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Bisexuality: A Definition

Bisexuality is a form of plurisexuality. Wait, but what does THAT mean? Watch this to find out more about this often misunderstood form of human attraction.

Couples Dating: 10 Ways to Kill a First Date

If you're in a couple and you're ready to start dating other couples, you'll want to watch this.

9 Indicators You are a Selfish Lover

It's not all about you — in bed or life. Find out if you're taking too much from your partners.

9 Indicators Your Partner May Be Passive Aggressive

If you're always feeling manipulated and guilty in your relationship — especially when you don't usually know why — your partner might be passive aggressive.

9 Tips to Add Eroticism to Your Relationship

You don't have to be anything you don't want to be! There are ways to augment your existing sexual relationship to make it more erotic with any partner.

8 Kind Ways to Defuse Your Partner

When things get heated, it's too easy to make the situation worse with negativity and aggression. Here are some compassionate and effective ways to calm and resolve conflicts in your relationships.

7 Tips for a Better Intimate Relationship

Maintain the closeness and vulnerability necessary for intimate relationships with these seven tips.

8 Bad Habits that Hurt Your Sex

We're all susceptible to falling into bad habits, and that includes negative sexual behaviors.

5 Tips for Female Condoms

They're not the same as male condoms, but they are just as easy and comfortable to use if you try these five tips.

6 Tips to Boost Your Sex Drive

From having great personal hygiene to aiming for orgasm equality, here are six tips to rev up your erotic engine.