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Does Size Matter?

As a woman, I'm subject to impossible pressures with regard to my physical makeup, but I can't even begin to fathom the anxieties associated with penis size.



SDC Crete Getaway

SDC on Crete Erotic Escapade – Island of Crete, Greece A...
The Birth of BDSM: A Self-Love Story

The Birth of BDSM: A Self-Love Story

As a team, we realized the lead-in question we receive the most during online therapy sessions is: "What is wrong with me?"
Cherry Officially Popped

Cherry Officially Popped

I’m not on the set of a porno flick or at a wild frat party in the summer that’s taken a turn for the erotic. No, I’m at a swinger’s club.


Y is for Yes!

Say YES to life and love. Say YES to new sexual experiences. Say YES to life and all its wonderful sexual possibilities.

Z is for Zest

Do you have a zest for life? A zest for love?