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Lorals are silky latex panties designed to maximize sensations and minimize worries. They’re worn while receiving oral sex when someone is really interested in receiving pleasure, but something extraneous is holding them back. Maybe it’s their partner’s scratchy beard, or they’re on their period, or they’re interested in rimming and worried about poop, or if being fully exposed during oral feels triggering. Lorals look like beautiful lingerie, and they're ultra-thin and stretchy so that you can feel all of the sensations.
SDC Lorals Mutandine in lattice Prodotti per il piacere vaginale Scene cinematografiche di sesso ora
Un riepilogo delle nostre scelte per alcune delle migliori scene di sesso orale del cinema

SDC Lorals Latex Panties Oral Sex Rimming anale
Paura a lanciarti nel mucchio? Va bene.

Mutandine intimo in lattice di sesso orale SDC Lorals
Dalle loro bocche alle tue, Lorals condivide assolutamente tutto ciò che devi sapere sull'uso delle sue innovative mutandine in lattice.

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