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Playing with Friends?!

Swinger couple inviting friend to play
Swinger couple inviting friend to play
Can friends be sexual with each other?

There are some unknowns when asking friends to play with you, and if the conversation has never been brought up, then I would advise against broaching that topic. BUT we are sexual beings, and sometimes the curiosity gets the best of us.

I wanted to discuss another approach that MIGHT help break the ice IF you do choose to move forward.

Tips for Breaking the Ice

There are many ways for you to bring up the topic without fully coming right out and asking. For example, have them over, suggest playing a sexy game, and see how they respond. If they are all for the game, then play it and keep it simple. IF things progress, you are all naked or turned on, maybe suggest having sex side by side, no touching other partners, just enjoying the show. After everyone has finished, maybe talk about how it was with the friends and see where their head is with the experience. I wouldn't push the play or overstep any perceived boundaries by initiating touching if that occurs, but I wouldn't shy away from it if it happens. I highly recommend that you continue to check in as the night progresses, ensuring that everyone is comfortable with the sexy game, the side-by-side play, etc.

Be Prepared for Repercussions

WITH ALL OF THIS SAID, be prepared for the repercussions that might present, such as them pulling away from you, them not talking to you again, etc. These are always delicate situations to maneuver if you choose to go down that road with them.

Written by: Certified Sex Therapist Stephanie Sigler NCC, CST, LPC, PhD ABD

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Feb 04, 2023
If you are "vanilla" friends with a couple and some natural flirting goes on (married to a flirt) then I could see the possibility of broaching the subject. I would think that if they're long-time friends, you would know whether to go there or not. There are a few of our vanilla friends that know we are in the LS. While some are curious about it, that is where it ends for them. I have had one longtime friend from my previous state, who wants play with me when I come back, but it hasn't happened yet. Our close friends tend to know almost everything about us. That said, our LS friends are at a whole other level. These are people we have grown to love and just enjoy our time together, whether we play or not.
Jul 04, 2022
Here's a really simple ice breaker; ask if they have a celebrity hall pass list. It's pretty common that they would (and if they don't, they're probably not inclined to even talk about swinging!), then the follow up question of, "No, really, if (he/she) really had an opportunity with (celeb), would you be cool with it?" The answers could expose a whole lot of information about their mindset.
Jun 06, 2022
1. Erotic Dice 2. Dirty Jenga - write naughty things on each block and as they pull they must do. 3. Do or Drink 4. Bad People 5. Privacy 6. Spin the Bottle 7. Strip Poker
Jun 03, 2022
Hola stepanie and fox! can you please share some examples for the sexy games that you reccomend here? id love to give some of them a try :)