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MysteryVibe Couples Toys Tenuto Crescendo Poco
The Best Sex Toys for Couples
Sex tech keeps churning out amazing toys that take pleasure to new levels, and MysteryVibe’s collection is on my must-have list this holiday season. Here’s why!

SDC Member Story Hottest Hotwife Experience Amateur Erotica Gangbang Group Sex
Accidentally Gangbanged
She ended up at a swingers’ party without her husband and left as a thoroughly satisfied gangbanged hotwife!

Sexy, No/Low-Cost Valentine’s Gifts
Any excuse for real love and fun sex sounds good to me

SDC Ofacez Mr Mrs Mocha Swinging Lifestyle Advice Dating Couples Play Date
It's Your First Play Date & It's Time to Swing!
Dating as a single person is one thing, but courting play partners as swingers comes with its own set of expectations and practices.

SDC Seek Discover Create Lexi Sylver Podcast Desire Mapping Dr Jaime M Grant Sexual Therapy Mental H
Desire Mapping and the Power of Sex Stories
Is it "just sex?" While we can have "just sex," there is so much more to it. Our sexuality is a big part of us, and it's multifaceted — as Dr. Jaime M. Grant said, what is your story?

SDC MysteryVibe Tenuto Vibrator Sex Toy Couple
The Only Vibrator for Men Designed with Her in Mind
Discover the award-winning couples sex toy that’s wearable, adaptable, and powerfully pleasurable for him AND her!

SDC Seek Discover Create Podcast Lexi Sylver
It’s Been Lexual: Seek, Discover, Create’s Series Finale
Lexi closes the end of an era in this series finale of the Seek, Discover, Create with Lexi Sylver podcast.

SDC Member Story Hottest Hotwife Experience Amateur Erotica Date Threesome
Hotwife Takes a Single Male Shopping for Lingerie
This stag arranged for his vixen and bull a dinner, shopping, and a playdate they’ll never forget.

Unique Sex Positions To Try With Your Partner
Looking to experience a new sex position with your partner? Try these moves from Dr. Jess.

SDC Lexi Sylver Seek Discover Create Podcast Sex Education Self Love Bruna Nessif Relationships
Dating, Self-Love, and Personal Growth
It's time to stop comparing yourself to other people and the impossible standards of beauty and perfection that we see all over the media!

Unicorns Swingers Naked on a Unicorn Pool Floatie
Fantasy Land for Unicorns: Luxuriate at Sea Mountain Ranch Spa
Did you know that there’s a unicorn paradise right in Palm Springs?!

Member Questions Series II
In these Members Questions Series, we want to hear your answers.

Your New Year Sexual Resolutions
Feeding our sexual energy is vital to our self-improvement and well-being, so having sexual resolutions is the best way to go!

American Sex Podcast Episode 36: Kitty Stryker - SESTA/FOSTA, Consent and Juggalos
Much of this week's episode is devoted to SESTA/FOSTA, and Kitty tells us why these bills are damaging to not only consensual sex workers but all of our personal and sexual freedoms.

SDC Secrets Hideaway Swingers Lifestyle Resort Club
Secrets Hideaway: Uncovered!
Ready to let your inhibitions go and explore your sexual side?

SDC Member Stories First Swinging Experience Party Couple Fetish BBC Interracial
Swing Party Invitation to a Newbie
This unsuspecting single male was thrust into hosting a party for some of his friends, and let’s just say that it was NOT the kegger he was expecting, and it was just the beginning...

3 Ways To Invoke Your Own Sexual Desire
I was hanging out with some close friends of mine and they were discussing a person who had sexuality issues.

SDC SeXXXperience Book Gabriel Mann Hotwife Taylor Leigh Swingers Sex Work NonMonogamy
Our Radical Lifestyle Journey, Plus a Sweetheart Special!
Cupid sure struck this charming couple! Watch Hotwife Taylor & Gabriel Mann share their candid stories, and celebrate love with their generous Valentine's Day SeXXXperience offer for SDC readers.

SDC SexBecause Charlie Arienne Swingers Advice Couple Play Boundaries Communication
Q&A: What Should I Do About Unwanted Play with a Couple?
Your sex is your responsibility, including communication about what you do or do not want.

Checkmate NYC Swingers Club
The Checkmate Manhattan Experience: Beyond The Velvet Ropes
One lucky couple gives their firsthand account of a night at one of New York City’s most exclusive swingers’ clubs that was so amazing, they sought a repeat performance the following night.

© Copyright 2021 SDC All rights reserved
© Copyright 2021 SDC All rights reserved