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Interview with Mr & Mrs B on Relationships Part 3

Here we wrap up our fun, wine-filled interview with Mr B, author of "Every Woman Wants 4 Men, Every Man Wants 2 Women" and his wife, Mrs B.

Living a Sex Positive Life Podcast Episode 86 Part 3

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Mr B – Every Woman Wants 4 Men, Every Man Wants 2 Women: A Guide to a Lasting Fulfilling Relationship

No, this book isn’t about group sex but, instead, discusses several tools and techniques to move anyone to the path for a lasting, fulfilling relationship. He revealed something we all should have — a relationship plan. We discussed the four men and two women and how they are the roles we all want and need in our lives. Mr B also revealed the backstory and inspiration for writing this book and gives us a preview of his next book. Whether you're single, dating, engaged, married, or in a same-sex relationship, this book has something for you. We were even able to relate these stories to a rough time in our relationship when we lost each other as best friends.

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