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Unicorns Swingers Naked on a Unicorn Pool Floatie
Fantasy Land for Unicorns: Luxuriate at Sea Mountain Ranch Spa
Did you know that there’s a unicorn paradise right in Palm Springs?!

The Hottest Expert-Approved Sexting Tips
Want to send kinky messages to your partner, but don't know where to start? Read these expert tips to sext your way to hotter sex.

SDC Marie Claude LArcher Hypatia Polyamory Compersion NonMonogamy Relationships
Compersion: Introduction to an Unknown Topic
Marie-Claude L'Archer introduces us to polyamory and to the virtually unknown topic of compersion.

SDC Dragonfly Pure Orgasmic Love Podcast Sexual Wellness
Our Orgasmic Life
Pure Orgasmic Love: It is not just my business name, but also how we choose to live our lives. Listen to find out what being orgasmic and living an orgasmic life means for you.

Vagina Sexual Health
From Winter Tire to Summer Vagina
Summer vagina or winter tire? Sometimes magazines miss the mark.

SDC Secrets Hideaway Swingers Lifestyle Resort Club
Secrets Hideaway: Uncovered!
Ready to let your inhibitions go and explore your sexual side?

How to Feel Sexier!
Are you ready to feel beautiful, confident and sexy today?

All About the Clitoris
What do you actually know about the clitoris? Dr. Jess gives you the lowdown on the female body's most talked-about hotspot.

Polyamory Sexual Orientation Sexuality Identity NonMonogamy Eli Sheff SDC
Is Polyamory a Form of Sexual Orientation?
As usual with polyamory, the answer is that it’s complicated.

Allen’s Corner: A Guy’s Perspective on MFM Threesomes
He went into the lifestyle feeling like the wingman to his wife looking for another man. Here’s how that’s changed with experience.

SDC Ibiza White Party Swingers Vacation Photo by Ressan
SDC Swingers Vacation in Ibiza
Julieta dishes the sexy details of her luxurious swinger vacation at Ibiza's SDC Takeover.

Women Wanna Know: Sex Uninterrupted for ASN April 2019
Taara Rose gives her tips on how to own your no in the lifestyle and beyond.

SDC Travelling Goddess Celebrities Swingers Open Lifestyle
Celebrities with a Hall Pass
Bingo! This must be the ultimate click-bait. Why? Because with this topic in mind, I couldn't help but keep on clicking.

The Curious World of Paraphilias Ch. 1: From Autoerotic Asphyxiation to Zoophilia
What is a "normal" sexual thought or behavior versus an "atypical" one? Guest blogger Daniel Michaels explores the difference, and identifies common sexual fetishes.

Go Beyond Your Sexual Comfort Zone
There’s something that’s been stuck in my head regarding the way we move through life, and in particular, how we move through our sexual life.

SDC MysteryVibe Tenuto Vibrator Sex Toy Couple
The Only Vibrator for Men Designed with Her in Mind
Discover the award-winning couples sex toy that’s wearable, adaptable, and powerfully pleasurable for him AND her!

Conscious Living Show: 10 Keys for Men Seminar
Here's how the men's seminar went and what Dr. Nancy Sutton thought about it all.

Abstinence and Accidents: The Sexual History of Corn Flakes
Now as innocuous as this breakfast cereal may seem, its history is one that is filled with ulterior motives and lucky breaks.

You Will Not Shame Me…
How hate mail and hateful comments spark a need for self-respect and a realization that no one has a right to shame you.

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Lexi Sylver Influential Woman Fabrice de Bray
Lexi, an ASN Most Influential Woman of the Lifestyle
SDC's own Lexi Sylver shares her philosophy on the Lifestyle and the role women play in sexually empowering each other in her Influential Women interview.

Swingers Open Lifestyle Party
Your Guide to Drama-Free Sex Parties & Events
Navigate sex parties and events so that you can have more fun and less drama!

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© Copyright 2021 SDC All rights reserved