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SDC Ibiza White Party Swingers Vacation Photo by Ressan
SDC Swingers Vacation in Ibiza
Julieta dishes the sexy details of her luxurious swinger vacation at Ibiza's SDC Takeover.

Want A More Satisfying Sex Life? Try This!
I work with thousands of clients each year to support them in building happy, healthy relationships and sex lives.

SDC Member Stories First Swinging Experience Swing Club Couple Exhibitionist Voyeur Oral
"Now, How are you Supposed to Get Horny in this Place?"
This couple shares their perspective on how they felt overwhelmed upon entering a swing club and how they overcame it on their very first visit.

Top Dirty Talk Lines: What Men & Women Really Want to Hear in Bed
Each person writes down a few things they’d like their lover to say in the heat of the moment and we read them aloud as a group without identifying the source.

Physical Sexual Health Grooming Pubic Body Hair SDC
What's Wrong with Hair?
Body and pubic hair: some think it's great, and others just want everything bare. So many people, so many wishes.

Unicorns Swingers Naked on a Unicorn Pool Floatie
Fantasy Land for Unicorns: Luxuriate at Sea Mountain Ranch Spa
Did you know that there’s a unicorn paradise right in Palm Springs?!

4 Steamy Winter Sex Tips
Did your libido drop with the temperature on the thermostat? Dr. Jess will help you fight those winter blues with a few easy tips.

SDC Member Stories Swingers Open Lifestyle First Experience Threesome Cuckold
Her First Night with Someone Else
A single male was in for quite a surprise when this husband left him with his wife!

The Desire Spectrum
Frankly the "desire spectrum" really is a way of attempting to establish the difference between "desire" and "arousal."

Go Beyond Your Sexual Comfort Zone
There’s something that’s been stuck in my head regarding the way we move through life, and in particular, how we move through our sexual life.

SDC MysteryVibe Tenuto Vibrator Sex Toy Couple
The Only Vibrator for Men Designed with Her in Mind
Discover the award-winning couples sex toy that’s wearable, adaptable, and powerfully pleasurable for him AND her!

Three Things to Consider about Having a Threesome
The idea of having a threesome might seem simple and straightforward...

Blow Job Tips!
No two men are the same and accordingly, no two penises, balls or prostates are identical in their sexual response.

SDC Dr Cari Oneal Sexologist Lifestyle Sexual Trauma Sex Coaching
Sexual Trauma Can Hijack Your Enjoyment in The Lifestyle
Participating in The Lifestyle can be as easy and natural as any other hobby or past-time for most people. That said, there are many other wonderful people who get tripped up when they try to join in on all the fun. Why? Sexual Trauma!

SDC Dr Eli Sheff Polyamory NonMonogamy Relationships Dating Spouse Partner
Why (Most) Polyamorous People Are Not Out to Steal Your Wife
Monogamous people do not need to worry about polyamorous people recruiting.

Swingers Open Lifestyle Party
Your Guide to Drama-Free Sex Parties & Events
Navigate sex parties and events so that you can have more fun and less drama!

Amazing Period Sex Hacks!
Not having sex on my period is not an option for me, so however we can work on the situation so that it's pleasurable for everyone, the better life will be.

Lexi Sylver Kitty Chambliss Mating Season Loving Without Boundaries Podcast
Loving Without Boundaries Podcast: Mating Season Interview!
Kitty Chambliss interviews Lexi Sylver about exploring consensual non-monogamy and her collection of erotic short stories, Mating Season.

T is for Tenderness
Tenderness, Touch and Tongues!

Sex Toys Swingers Cruise Travel Vacation BDSM Relationships LASPL SDC
Trifecta of Kink Cruise Part 2
John and Angelique share more of the juicy details of their time at sea with other kinky castaways.

SDC Secrets Hideaway Swingers Lifestyle Resort Club
Secrets Hideaway: Uncovered!
Ready to let your inhibitions go and explore your sexual side?

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© Copyright 2021 SDC All rights reserved