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Author of funny, filthy, and frightening fiction and non-fiction, Cooper co-founded the Life on the Swingset Podcast over a decade ago, and since then has endeavored to bring his perspective as a queer, polyamorous, swinger to the sexy world, reminding them that we are all more alike than different, and getting along can lead to awesome sexy times.
SDC Cooper S Beckett Life on the Swingset NSE New Swinger Energy
We often hear about NRE, New Relationship Energy. Even if we don’t know the term, we know the feeling. It’s that battery super-charge you feel when you meet someone new. It happens to all of us.

SDC Cooper Beckett Life on the Swingset Love Sex Hope Humanity Relationships
We need hope and love more than we ever have.

SDC Cooper Beckett Life on the Swingset Swing Swingers Toys Sex Furniture
So, you’ve done it! You’ve purchased a sex swing!