Lexi Sylver Swinging 101 Series Part 4 How to Have a Threesome
Swinging 101: How to Have a Threesome
Whether you’re in the swinging lifestyle or any other form of open relationship, these tips about how to make sure your threesome is pleasurable for everyone involved are for anyone looking to delve into group sex!

NonMonogamy Sexual Companion Self Love Female Empowerment Roleplay Therapy LASPL SDC
Coffee Talk with Amy Taylor
Listen to John and Angelique Luna's conversation with Amy Taylor, a companion for over 20 years.

Does Size Matter?
As a woman, I'm subject to impossible pressures with regard to my physical makeup, but I can't even begin to fathom the anxieties associated with penis size.

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Nikki Our Naughty Escapades Influential Women Swingers
Nikki, an ASN Most Influential Woman of the Lifestyle
Nikki and her husband tell swinging stories on their Our Naughty Escapades podcast. Here's your chance to read more about her path into the Lifestyle.

SDC Lexi Sylver Mating Season Erotic Book Fantasy Stories Kink BDSM Group Sex Sapphic
Watch Lexi Sylver's Mating Season: Erotic Book Trailer
Lexi Sylver’s real erotic adventures and darkest fantasies come to life in this provocative collection of erotic short stories. Watch for a glimpse into the pleasure that lies within.

Checkmate NYC Swingers Club
Re-Opening April 2nd, 2021! The Checkmate Manhattan Experience: Beyond The Velvet Ropes
One lucky couple gives their firsthand account of a night at one of New York City’s most exclusive swingers’ clubs that was so amazing, they sought a repeat performance the following night.

5 Lessons Video Games Can Teach Us About Love and Dating
While there may not be something as simple as the Konami code for real life, Dr. Liz Powell tells us how video games can teach us 5 important lessons about how to succeed in sex and relationships.

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Openlove 101 John Jackie Melfi Sexual Vaginal Health Swingers Dating Club
Ask John & Jackie: BV & Play Invitation Etiquette
Learn about two very different LS topics: managing feminine imbalance and how to propose and decline play invitations politely

It’s All About Relationships
What is sex education? And why are some people against it?

Kate Maxx Professional Naked Person Exhibition Actor SDC
My First Time Nude Acting
It's one thing to pose for a photographer. Acting is so much more! Here's the story of Kate Maxx's first experience.

SDC Lexi Sylver Seek Discover Create Podcast Dr Shamyra Howard Dating Relationships Self Love
Healthy Dating, Relationships, and Self-Love
Sexologist Dr. Shamyra Howard joins Lexi Sylver to discuss how to improve your relationships — including with yourself — through better dating.

Vulva 101
This lesser known, but remarkably important region, is inaccurately used synonymously with the vagina.

Asking The Right Questions To Get What You Want
I learned early on in childhood that you had to communicate the right questions to get the right answers from people.

SDC Dr Eli Sheff Polyamorists Next Door Monogamy NonMonogamy Relationships Couple Orientation
Monogamous by Orientation
The final blog in defense of monogamy for people who do not want to try CNM.

SDC Dr Ava Cadell Meditation Embracing Aging Legacy Life
Embracing Aging Meditation
Aging is beautiful. Learn how to accept and love yourself and be mindful of your legacy.

SDC Dr Rich Blonna Gender Identity Role Biological Sex Sexual Mental Health
Gender Identity & Gender Role
How You See Yourself as Man, Woman, Both, Neither: Part 2 in the Series Why Gender Matters

Michael Bell's Lifestyle Language for ASN
This is for you to make sure you are not just walking the walk — you’re talking the talk.

SDC Dr Rich Blonna Sexual Therapy Coaching Mindfulness Sensuality Environment Couples Relationships
Enhancing Your Sensual Environment
A great way to increase your external mindfulness is to practice mindful eating. Using foods like juicy, fleshy fruits and luscious wines makes it a sensually delicious delight!

SDC Sex Positive Me John Angelique Luna Zana Thirus Unlearning Sex Documentary
Unlearning Sex
Angelique and John Luna invite Zanah Thirus to the podcast to discuss her Unlearning Sex documentary about healing through sexual trauma therapy.

SDC Dr Jaime M Grant Women Sex Life Over 50 Empowering Sexual Health
Hot Sex After 50: 3 Myths & 3 Truths
Ignore the overwhelmingly racist, ableist, patriarchal chatter that proclaims you can’t create a vibrant sexual life on your own terms. You absolutely can. Go get it.

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© Copyright 2021 SDC www.sdc.com. All rights reserved