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Intimacy and Relationships with Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce

SDC Lexi Sylver Seek Discover Create Podcast Sex Education Intimacy Relationships Dr Nancy Pierce
SDC Lexi Sylver Seek Discover Create Podcast Sex Education Intimacy Relationships Dr Nancy Pierce

A lot of us fear getting intimate and truly connecting with our partner, because we're afraid of being in a vulnerable state and getting hurt.

Welcome back to my playground, Lexual fiends and friends.

Why do we perceive intimacy as a weakness, rather than a strength?

That's what we're going to talk about on the fourth episode of my podcast tonight!

I'll be joined by Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce, health, intimacy and sexuality expert, founder of Conscious Living Sexuality and host of The Conscious Living Show on The Sexy Lifestyle Network on Intimacy and Vulnerability: From Self-Acceptance to Relationships.

We're going to have a deep chat about how you and your partner can learn to open yourselves up to exploring intimacy within your relationship.

Intimacy and Vulnerability: From Self-Acceptance to Relationships

We’re going to explore the concepts of self-love and self-acceptance, and how we can all learn to see vulnerability as a strength rather than a weakness, and how that is paramount to allowing yourself to be vulnerable with your partner and explore intimacy within your relationship.

If you missed tonight's or last week's episode, you can still listen on iTunes. Don't forget to listen in tonight and every Thursday night at 5 PM PST/8 PM EST on The Sexy Lifestyle Network, on Voice Until next time, Stay Lexual and find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! XXX Lexi

Lexi Sylver

Lexi Sylver is the Montreal-based erotica author of Mating Season and All the Queen’s Men. She enjoys having a kinky and unconventional lifestyle and sharing her stories and experiences with others. As an entrepreneur, podcaster, advocate, educator, public speaker and coach for consensual non-monogamy and the swinging lifestyle, she regularly contributes articles about sexuality and relationships to Pornhub’s Sexual Wellness Center, ASN Lifestyle Magazine, and her personal blog. Her mission is to promote empowerment and education by guiding you to shamelessly explore your Lexuality. Find out more at
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