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Montreal, Canada
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Lexi Sylver is an erotic storyteller, coach and educator. Her mission is to help you break down barriers and strip away shame and fear so that you can pursue the fulfilling sex life and relationships you desire — and deserve. Her Swinging 101 webinar series is now in its third season and covers essential tips on ethical non-monogamy and the swinger lifestyle for newbies and experienced open lifestylers alike. Drawing from her real-life experiences and salacious imagination, Lexi has authored erotic works like Mating Season: Erotic Short Stories, with more erotica coming in early 2023. She shares her sex positivity and passionate advocacy for sexual freedom by presenting at events and conferences and contributing articles to a number of resources and publications. Whether you’re indulging in her erotic short stories or transforming your sex life and relationship(s) with her coaching and webinars, Lexi will provoke you to unveil your deepest desires and fantasies and discover how to make them a reality. Dare to explore YOUR Lexuality.
Anonymous Nov 2 2022 7:20PM
RATE: 10
have good time
hello , your cute
NIJA123 Oct 30 2022 7:56PM
RATE: 10
U inspired me to share all fantasies with my wife and she appeared loving women as well And she’s exploring things never done it Much love ?? wish we can see u one day
TJHOOTER Oct 12 2022 2:11PM
RATE: 10
Lexi is amazing
Lexi is extremely knowledgeable, very energetic, super likable, caring, and beyond gorgeous. Her webinars are extremely engaging and helpful. We have sat through many webinars before but Lexi's stand alone as the best, by far. Highly recommend all of Lexi's products and services!!
HOT69CHOCOLATE Oct 5 2022 9:53PM
RATE: 10
Dating profile webinar
We really enjoyed the webinar. Good information. Now we're just waiting on our profile review.
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