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SDC Crete Getaway

SDC on Crete Erotic Escapade – Island of Crete, Greece A...
The Birth of BDSM: A Self-Love Story

The Birth of BDSM: A Self-Love Story

As a team, we realized the lead-in question we receive the most during online therapy sessions is: "What is wrong with me?"
Cherry Officially Popped

Cherry Officially Popped

I’m not on the set of a porno flick or at a wild frat party in the summer that’s taken a turn for the erotic. No, I’m at a swinger’s club.


Openlove 101: When Swinging Doesn’t Go as Planned

Sometimes it's hard to get things going when you're playing with another couple, and John and Jackie don't just mean connection-wise.

Openlove 101: Swingers Lifestyle and the Subject of Consent

The subject of consent has been on everyone's minds lately. John and Jackie Melfi delve deep into the subject of consent in the lifestyle in this Openlove 101 video.