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SSX 2021 House Rules & Conduct Policy

Valid from 5.15.2021 – 3:00pm to 5.20.2021 - 12:00noon

By booking this event and checking into the event from 15 May – 20 May, 2021, we release SDC, its owners, travel affiliates, the resort and all involved from any liability in any way, shape or form including subsequent meetings or circumstances with any event attendees, staff or guests, now or in the future.

We agree to abide by any rules as set forth by anyone of the SDC staff as well as the hotel staff. We acknowledge that we will keep all information confidential and that we are not acting as part of, or on behalf of, any media or government organization and will not disclose anything outside this venue or lifestyle.

Selling or advertising any product without prior written consent from SDC will result in your removal from the event. We further acknowledge that we are acting on our own behalf as adults and for personal interest only and are not offended by sexual expression or nudity. We fully understand that this is a contractual “lifestyle event” and as such, hotel and/or room amenities may differ from what is mentioned on the resort site.We understand and agree that because of the nature of this event, only adult couples will be allowed to check into the hotel and only those with confirmed reservations will be allowed to enter. Consequently, we understand that anyone trying to or bringing in people not on the confirmed hotel guest list, will be immediately required to leave the event, no restitution. We thus fully understand that any request to bring in guests from outside, whether they are SDC members or not cannot be honored. We understand that both partners of the couple will need to be present for check-in or until such time both partners are present, otherwise, check-in will be denied without restitution.

Clothing optional is only allowed at the pool areas: 7:00am – 7:00pm and the designated SDC hospitality area (Pleasure Dome) 24hrs. Please use a towel to sit on always as a common courtesy. The beach area is topless only as this is a federal zone. For all other public places without exception, you need a proper cover up. Anyone out of line will be asked to cover up properly, refusal will result in removal from the event, no refund. There is a time and place for everything, so it is understood that any sexual activity is limited to the privacy/inside of the guest rooms and/or in the designated private hospitality area. Please refrain from any sexual activity on the balconies or pools. We understand that nudity is only possible during the official times of the event, and that nudity before or after is not allowed.

Guests are not permitted to pay nor accept payment for any form of entertainment or sexual activity, and you are urged to please act responsibly when it comes to your personal health protection. Very important: do not approach any of the hotel staff or SDC staff for any sexual activity as they may lose their job because of it. We also understand that cleaning staff or catering staff is not allowed to enter any occupied room.

Main pool hours 7:00am – 7:00pm. The resort is located within the Marine Park of Puerto Morelos – Great Mayan Reef. Therefore, swimming in the ocean is only allowed from 7:00am – 7:00pm, during that time a beach lifeguard is on duty. Only non-motorized water activities are allowed. A $2 USD per person wristband, issued by the Commission of National Protected Areas is mandatory whenever using the equipment. For your convenience, this contribution will be charged to your room account.

Please refrain from taking pictures or film of other guests and our entertainers without permission as it is strictly not allowed. Inappropriate photos and/or footage can and will be deleted at the discretion of SDC staff members. Any other photos taken are for personal use only. Photos or video from this event may not be published, printed, made public in any way without prior written approval from SDC. Doing so will result in instant removal from the site as well as our future events. No camera’s or cell phones are allowed at any time in the hospitality areas, pool areas or night club. SDC staff members or official photographer may take photo’s/video to capture the vibe of the event, and as usual any faces will be made unrecognizable if used anywhere. 

There is a zero-tolerance policy. No drugs can be brought in under any circumstance. Anyone breaking this rule will be asked to leave and banned from this and any of our future events – no refund. Should you become intoxicated and/or disruptive in any way, you will be escorted to your room and/or asked to leave and neither the hotel venue nor SDC will be liable for any cost or inconvenience as a result.

The hotel is non-smoking, including the night club. This includes all guest rooms, restaurants, public area’s and halls. Smoking in your room will result in a fine determined by the hotel operation. Smoking is not permitted in guest rooms including balconies and terraces. Any guest found to be smoking in a guest room will be charged a deep cleaning fee per day as determined by the resort.

Please respect the hotel staff and SDC staff and follow direction. Any behavior considered rude against another guest, a hotel staff member or SDC staff member may result in immediate expulsion from the event, no refund or any expense reimbursement as a result.  Any damages to rooms will be charged to your hotel room bill and you will be required to pay for any damages before you leave. Failure to report any damage and found after you leave guarantees that you will be banned from any SDC event in the future. 

Please understand that when visiting outside locales, the rules of those venues apply and SDC is not responsible nor has influence on those operations, so we kindly ask for responsible, courteous behavior at all times. SDC is not responsible for any pictures/video of you made outside of the venue.

With attending this lifestyle event, we fully understand, agree, and accept that both SDC Marketing Inc. and Haven Resorts are not responsible in any way, shape or form should we contract any disease, including Covid-19. We furthermore agree to adhere to requirements that may need to be implemented by SDC Marketing Inc. or Haven Resorts for our attendance at the event. We take full responsibility for our own health, actions, and choices with a duty to self-monitor. 

The golden lifestyle rule No is No applies and anyone found to be out of line will be asked to leave immediately without any refund. SDC Management decisions for removal are final.

© Copyright 2021 SDC All rights reserved
© Copyright 2021 SDC All rights reserved