Casual Sex: The Pros & Cons

Whether it’s a one-night stand or dating possibility, most of us engage in casual sex for a variety of reasons.



SDC Crete Getaway

SDC on Crete Erotic Escapade – Island of Crete, Greece A...
The Birth of BDSM: A Self-Love Story

The Birth of BDSM: A Self-Love Story

As a team, we realized the lead-in question we receive the most during online therapy sessions is: "What is wrong with me?"
Cherry Officially Popped

Cherry Officially Popped

I’m not on the set of a porno flick or at a wild frat party in the summer that’s taken a turn for the erotic. No, I’m at a swinger’s club.


K is for Kundalini

The term Kundalini, derives from India, and essentially means the coiled sexual energy at the base of the spine.

Anal Sex Tips: Your Complete Guide To Awesome Anal Sex

Lexi shares her tips to maximize your - and your partner's - pleasure during anal play.

10 Intervention Tips