

BDSM can be a powerful tool in healing trauma, giving power back to its participants.