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SDC Affiliate Program

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SDC Affiliate Agreement:
This agreement contains the terms and conditions that apply to all participants in the SDC affiliate program provided by SDC

1. You are not allowed to join as an SDC affiliate if you engage in any unlawful, obscene, discriminate, non compliance of minor laws or in any way harmful to minors, misleading, unfair business practices, engage in credit card theft or fraud, spam or unsolicited mass email, non compliance of the can spam act, infringe on any trademark, patent, copyright or other intellectual property rights. To begin the automated enrollment process, you will submit a completed Affiliate Application on our web site. We will notify you by email of your acceptance. We may reject your site for any reason or no reason. You must be at least the age of 18 or the age of majority in your state, locality or jurisdiction in which you reside in order to become an Affiliate Member.

2. You may be paid a flat rate commission of 50% per sign up and 50% recurring commissions for the life of each paying member you refer as long as your affiliate account remains active as described within the SDC agreement. You will be paid on any and all paying members signed up through your SDC RMID tracking code. No commission will be paid if our system cannot track the visitor to our site, in other words the visitor must follow through your RMID link so we may track it and award you accordingly. This 50% commission applies only to paying members referred to after March 10, 2012; all prior payouts will remain at 35%. In other words, the new program is not retroactive in any way.

3. You agree to refer at least one new paying member through your affiliate RMID tracking code per 180 days to keep your SDC affiliate account active. If you do not refer at least one new paying member per 180 day cycle your SDC affiliate account will be set inactive and no commissions will be paid until a new paying member has been referred.

4. You may not use the SDC log in page and sign up page on your site, nor may you have a log in box to SDC on your site, collect user names, passwords, or sign up information. Referred visitors must sign up for membership on or one of our designated sites only, otherwise no commissions will be paid and your affiliate account will be deleted from our system. As an affiliate site, you will receive banner advertisements, button links and or text links to our site. These links may contain SDC’s or its entities' logos and or identifying words. Use of these Links is subject to our terms and conditions. As an Affiliate Site, you may display Links throughout your site as you see fit. You may not alter, modify or expand the Links in any way; provided, a link may be modified or expanded with our written consent. Each Link connecting users of your site to our site may not alter the look, feel or functionality of our site. We may monitor your site at any time to determine if you are in compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. We will be responsible for providing all information necessary to allow you to make appropriate Links from your site to our site. However, we reserve the right to approve and to prohibit all Links. You agree to immediately notify us of any complaints you learn of regarding alleged sexually explicit ads for our sites, goods, and services.

5. You may not link to or display or by any other method utilize any member information including but not limited to profiles, photos, and videos on your website at any time.

6. You are granted a non exclusive limited license to use SDC logo’s and trademark to promote This license will terminate when you are no longer a member of the SDC affiliate program.

7. You agree not to register domain names that infringe on our SDC patent and are likely to confuse a web user such as or any combination thereof, etc.

8. You agree to comply with the Can Spam Act and maintain an opt in email list if you are going to promote SDC via email, and agree immediately to remedy any complaints of spam or unsolicited email and fully understand that after an investigation by SDC if you are found to be in violation of the Can Spam Act this is grounds for account termination. You are strictly prohibited from using any spyware or promotions to advertise our sites, goods, and services.

9. You agree to fully comply with 18 USC 2257 its notice and recordkeeping requirements in your participation of the SDC affiliate program. You are not authorized to use any SDC materials that contain sexually explicit content as defined by 18 USC 2257.

10. You agree as an SDC affiliate to act as a professional representative of SDC and govern yourself accordingly in all manners and affairs concerning your promotion and affiliation with SDC. Management of SDC reserves the right, at its sole and absolute discretion, to refuse membership to any person, or to terminate any affiliates membership, without notice.

11. Payouts occur once every 2 months. Your account must have at least a $150 minimum and must have had a new paying member within the last 180 days to receive a check in that pay period.

12. This Agreement may not be assigned by you without the written consent of the SDC Media Inc. SDC Media Inc. may assign this agreement at any time.

13. Email Advertising Prohibited

You are prohibited from advertising or services through the use of e-mail or Links in e-mail. This provision prohibits you from sending any e-mail messages advertising, services or including our marks or Links even if such e-mail is permission based or double opt-in. SDC Media at its own discretion and not as its exclusive remedy, reserves the right to suspend, terminate or by any other method, discipline you without further notice or pay if it is determined that you (or someone acting on your behalf) violated this provision.

14. Anti-Spamming Policy prohibits you from engaging in any form of unsolicited commercial emailing (commonly referred to as "spamming") or the sending of e-mails that are misleading, spoofed, contain misleading subject lines, contain inaccurate or misleading sender or recipient data, or violate applicable State or Federal Statutes. For the purposes of definition, spamming also includes similar, abusive behavior in a third party "chat room" or website or the sending of unsolicited or misleading Instant Messages, Chat room, Newsgroup, ICQ or IRC messages. Such behavior could include automatically sending scripted text (and website URLs) disguised as "chat" or conversation into any third party chat room. at its own discretion and not as its exclusive remedy, reserves the right to suspend, terminate or by any other method, discipline any affiliate without further notice or pay if it is determined that the affiliate was spamming or in violation of this provision or in violation of applicable law. You hereby represent, agree, and warrant that you shall only send commercial e-mail to those who opted-in and consented to receive such commercial e-mail and you further represent, agree, and warrant that as proof of the above you shall maintain, use, and update in real time an "E-Mail Database" that contains a full audit trail of all persons or entities who opted-in and consented to receive any commercial e-mail advertisements sent by you (or at your request) during the term of this agreement including, the date of the opt-in consent, the manner, date, time, location (URL if by web form), scope, and method of the opt-in consent, the e-mail address (and PII and/or Static IP address if obtained) that opted-in, and all the e-mails sent to such e-mail address, and requests to opt-out by such e-mail address along with the manner, date, time, location (URL if by web form), scope, and method of such opt-out. You hereby agree to act expeditiously to remedy any and all complaints of spam or unsolicited commercial e-mail, including but not limited to, opting-out such persons from receiving further e-mails from you. You further agree to fully and immediately respond to any and all requests or queries we make of you requesting information and/or written reports of data located in the E-Mail Database.

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