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Queer couple standing intimately
American Sex Podcast Episode 77: Queer Porn Goes 'Straight Curious' with Shine Louise Houston
From pay inequities to identity policing, this episode dives into queerness in the adult entertainment industry.

Kate Maxx Performance Anxiety Exhibition SDC
How I Overcome Performance Anxiety
Having to perform naked can be intimidating for anyone. Here's how Kate Maxx overcomes her fear.

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Allens Corner Brandy Threesome Costume Vegas
Allen’s Corner: Vegas Costume Night Part 2
Allen and his wife Brandy take their sexy angel-and-devil threesome to the next level.

SDC speed dating couples hook up casual sex
SDC: How to Use the Speed Dating Function
When you are looking to find more friends to hook up with on short notice, we've got you covered! Check out the Speed Dating function to get you on the road to get laid!

Maintaining Proper Breast Health
You should always be aware of breast and chest health, whether you’re a woman or not.

Sexy Mayan Neon Lady SSX 2021 SDC Swinger Event
SSX 2021 — Live Events are Back!
Sexperience 2021 had the sexiest crowd ever, ushering in the return of live and in-person swinging lifestyle events, parties, and more!

Can You Take a Break from the Lifestyle?
There are many reasons for joining the lifestyle.

American Sex Podcast Episode 19: Glamazon Tyomi Morgan - Celibacy, Age Play and Finding Love
In just a few short years Glamazon Tyomi Morgan has taken the world by storm. Her following is massive and with good reason.

SDC Member Story Amateur Erotica Lifestyle Vacation Swingers Couple Desire Resort
One Perfect Moment
An impromptu trip to Desire Resort in Mexico brought these two couples together for an erotic experience they still talk about fourteen years later!

SDC Lexi Sylver Sexual Health STI STD Testing Condom Protection Dental Dam Oral Sex Disclosure
Sexy Sexual Health: 6 Tips to Help You Thrive!
Practicing safer sex is a must regardless of your relationship style. Here are some easy ways to do it — from getting tested often to disclosing your status.

SDC Checkmate NYC LA Swingers Club
Ladies First! Checkmate Beverly Hills Coming Soon!
Lexi Sylver interviews Checkmate NYC swinger club owner Gianni for insider info on this swanky lifestyle destination and its expansion into LA.

SDC Cooper Beckett Life on the Swingset Safe Zone Swingers Play
The Safe Zone: Giving Yourself Permission to Screw Up
Within freedom, catharsis can happen, and it’s within catharsis that true learning lives.

SDC Member Story Amateur Erotica Lifestyle Vacation Swingers Couple Newbies Full Swap Barcelona
Hot Spanish Night: Our First Time
It was their 25th anniversary in Barcelona and this couple dove right into swapping with not one but two other couples!

SDC Pure Orgasmic Love Dragonfly Sexuality Weather Wellness
Spring, Sun, & Sex!
Spring has sprung! The weather is changing, which means the bird and the bees are all a-flutter! Are you, too? Throw open the door, let the spring air hit your face, sit back, and join us for this episode where we talk about Spring, Sun, and Sex!

Checkmate NYC Swingers Club
Re-Opening April 2nd, 2021! The Checkmate Manhattan Experience: Beyond The Velvet Ropes
One lucky couple gives their firsthand account of a night at one of New York City’s most exclusive swingers’ clubs that was so amazing, they sought a repeat performance the following night.

American Sex Podcast Episode 9: Interview with Davecat - My Wife is a Real Doll. Literally!
Davecat's wife, Sidore, is a doll -- meaning, she's not just a sweetie, she's actually synthetic!

No sex? Be Wary of Vaginal Atrophy
"A healthy sex life is therefore very important for us, women, whether it is with a partner or with ourselves."

SDC Dr Jaime M Grant Women Sex Life Over 50 Empowering Sexual Health
Hot Sex After 50: 3 Myths & 3 Truths
Ignore the overwhelmingly racist, ableist, patriarchal chatter that proclaims you can’t create a vibrant sexual life on your own terms. You absolutely can. Go get it.

Sexy (And Affordable) Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day
Show your partner some intimacy this Valentine's Day with a few saucy tips from Dr. Jess.

SDC Member Story Hottest Hotwife Experience Amateur Erotica Threesome Bisexual Male
A New Kind of Relationship
Jeff met a couple on SDC and entered a new dynamic — like dating, but with a deliciously fun bi twist.

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© Copyright 2021 SDC All rights reserved