Julie McGill is a personal mentor and intuitive guide whose services help clients develop greater happiness and meaning in their love lives. Educated as an attorney, relationship coach, and intuitive, Julie leads clients on amazing journeys of self-discovery. Her novel guidance techniques balance the practical and the magical, combining traditional coaching strategies with novel concepts like astrology and energy work. Julie and her company, The 8th House, have been featured at numerous Lifestyle events where her workshops teach powerful tools for exploring one’s sexual desires and relationship attitudes. Those tools can also predict specific points of conflict between two people and explain why they occur. Julie’s services offer a new vantage point, an unexpected depth of insight, helpful to anyone who seeks to navigate love, sex, and relationships better.
SDC Haus 8 Julie McGill Astrologie Tierkreis Beziehung Liebe Lebensstil Anleitung Sexuelles Vergnüge
Julie McGill beschreibt anhand ihrer einfachen Formel, wie das eigene Sternzeichen verwendet werden kann, um vorherzusagen, wie es sich beim sexuellen Vergnügen verhält

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