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"I’m Dr. Liz! I believe Great Sex Can Change The World. I’m a sex educator, speaker, and regular guest on several podcasts as part of my mission to help you have more meaningful, pleasurable relationships in life and work, as well as the bedroom. As a licensed psychologist who specializes in non-traditional relationships, I can tell you that the more honest and real you are about what turns you on, the easier it is to find a partner that understands you and wants to be with you — the real you. I coach couples and singles, whether gay or straight, polyamorous or monogamous, or even if you’re still trying to figure it all out. I help you be who you are. Because being confident in who you are is the gateway to great relationships and great sex — and Great Sex Can Change The World. You can learn more about Dr. Liz and her work at sexpositivepsych.com and buildingopenrelationships.com"
La Dra. Liz Powell describe como debemos llegar a conocer nuestro verdadero ser y encontrar las relaciones adecuadas que se alineen con quienes somos, en lugar de tratar de moldearnos para encajar en la dinámica incorrecta.

El consentimiento puede ser algo variable, por lo que la Dra. Liz Powell aborda el tema.

¿Qué es lo que realmente significa la positividad corporal en nuestro mundo sexual siempre cambiante? La opinión de Dra. Liz Powell en todo lo relacionado con este tema.

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