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SDC Kitty Chambliss Loving Without Boundaries Consensual NonMonogamy Open Polyamory Relationship
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Consensual Non-Monogamy: Is it Right for You?
If you're curious about opening your relationship, watch Kitty Chambliss' video for her helpful questions to ask yourself and your partner.

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Openlove 101: Different Types of Open Relationships
There's more than one type of swinger and discovering what kind you are is an important step in the lifestyle journey.

SDC Living Sex Positive Life Podcast Mr B Relationship Couple Therapy
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Interview with Mr & Mrs B on Relationships Part 1
We had a fun, wine-filled interview with Mr B, author of "Every Woman Wants 4 Men, Every Man Wants 2 Women" and his wife, Mrs B.

Newbie swinger couple enjoying a taste of the pineapple lifestyle
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Swinging Newbie Guide: 4OURPLAY
Watch along as Bella and Jase share some of their best tips for people getting started in the swinging lifestyle!

SDC SeXXXperience Hotwife Taylor Leigh Gabriel Mann Swingers Safety Dating Couple Advice
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How to Prepare for a Hotwifing Session
Husbands, help make the most of your hotwife experiences as a couple with these pro tips from Gabriel Mann.

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Openlove 101: Misconceptions of a Swingers Club
Never set foot in a swingers club? What do YOU think goes on behind the velvet rope? Find out with Openlove 101...

A photo of a woman sucking her finger seductively while holding a pineapple
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Is Swinging Exclusive to Couples?
If someone wants to be a swinger but isn't in a couple, can they still swing?

SDC Living Sex Positive Life Podcast Amberly Rothfield Phone Financial Domination Online Mistress
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Catching Up with Amberly Rothfield Part 1
You know a guest is great when you bring them back THREE times on your show!

Swingers on a double date at a restaurant
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Swinging 101: Virtual Dating Tips, Etiquette & More!
Learn how to create a sexy dating profile, the best ways to seduce swingers, what to do when swinging goes wrong, and more!