SDC Checkmate Swingers Lifestyle Club NYC Coronavirus COVID19 Cleanliness Sanitation Measures
Checkmate NYC to Re-Open with On-Site Rapid COVID-19 Testing
Swingers’ Club Checkmate NYC will be the first club in the world to re-open with on-site rapid COVID-19 testing.

Common Masturbation Myths Busted!
Guest blogger Chris Metler enlists two leading sexologists to dispel myths about masturbation.

SDC Sisters of Sexuality Taylor Sparks G00d Fellaz Ultimate Fantasy FulfillHERS
Meet Theg00dfellaz, the Ultimate Fantasy FulfillHERS
Ladies, did you know that there is a group of good-looking and educated respectful single Men of Color that host hotel takeovers specifically designed for couples and single females who enjoy them?

Red Bar at Oasis Aqualounge Canadian clothing-optional sex club adult playground
Why I Dreamed of Working at a Sex Club
Read the story of Cece, one of the freshest faces in the sex- and body-positive movement.

SDC Cooper S Beckett Life on the Swingset Swinger Submissive BDSM Roleplay
Adventures in Subspace
I recognized the haze again… this overwhelmingly pleasant fog, knowing that I had such a wonderful time that the details were somehow inconsequential, knowing that perhaps next time I should shut up and roll with it sooner...

SDC Global Protection myONE Perfect Fit Condoms
5 Reasons Your Penis Deserves Custom Fit Condoms
Yes, there really is such a thing as custom fit condoms!

Women Turned on by Other Women
Are women turned on by other women? And if so, how?

American Sex Podcast Episode 43: Feminism with Erin Heaney and Dr. Greg Marks
This week, Ken and Sunny interview a pair of high school teachers. Erin Heaney and Dr. Greg Marks are dedicated to making sure women and girls have equal access and representation in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

SDC Living Sex Positive Life Podcast Mr B Relationship Couple Therapy
Interview with Mr & Mrs B on Relationships Part 1
We had a fun, wine-filled interview with Mr B, author of "Every Woman Wants 4 Men, Every Man Wants 2 Women" and his wife, Mrs B.

SDC Member Stories First Swinger Experience Lifestyle Desire Couples Resort
Our First Visit to a “Couples’ Resort”
This couple indulged in their first fantasies during an impromptu trip to Desire.

Video: The LIC Conversations #1: Alignment
As with any successful relationship, it's important that you're on the same page.

SDC SexBecause Charlie Arienne Sexual Therapy Swingers Lifestyle Advice
Q&A: Do I Tell My New Boyfriend About The Lifestyle?
If the Lifestyle is a part of you, don't minimize it. Tell him!

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Tidbits with Bridgitte Swingers Couple Clubs Events Parties Toys
A Tidbit with Bridgitte
Get to know Bridgitte, one of ASN's new contributors.

SDC Sex Positive Me John C Luna Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness Therapy
John C Luna's Sexual Wellness Therapy Part 1
Here's a glimpse into what it's like to undergo hormone treatments for male sexual wellness therapy.

5 Types of Sex to Avoid. Really!
You deserve great and healthy sex, so read these tips from Dr. Jess and don't settle for less.

Your Sex Bucket List
A friend of mine inspired me to write this blog because they have a goal of fucking 100 different women.

Openlove 101: Misconceptions of a Swingers Club
Never set foot in a swingers club? What do YOU think goes on behind the velvet rope? Find out with Openlove 101...

SDC Ibiza Ressan Wedding Night Theme Party Swingers Resort Vacation
SDC's Unforgettable Ibiza 2019 Experience
Couples from over fifty countries made their way to us to celebrate our premiere in Ibiza and, as always, we spared neither expense nor effort to give you the time of your life.

Japan's Celibacy Syndrome
A considerable number of people in Japan have little interest in sex or dating.

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© Copyright 2020 SDC All rights reserved