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Swinging and polyamory are two types of open relationships, but there are so many more ways to explore being open! Whether you call it Ethical Non-Monogamy (ENM) or Consensual Non-Monogamy (CNM), being in an open relationship can present different challenges for all the partners involved. Discover how to go from monogamy to an open relationship, how to talk to your partner about swinging and open relationships, what the swinging lifestyle and open lifestyles are really like, and much more. Whether you're a newbie to open relationships or a veteran ethical non-monogamist, you'll find resources to guide you.
two chocolate brownies with caramel drizzle on a white plate on a wooden table
The Business of Natural Sexual Enhancement with King Heff
There can be many opportunities to enter into the 'business of sex' without it being sex work or porn, even though both are legitimate businesses supporting billion-dollar industries.

handsome Black man in a blazer in front of two blurred white women watching him
Single Guy Antonio on Swinger Parties, Gangbangs, & More
Antonio is a single guy in the lifestyle who attends swingers parties, gangbangs, orgies, and more, and he called in to talk all about it.

woman on a bed touching her hair in front of a man leaning against the headboard
Hailey is a Hotwife
Hailey is a hotwife, and she called in to talk all about it.

sad couple in a restaurant having coffee
The First Time I Said No
This is a story about navigating rejection — rejecting others, specifically.

Miami Velvet Lifestyle Club
The Evolution of Miami Velvet: From Club to Lifestyle Empire
Explore Miami Velvet's bold plans to elevate its lifestyle nightclub with sophistication, kink, and luxurious amenities.

two pineapples with a stormy sea in the background
Navigating Stormy Seas! Drama in the Lifestyle
The Friends with Pineapples crew delves into the complexities of navigating tough situations and drama that may arise, from misunderstandings and jealousy to conflicts and boundary violations.

two couples talking while having coffee at a wooden table
Consent and Communication in the Lifestyle
The FWP crew navigates how we ask for consent and how we communicate as swingers.

happy couple having a conversation on a couch
How to Talk to Your Partner About Entering the Lifestyle
FWP discusses a great way to talk to your partner about becoming a swinger.

curvy Black woman wearing pink heart sunglasses and making peace signs
Embracing Every Curve! Body Positivity in the Lifestyle
Celebrate the empowering concept of body positivity within the swinging lifestyle.

Black woman holding her hand gracefully in front of her neck and chin over a gold background
E. Michelle Certifies Pleasure to Future Pleasure Coaches
Loving what you do and being good at what you do are two entirely different things. Fortunately for clients and future intimate coaches and sex educators, E. Michelle has perfected both.

Black man looking distressed at a clinic with a female Black physician filling his chart
A Heart to Heart Conversation with Courtney Brame of SPFPP
Does herpes have a bigger stigma than other STIs? Why does herpes have such a stigma in the Black community? Join Taylor for this insightful sexual health conversation with Courtney Brame!

red lacy bra draped over a silver laptop
Camming with Another Couple!
This time around, it's guessing the cock size, NYC doctors in Ubers, camming with a couple, and more!

two foggy car windows with interior handprints on each
BBC (UK?), Public Sex, and Getting Caught!
This time we talk about the BBC and misunderstandings, where NOT to have sex in public, Jagundo's meltdowns, and the man who went from shy to porn guy!

Woman wearing red lipstick and biting her lower lip with one side of her mouth
Watch Out, She's a Biter!
Yes, another delightful diatribe from your sexy wacky friends, Sally and Mitch! This time around, we discuss watching porn while doing porn.

closeup of a camera lens surrounded by green and purple LED lighting
Sexy & Jagundo's Tales from the Cam Room: 9-6-21
They're back with more crazy camming couple tales!

bed and breakfast birthday meal with pancakes berries coffee roses and hearts
Rusty Trombones, Wang Pics, and Birthdays
Sexy & Jagundo talk about the fun times they had celebrating Sexy's 52nd birthday!

peach over a blue background
C Rings and Booty Stuff
Another interesting weekend of camming and fun!

man in khaki pants and a white shirt holding a shaver in front of his fly
Shave That Junk Guys, Name That VaJayJay, and Sloppy BJs
Sexy & Jagundo discuss gnarly smells during wild sex and more in this wild episode!

closeup of a camera lens with purple and red backlighting
Sally & Mitch, That Crazy Camming Couple, Intros!
It's that naughty couple down the street, Sally & Mitch, talking about their crazy, sexy, wild camming lifestyle.

woman covering an eye with a small pumpkin over a black background
Illegal Hands, Motorbunnies, & Butt Pumpkins
This time around Sally and Mitch talk about how they got into camming on a very unfortunate day.

pink roses behind a pair of hands wearing red nail polish holding a transparent bottle of lubricant
It’s Time to Talk About Lube Shaming
Using lube is normal — and it shouldn't be shameful. Here's why.

How Queer Love and Ethical Non-Monogamy Saved My Life: Margo Renate
Queer love is a savior for many — and so is ethical non-monogamy.

feminine hand holding an underripe pineapple over a blurred verdant background
Green Flags for Swingers
Get ready to dive deep into constructive factors that signal the potential for a successful connection in diverse lifestyle situations, from quick fun to long-term engagements.

woman wearing green sunglasses over a red background holding a pineapple and making a peace sign
Red Flags for Swingers Part 2
That Other Lifestyle discusses more Red Flags in Swinger Lifestyle: Respect, Relationships, and Setting Boundaries.