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Swinging and polyamory are two types of open relationships, but there are so many more ways to explore being open! Whether you call it Ethical Non-Monogamy (ENM) or Consensual Non-Monogamy (CNM), being in an open relationship can present different challenges for all the partners involved. Discover how to go from monogamy to an open relationship, how to talk to your partner about swinging and open relationships, what the swinging lifestyle and open lifestyles are really like, and much more. Whether you're a newbie to open relationships or a veteran ethical non-monogamist, you'll find resources to guide you.
pink roses behind a pair of hands wearing red nail polish holding a transparent bottle of lubricant
It’s Time to Talk About Lube Shaming
Using lube is normal — and it shouldn't be shameful. Here's why.

couple sharing breakfast on a bed in a BNB
The Sexiest BNBs to Book Now!
Embrace romance and sexy adventures at these unique BNBs around the world.

rear view of a couple in hats sitting on a bench overlooking Paris and the Eiffel Tower
BNB Rules Around the World
We have more vacation rental options than ever before, but the rules and regulations vary widely by type and location. Read on for more worldwide insights.

brunette woman in a black hat and red lipstick holding a riding crop and a bearded man's chin
Lifestyle Couples: Playtime Inspiration
In the universe of lifestyle couples, where adventure meets intimacy, finding the perfect toys and accessories to enhance playtime is essential, whether you’re playing together as a duo or adding more open couples and lovers to the mix.

VoyeurX Luxury Leather Accessories
VoyeurX: Where Fetish Meets Fashion
Who is the kinky mind behind the luxuriously refined VoyeurX brand and hand-crafted fashions? Learn more in this exclusive interview!

happy couple outside about to start their ENM journey
Three Tips to Start Your ENM Journey
Transitioning your marriage or monogamous relationship to a non-monogamous relationship is one big project, if you will. Here are a few steps to get you started!

loving happy couple looking in each others eyes in a couples massage workshop
Exploring the Intimate Wellness of Couples' Massage
Couples' massage and workshops offer a unique and intimate way to deepen the bond between you and your partner.

couple on a cruise ship
Couples' Cruising: Exploring the High Seas Together
To have a romantic getaway on the high seas, you have to make sure you book a cruise that’s especially for couples, so choose your cruise company wisely.

hotel key on wooden background
All You Need to Know About Love Hotels
From the once-considered seedy places to now more luxurious spaces to rent for 1 hour to overnight, Love Hotels are gaining in popularity worldwide.

Silhouette of a woman in a flowing sheer dress on a lake at sunset
Sex Was God’s Idea: An Interview with Pastor Dean Robertson
“So I look at this whole swinging movement and I see God's handprints all the way through it. I really do.”

passionate romantic couple with red roses
Her Guilty Confessions: An Interview with René Moon
Lexi talks all things fantasy with René Moon in this exclusive interview.

happy couple having an intimate conversation on the floor
Communication is The KEY to a Thriving Relationship
When you choose to view your relationship from a new angle, you might be shocked at what you discover about yourself, your partner, and your relationship.

silhouette of a couple sitting together on a beach swing facing the ocean
Dealing with Judgment
It doesn't feel good to be on the receiving end of judgment, but it's a reality we all face. Here are some ways to manage it.

man seeking sexual health treatment with a doctor
Sexual Health is Not a Luxury
Here's why sexual health deserves to be treated with the same care as every other part of our bodies and minds