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There is a lot of pressure in society to look a certain way, but Lexi Sylver assures us that every body is desirable.

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Swinging, Open Relationships, Kink, & Sex Terms

When you enter the lifestyle, there might be some terminology you’re unfamiliar with. This is a list of words and descriptions that you may encounter and are meant to help you navigate swinger relationships, open relationships, polyamory, other forms of consensually non-monogamous relationships, as well as BDSM, kink, and fetish scenes.

– A –

Stimulation of the skin causing friction by rubbing, grinding, or using materials like leather, brushes, rough fabrics, etc.

A person who enjoys both same-sex and opposite-sex sexual activity; Bi, Bisexual, Versatile

Euphemism for 21+ (or 18+ where applicable) and used to indicate sexual or pornographic content

A term used in BDSM to describe the act of a Dominant bringing their submissive out of a scene in an emotionally and physically safe and comfortable way

Referring to roleplay that involves the nurturing aspects of a relationship with significant age difference

A GROUP SEX or GANGBANG activity wherein a person with a vagina is penetrated in their mouth, vagina, and anus

Person or couple up for all fetishes and sexual activities

Women under, Man on top: missionary



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