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Lorals are silky latex panties designed to maximize sensations and minimize worries. They’re worn while receiving oral sex when someone is really interested in receiving pleasure, but something extraneous is holding them back. Maybe it’s their partner’s scratchy beard, or they’re on their period, or they’re interested in rimming and worried about poop, or if being fully exposed during oral feels triggering. Lorals look like beautiful lingerie, and they're ultra-thin and stretchy so that you can feel all of the sensations.
SDC Lorals Oralsex Latex Unterwäsche Höschen
Von ihrem Mund bis zu Ihren Lorals absolut alles, was Sie über die Verwendung ihres innovativen Latexhöschens wissen müssen.

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Eine Zusammenfassung unserer Auswahl für einige der besten Oralsex-Szenen des Kinos

SDC Lorals Latex Höschen Oralsex Anal Rimming
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