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"We are Aliki and Xander, a sex-positive couple in a committed relationship. We are parents, busy professionals, and writers by training. But above all, we are two lovers on a quest: to disprove the old adage that sex in long-term relationships degenerates over time. So far, it’s working! From very early on in our relationship, we focused on our sexual well-being and on erotic experimentation. In 2017, we launched Couple of Secrets, a blog where we chronicle our sexual exploration. We share not only practical information and fun experiences, but also our doubts, fears, and disputes as they happen. Couple of Secrets inspires many other couples who wish to open the door to sexual exploration, but aren’t sure what to do. It has also brought us in touch with many extraordinary people and taught us plenty!"
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Immer mehr Paare geben zu, daß sie versucht sind, ihre Beziehung zu öffnen. Da du das hier liest, könntest du das auch tun.

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Ein Dreier ist der erklärte Traum der Mehrheit der Männer. Aber macht keinen Fehler - viele Frauen haben ihn auch auf ihrer Wunschliste!