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SDC Black Friday 2021
The Sexiest Black Friday 2021 Deals are Here!
SDC has the SEXIEST Black Friday deals to help you get a head start on your naughtiest holiday shopping!

SDC James Whittard PhD Open Relationships Book
New Book on Open Relationships
This new book could save your open relationship! Available on Amazon now!

SDC Ofacez Podcast Mr Mrs Mocha Chance Lexi Relationships Communication Truth Honesty Lifestyle
Trust and Honesty with Chance and Lexi!
The foundation of successful relationships — especially swinging and open Lifestyle dynamics — is truthful, honest communication with your partner(s).

Online Dating Tips: Where NOT to Meet for a First Date
You successfully navigated the email exchange and asked one of the cute girls out on a first date.

SDC Cooper Beckett Life on the Swingset Love Sex Hope Humanity Relationships
Be a Beacon
We need hope and love more than we ever have.

SDC MysteryVibe Tenuto Lifestyle Sex Toy App
Want Longer-Lasting, Mind-Blowing Sex? Try Tenuto!
The ultimate couples vibrator that will blow both your minds: meet Tenuto!

"Secret Sauce" to Happy Relationships by Michael Bell for ASN
Much like location is a critical piece of investing in real estate, the exact can be said about honest and open communication when it comes to relationships.

SDC Casual Swinger Podcast Mickey Gordon Mallory Alabaster Scrotum
The Great Alabaster Scrotum: A Lifestyle AMA
Mickey and Mallory's guest is so vanilla, so pale, so new, that they coined him the "Great Alabaster Scrotum," and it immediately stuck.

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Allen Brandy Vegas Swingers Club Group Sex Fantasies Relationship
Allen's Corner: Why He's in the Lifestyle
What does the world of swinging mean for Allen and his wife, Brandy? Here, he shares their path to pleasure and words of wisdom.

SDC Member Story Amateur Erotica Swingers Cuckold Threesome Bisexual
The Cuckold Crows Around Midnight
Once she got a taste for a parade of cocks, Donna knew she couldn't go back. Thankfully, her cuck agreed, and a cuckold dynamic was born.

SDC Secrets Hideaway Swingers Lifestyle Resort Club
Secrets Hideaway: Uncovered!
Ready to let your inhibitions go and explore your sexual side?

OpenLove101 for ASN: Finding Unicorns & Club Socializing
John & Jackie from OpenLove101 answer questions for ASN readers about having trouble finding unicorns and wanting to skip the chit chat at swingers' clubs.

SDC Ibiza Spain Swingers Travel
Ibiza 2021: Sexy, Spectacular Luxury Awaits You!
Imagine escaping to a lifestyle paradise where you can relax, party, and play — all in one place.

It’s a Great Time for Sex
Timing is key to exciting sex.

Simple Sex Club Etiquette
I’ve been to many, many sex clubs and they all have their own little unique quirks.

Swingers on a double date at a restaurant
Swinging 101: Virtual Dating Tips, Etiquette & More!
Learn how to create a sexy dating profile, the best ways to seduce swingers, what to do when swinging goes wrong, and more!

First Time with a Dominatrix? Here's What You Need to Know
Read the advice of Alice Little, a legal sex worker and educator, about engaging with a professional dominatrix for the first time, from ASN’s June 2019 issue.

SDC Dragonfly Pure Orgasmic Love Podcast
Our Naughty N’awlins 2021
Have you ever had someone let you know how you have positively influenced them, and it just melts your heart?

Menopause Sexual Physical Health Therapy Swinging Open Lifestyle Age Transition SDC
Menopause and Swinging
What kind of influence does menopause have on swingers' sex life? What can you do to keep it fun for yourself?

SDC Sex Positive Me Podcast Make Me Come Book Mickey Emma Jean Kapko Couple
Make Me Come!
Make Me Come! No, that’s not a request, but it is the title of the book we just read.

Promescent Delay Wipes Climax Control
Increase Your Stamina for Hotter Sex: Here's How!
Increase your sexual stamina and enhance each sexperience, thanks to these climax control products from Promescent®!

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© Copyright 2021 SDC All rights reserved