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Promescent Delay Wipes Climax Control
Increase Your Stamina for Hotter Sex: Here's How!
Increase your sexual stamina and enhance each sexperience, thanks to these climax control products from Promescent®!

SDC Member Stories First Swinging Experience Couple Full Swap Sex Dating
Collision in Four: A Meeting Worth Mentioning
What began as a chat between the ladies led to a delightfully sexy evening and a lasting friendship between these two couples.

SDC Sex Positive Me Podcast Mental Health Coronavirus Pandemic
Keeping Our Sanity
Listen for a little advice we have for staying sane and sexy in this new norm.

One Way to Improve Your Sex Life Today: Part I
The truth is that a hot sex life takes work and you can’t resolve deep-rooted issues overnight.

MysteryVibe Couples Toys Tenuto Crescendo Poco
The Best Sex Toys for Couples
Sex tech keeps churning out amazing toys that take pleasure to new levels, and MysteryVibe’s collection is on my must-have list this holiday season. Here’s why!

Sexy clown fetish
American Sex Podcast Episode 71: Clown Fetish & Cam Girl Camp with Miss Quin
What's behind the sudden popularity of clown porn and how do you find partners that don't think it's weird?

SDC Member Story Hottest Hotwife Experience Amateur Erotica Threesome Bisexual Male
A New Kind of Relationship
Jeff met a couple on SDC and entered a new dynamic — like dating, but with a deliciously fun bi twist.

The Swinger Lifestyle is Evolutionary
Whether you're into erotic dating, voyeurism, role-playing, or more, you more than likely have a prelude for the swinger lifestyle, which could be the first step in your erotic personal evolution.

SDC Member Story Hottest Hotwife Experience Amateur Erotica
Little Caravan
When his wife caught the eyes of a stranger at the campsite, the thought of her pursuing her summer crush was too arousing to pass up.

Unicorns Swingers Naked on a Unicorn Pool Floatie
Fantasy Land for Unicorns: Luxuriate at Sea Mountain Ranch Spa
Did you know that there’s a unicorn paradise right in Palm Springs?!

SDC Lexi Sylver Seek Discover Create Podcast Sex Education Relationships Conflict Diana Ryan
Healthy Non-Monogamy: How to Navigate Conflict
Every dynamic encounters conflict. Listen to this podcast to find out how to manage it when multiple partners are involved.

Aim to Please & Please to Aim (until Orgasm)
When it comes to sex, many of us are people pleasers.

Sex According to the Basic Emotions
What if we started to process our sex lives based on our core emotions?

SDC Member Story Amateur Erotica Swingers Pool
Not Exactly the "Vanilla" Couple We Thought!
What was supposed to be a vanilla evening of wine and dinner with friends turned into a salacious time in the pool.

SDC MysteryVibe Tenuto Vibrator Sex Toy Couple
The Only Vibrator for Men Designed with Her in Mind
Discover the award-winning couples sex toy that’s wearable, adaptable, and powerfully pleasurable for him AND her!

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Dirk Hooper BDSM Identity Protection Advice
How to Protect Your Identity in the BDSM Community
There’s almost no way to be 100% secure, but there are some steps you can take that will help to keep what you do behind closed doors from being exposed to the public.

SDC Lexi Sylver Seek Discover Create Podcast Sex Education Sexuality Dr Jay Liseth
Relationship Coaching: Communication and Resolving Conflict
If you want to learn how to improve communication and intimacy as a couple, you’ll benefit from today’s podcast with the co-founders of Soulmates for Life, internationally renowned author and licensed clinician Dr. Jay, and his soul mate, master certified coach, Liseth.

Clothespins forming 69
American Sex Podcast The 69 Episode: Dirty Lola & Jim Marcus
Whether you find 69 overrated, the hottest thing ever, or something in between, you’re going to come away from this episode with a completely new perspective on this well-known sex act.

SDC SexBecause Charlie Arienne Sexual Therapy Swingers Lifestyle Advice
Q&A: My Wife Contracted HSV-2. Should I Be Concerned?
Internet research about genital herpes is confusing. Watch this to learn the quick facts about this common STI.

SDC Secrets Hideaway Swingers Lifestyle Resort Club
Secrets Hideaway: Uncovered!
Ready to let your inhibitions go and explore your sexual side?

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© Copyright 2021 SDC All rights reserved