SDC MYHIXEL Climax Control Device App Male Sexual Health Pleasure
Learn How to Increase Sexual Pleasure with MYHIXEL TR
Male sexual pleasure is essential to enjoy more in bed for men and their partners.

SDC Lexi Sylver Seek Discover Create Podcast Sex Education Jealousy Relationships NonMonogamy Kitty
How to Deal with Jealousy
This episode addresses how to cope with the green-eyed monster when you're in a relationship — especially if you're in some form of a non-monogamous or polyamorous one.

SDC Member Stories First Swinging Experience Couple Lust Spirituality
Awakened By Lust, Swinging, We Must
Lured by the thrill of swinging, this couple approached the door and stepped through into a new dimension of lust and pleasure.

SDC Soul Mates for Life Dr Jay Liseth Ferraro Relationship Coaching Conflict
Conflict vs. Fighting in Swinger Relationships
Conflict is NOT BAD, should not be avoided, and IS inevitable in every relationship. Conflict is growth seeking to happen in the form of an unmet need trying to express itself. The problem is most don’t know that nor how to communicate in ways that can get those needs met.

MysteryVibe Lifestyle Crescendo Adult Sex Toy Pleasure Product Tech
Bend Over Backwards for Pleasure: From Crescendo to Climax
Read a couple’s personal sexperience playing with MysteryVibe’s Crescendo sex toy, designed to bring the best of health, pleasure, and technology together.

SDC Travel Second Location Plans Members
SDC: How to Add Travel Plans & Second Location
Traveling to other places in your country or abroad is an adventure. If you wish to open up a world of possibilities, there are some good options you can consider adding to your SDC profile.

SDC Lexi Sylver Seek Discover Create Podcast Sex Education Sexuality Spiritual Slut Taara Rose
Unleashing Your Inner Slut
Why are so many people ashamed of their expressing their sexuality?

A is for A-Spot: Can You Find It?
Most of you have probably heard of the G-Spot, but the A-Spot is another exciting zone that can produce intense sexual pleasure as well as rapid lubrication and contractions in some women.

SDC Hotwife Taylor Gabe Mann SeXXXperience Hotwifing Lifestyle Sexual Education
Hotwife Taylor & Gabe's Hotwifing Journey
Lifestyle adventures evolve over time, just like any new exploration. Here's how Hotwife Taylor and her husband Gabe found their way toward making their fantasies a reality.

SDC MysteryVibe Tenuto App Sex Game Toy Pleasure Product
Supercharged Pleasure for Couples: A Unique Sex Toy Experience
Designed for male pleasure, but ecstatic for all involved! Read a couple’s personal sexperience playing with MysteryVibe’s Tenuto sex toy.

How to Move on From a Cheater
Dr. Jess shares her tips on moving on after your ex cheated on you.

Squirting 101
Whether you’re the squirter (the one who squirts) or the squirtee (the one who gets squirted on), here’s some helpful tips to maximize the enjoyment from your squirting experience.

Feedback After Sex: Part 1
Sex can be like an elephant in the bedroom when it comes to communicating any problems that might be occurring.

Once A Cheater, Always a Cheater?
If someone cheats once, are they sure to cheat again? Dr. Jess looks more deeply into this burning question.

SDC Lexi Sylver Swinging 101 Webinar Virtual Dating
Swinging 101 Series, Part 2: Virtual Dating Dos and Don'ts
Let Lexi guide you through virtual dating etiquette in Part 2 of her Swinging 101 webinar series.

Myth No.3: Swingers Lack Commitment
In this third myth-buster installment, we explore the notion that couples who swing lack commitment.

F is for Fornication
In essence, the term fornication encompasses swinging as swinging is sex between people who may be married or in a relationship sharing with others who they are not married to.

Need a Girlfriend for Thanksgiving?
With Thanksgiving weekend quickly approaching, this year's latest techno-dating gadget offers fake partners just in time for the holidays.

Connecting Your Sexuality & Spirituality for Christians
I don’t think I've ever thought as much about connecting my spirituality to my sexuality until I moved to the South.

SDC PSI Medical Group Anti Aging Sexual Wellness
The Fountain of Youth: New Approaches to Anti-Aging
Look as young as you feel with PSI Medical’s innovative, natural, and effective medical techniques.

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© Copyright 2021 SDC All rights reserved