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NDSM-Plein 78, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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*MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE* Rent a suite with your lover (s). Only three 5-star suites & the best underground club, hidden on top of the monumental Faralda Crane Hotel. Amsterdam’s best-kept secret. *Faralda Crane Hotel, the most Romantic & Inspiring place to stay* Faralda is a mind-blowing and the once in lifetime experience. Don't expect a mainstream hotel. It’s excessive. You'll love it or you hate it. Private & Invites only "WHAT HAPPENS IN THE CRANE, STAYS IN THE CRANE" A small elevator brings you straight into your suite. On topdeck is the heated outdoor jacuzzi: Enjoy the most Romantic view over Amsterdam. Ask for availability and your SDC promo/incentives. X Eddy (Owner) +31655800659 (WhatsApp/ text only) Milan1 is our private account.
SDC Jan 2 2020 10:39AM
RATE: 10
What place, so many details and so much fun !!
I had the pleasure of being there a couple of times, and it was just fantastic. It is super sexy, adventurous, something you should put on your bucket list. I recommend staying there. It is something you will never ever forget, that I can promise !!
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