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A form of sacred, spiritual sex, practicing tantra can enhance your connection with your body and your partners. Learn tips for tantric practices that can help you enjoy mindful sex, have more powerful orgasms, delay ejaculation, and intensify your sexual experiences.
person posing sensually with their arms and hands facing a pink wall illuminated in golden light
Roadmap to Sexual Liberation
How can you find your sexual freedom?

an illustration of a woman's face wearing an elaborate Mardi Gras mask for Naughty Nawlins
Lifestyle Education: Your Naughty Tour Guides
In this episode of The Swing Nation Podcast, Dan and Lacy become your personal tour guides for Naughty N'awlins 2023!

SDC Casual Swinger Podcast Mickey Mallory Lexi Sylver Mating Season Foreplay Dirty Talk
Talkin' Dirty with Lexi Sylver
Guest Lexi Sylver shares her secrets about talking dirty in the bedroom and tells us how her book, Mating Season, can help you write your own smut!

SDC Casual Swinger Podcast Mickey Gordon Jamaica Interviews Club VIP Catamaran Shellboy
Fung-King Awesome Interviews: A Casual Swinger Bonus Episode
In this interview-heavy episode, you'll learn more about Club VIP and why it's such an integral part of the travel experience in Jamaica, the hilarious and fun Catamaran cruises, and the heart and soul of Jamaica... the people!

SDC Sisters of Sexuality Taylor Sparks Dwayne Mooney Prostate Health Ejaculation
Dwayne Mooney Discusses the Benefits of Ejaculation Control
Learn how ejaculation control vs. daily ejaculations is better for the health of your prostate.

SDC Sex Positive Me Podcast Arianna Lyrist Wine Education Sexuality Treble and Vine
Treble and Vine
Sex is an experience of the body and mind, so what better way to bring them in alignment than with wine and music?

SDC Something Positive for Positive People SPFPP Podcast Swinging Lifestyle HSV
Relationship-Driven Faith — Just Keep Swinging
Being in the open lifestyle with an STI can be challenging, but guests Mr. & Mrs. Sting share their story to show how to navigate swinging responsibly.

SDC Sex Positive Me John Angelique Luna Zana Thirus Unlearning Sex Documentary
Unlearning Sex
Angelique and John Luna invite Zanah Thirus to the podcast to discuss her Unlearning Sex documentary about healing through sexual trauma therapy.

SDC Sisters of Sexuality Podcast Taylor Sparks Charlie Arienne SexBecause
SexBecause...It's Good. It's Healing. It's Fun. It's Sacred.
Join host Taylor Sparks as she delves into the beginnings, the middle, and the continuation of SexBecause with sexy founders and Clinical Relationship Therapists Charlie and Arienne.

SDC Sex Positive Me Podcast Mental Health Coronavirus Pandemic Confinement
Consensual Confinement
Just because you're stuck inside the house, that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun!

SDC Sex Positive Me Podcast Mental Health Coronavirus Pandemic
Keeping Our Sanity
Listen for a little advice we have for staying sane and sexy in this new norm.

SDC Sisters of Sexuality Podcast Taylor Sparks QueenCup Hood Oracle Tarot
Straight Talk with QueenCup, 'Your Hood Favorite Oracle!'
QueenCup brings some spirituality and tarot divination to the SoS podcast. She and Taylor talk about her life as a Highly Sensitive Person and how she uses those strengths to benefit the collective.

SDC Sex Positive Me Podcast Mental Health Polyamory Relationships CBD Angie Green Baker
The Green Baker
Listen to Angie, aka The Green Baker, talk about CBD and how it has helped her sex life and polyamorous relationships.

SDC Amina Peterson Fix Your Sex Podcast Quarantine Pandemic Digital Sex Work Entheogens
Quarantine F*cking
Amina has a lot to talk about in this timely podcast about what it's like being a digital sex worker during a pandemic, mind-altering substances and how they're used in sex, and more.

SDC Lexi Sylver Julieta Chiara Seek Discover Create Podcast Self Love Masturbation Sex
Self-Pleasure and Better Sex
Happy Masturbation May…. or Maysturbation, as we call it!