Kreta 2021 - BEWERTUNGEN
Tuesday May 21, 2019
SDC on Crete 2019
This was our first ever SDC event anywhere. It was nothing like we were expecting, but not in a bad way. We thought being a takeover swinger event would mean naked bodies and sex everywhere. This was not the case. During the day guests were in different states of dress from full swimming suits to topless only to fully nude. There was discret touching around the main pool. If you wanted to play during the day there was a separate secluded pool area. In this area were air mattresses around the pool for play. Make sure you have a strong core in order to keep your balance on those things. At night we brought costumes for every evening. The participation in costumes was somewhat disappointing. Maybe 40. Also no one was ever certain about `when` to wear them. To dinner or after dinner. The wifi around the hotel area was decent in the lobby area but degraded quickly the further from the front desk you got. The disco area played great dance songs but getting a drink at the bar there was next to impossible. This brings us to our biggest pleasant surprise....the play room. It was laid out (pun intended) in a very risque floor plan with plenty of mattresses, condoms, lube and packaged wipes. In the center of the area was the best. 2 walls filled with glory holes and plenty of room for all. We spent the most time here just for the novelty and it did not disappoint. Overall the staff was extremely friendly and helpful and served great food and drink.
Saturday May 18, 2019
This was our first SDC event, and we were very impressed with all aspects including the staff, security, activities and the venue. We have attended events hosted by other organizations, but this was the best in just about every category. We loved meeting people from around the world and plan to attend future SDC events as our time and budget permits. Great job to all.
Friday May 17, 2019
Crete 2019
2 yrs in a row this has been off the charts fun. Great hotel great staff great couples great extra services, ie: the dungeon and the workshops. We especially loved the music provided by DJ Wolfgang, his style is awesome, also really enjoyed the amazing characters displayed every night by our new friend Dean, he is quite the entertaining actor. WE are looking foward to doing this again many times.
Friday May 17, 2019
En gros très bien avec quelques bémols
-Très bien: Work shop genial, hotel très bien meme si pas vraiment un 5 etoiles, restaurant bien mais trop cher pour la qualité, playroom etait bien. -Moins bien: musique trop forte et pas assez variée -Pas bien du tout: Le photographe à fait une prestation desastreuse, il est désorganiser et trés mauvias et en plus cher. Changer le pour la croisiere absolument.
Friday May 17, 2019
Amazing time in Crete!
Once again, we had a great time in Crete and cant wait for our next SDC event! The hotel was great but it truly was the SDC community that made it a fantastic vacation! We met so many sexy people that we now consider friends.
Friday May 17, 2019
SDC Crete 2019
We happend to end up going very last minute to this SDC trip. It was a blast, we met so many nice people from all over the world. The hotel venue, was great. And the parties at night... mmmmm... No need to say more..
Thursday May 16, 2019
Excelente takeover.
Excelente evento! Pocas veces en la vida se tiene la fortuna de convivir con tantas parejas hermosas y amigables en un ambiente tan relajado y erótico.
Thursday May 16, 2019
Wow What a Party
We loved Crete so much, great location, great people, and wonderful staff. Parties to die for, and so much more Have rebooked for next year already SDC you are the best !!!
Wednesday May 15, 2019
Great Time!
YESSS, we had a great time with great people during a great organized event. The staff always perfect, DJs played exactly the right music for the moment. Especially DJ Taboo we liked with his sound.... The location couldnt be better, also their staff unbeatable friendly and laughful. It cant get better, because of that, we will be in Greece next year surely again! THANX!
Wednesday May 15, 2019
The Perfect Vacation
What can we say, second time here and we will come back next year :-)
Wednesday May 15, 2019
crete 2019
Nice take over
Tuesday May 14, 2019
Music and entertainment at the Crete takeovers
Hi First we always enjoy SDC takeovers and Cruises .The Hotel staff at the event were terrific the food was also Excellent.The 4 dancers were fantastic with good and sometimes great costumes. However the music and entertainment on each night was spoiled by the bongo drummer as a musician I am offended by it.Threre are no bongos in electronic music,Techno,House or Disco. The other major gripe ALL guests have is the hour long boring self congratulation that goes on at every SDC takeover last night it is like watching paint dry .As entertainment its just like masturbation great for the participant . We go to meet and dance and have a good time so dont waste it. Gerry