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Bekijk video's over swingers en de lifestyle, hotwifing, cuckolding, trio's, open relaties, seksualiteit en seksuele gezondheid, en meer van onze SDC-experts en bijdragers.

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SDC Ibiza Behind the Scenes Vlog: 4OURPLAY
Bella and Jase take you behind the scenes with a vlog from a swinger lifestyle hotel takeover event they attended in Ibiza, Spain!

SDC SexBecause Charlie Arienne Williams Swingers Open Lifestyle Advice Couple Dating Relationships
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Q&A: A Couple Keeps Approaching My Man Without Me
Is your man being contacted by couples and partners from his single past?

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Openlove 101: Our Open Lifestyle and Passion for Traveling
Love to travel and swing? Well, the lifestyle might just be the perfect choice for you and your partner(s).

SDC Erika Jordan Virtual Sexpert Online Dating Profile Advice
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Make the Most of Your Online Dating Profile
Modern dating is driven by making digital connections. Here are Erika's tips on how to create more effective online dating profiles.

a photo of a swinger couple sitting in a park talking about lifestyle expectations
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How Do You Deal with Different Swinging Expectations?
What do you do when partners want to live the lifestyle differently?

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How To: From Monogamous to Open Relationships
Open relationships are tempting, but sometimes hard to embark on when you're already in a loving monogamous relationship. Dr. Liz Powell tackles the sometimes difficult topics of moving from a closed relationship to an open one.

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How to Turn a Glove into a Dental Dam
Dental dams are an excellent barrier for practicing safer oral sex, and here's how to make one that has more flexibility.

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Openlove 101: How We Deal with Discrimination in Our Swinger's Lifestyle
Entering into the swinger's lifestyle is a bold decision to make, and can sometimes be seen in a negative light. So, John and Jackie are here to tackle the issue of discrimination against swingers.

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Openlove 101: Single Men at Swinger's Clubs (What Not To Do)
Single men in the lifestyle deal with a host of different issues when compared with single females and singles, and John and Jackie Melfi from Openlove 101 are here to offer some guidance.