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Did you know that foot fetishes are the most common type of fetish? Expand your kinky knowledge about different kinds of fetishes, how to meet local kinky swingers, how to find fetish parties and fetish clubs near you, and more.
SDC Bella and Jase 4OURPLAY Podcast Swingers Bliss Cruise Review
SDC Bella and Jase 4OURPLAY Podcast Swingers Bliss Cruise Review
Bliss Cruise 2021 Review (Part 1): 4OURPLAY Podcast Ep 31
Bella and Jase share part one of their in-depth review of Bliss Cruise in November 2021!

SDC Bella and Jase 4OURPLAY Podcast Swingers Foursome
SDC Bella and Jase 4OURPLAY Podcast Swingers Foursome
A Long Time Coming (MFFM): 4OURPLAY Podcast Ep 29
In this episode, Bella and Jase, hosts of the 4OURPLAY Podcast, share the sexy story of a night that was months in the making.

Buck Naked Hotwife Stag Massage Member Story SDC
The Massage Hotwife Story Chapter 3: The “Take Back”
Buck Naked rushes back to his horny and deliciously messy hotwife for their crazy-hot reclamation romp.

SDC Member Story Amateur Erotica Swingers Gangbang
Unexpected Gangbang
While on a business trip to Belgium, he and a sexy cumslut from SDC went to a swingers’ club and ended up in the gangbang of both of their fantasies.

SDC Kinkmas Calendar Promo 2021
12 Days of Kinkmas Calendar
Swingers love gifts as much as anyone, so we created the sexiest countdown to Christmas — a Kinkmas calendar!

MysteryVibe Couples Toys Tenuto Crescendo Poco
The Best Sex Toys for Couples
Sex tech keeps churning out amazing toys that take pleasure to new levels, and MysteryVibe’s collection is on my must-have list this holiday season. Here’s why!

SDC James Whittard PhD Open Relationships Book
New Book on Open Relationships
This new book could save your open relationship! Available on Amazon now!

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Brenna Hotwives Club Hotwifing Size Queens
Hotwives' Club: Size Queens in the Hotwife Lifestyle
Brenna from Front Porch Swingers & Sex on Your Terms shares some insight on size queens within hotwifing communities.

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Casey Carter Sex Toys BDSM Pervertibles
No Purchase Necessary: Building a Low-Cost Sex Toy Arsenal
Casey Carter shares ideas for how to build an arsenal of sex toys for little to no money.

SDC ASN Alice Little Sex Worker Virtual Role Play Pandemic Sexual Wellness
How to Keep Role-Play Spicy — Even When It’s Virtual
Professional sex worker Alice Little shares her kinky tips for virtual role play.

SDC Member Story Amateur Erotica Swinger Stories Wife Swapping Blindfold Bondage
Tied Up and Blindfolded
Kali was bound and blindfolded before her partner invited some new friends to have their fun with her. But, she begged the question — who was the guy?

SDC Member Stories Swingers Wife Swapping Club Blindfold
Blindfolded in a Swingers Club
From the moment they left the house, he blindfolded her. She had no idea what sensory indulgences lie ahead at the lifestyle club.

SDC Member Stories Swingers Wife Swapping Orgy Masquerade
Eyes Wide Shut: Wife Swapping Story Winner
Fantasy becomes reality in this exclusive masquerade orgy that takes place in a European castle.

MysteryVibe Crescendo Anal Vibrator Adult Sex Toy
Couples’ Guide to Ultimate Anal & P-Spot Play with a Vibrator
Never tried anal play or want to take it to the next level? You need to try this super bendy finger-like vibrator!

SDC Secrets Hideaway Swingers Lifestyle Resort Club
Secrets Hideaway: Uncovered!
Ready to let your inhibitions go and explore your sexual side?

SDC Dr Cari Oneal Sexologist Squirting Orgasms
Squirting Orgasms: How-Tos, Myths, and Facts
Did you know that squirting orgasms are a sex skill that can be learned? Find out how you can learn how to have — and give — squirting orgasms!

SDC Member Stories Swinger Story Threesome Unicorn Couple FFM Kink
My First Kinky Trio
She found the kinky couple to take her threesomes to levels she didn’t even know she craved.

SDC Member Story Swingers MFM Threesome
Her First MFM Threesome
She started the night in anticipation of some hot, sexy time with her boyfriend. So, why not invite a friend to keep the party going all night long?

SDC Member Stories Swinger Story Threesome Blindfold Couple MMF
My First Threesome Winning Story: The Blindfold
Read SDC’s top-voted threesome member story and see why this couple’s sensory thrill earned them the winning spot.

Unicorns Swingers Naked on a Unicorn Pool Floatie
Fantasy Land for Unicorns: Luxuriate at Sea Mountain Ranch Spa
Did you know that there’s a unicorn paradise right in Palm Springs?!

AlexOkami Artist Illustrator PinUp Nude Fetish ASN Lifestyle Magazine
The Art of AlexOkami
Here's a glimpse of illustrations by German pin-up, nude, and fetish freelance artist AlexOkami, as featured in ASN Lifestyle Magazine and shared with us here at!

SDC 4OURPLAY Podcast Bella Jase Swingers Lifestyle Couple Full Swap Stories Fetish
SDC 4OURPLAY Podcast Bella Jase Swingers Lifestyle Couple Full Swap Stories Fetish
"Well, Now I Have a Harley Quinn Fetish:" 4OURPLAY Ep 7
We talk about having a fun second experience with a couple we’ve played with before, but invited them to our place this time, which was a first for us! We also talk about the girl who made Jase develop a Harley Quinn fetish LOL!

SDC 4OURPLAY Podcast Bella Jase Swingers Lifestyle Glory Holes Separate Play
SDC 4OURPLAY Podcast Bella Jase Swingers Lifestyle Glory Holes Separate Play
Glory Holes and Opening Up to Separate Play: 4OURPLAY Ep 11
We talk about our first experience with glory holes and about opening up to the idea of separate play!

SDC Member Story Amateur Erotica Swinging Gangbang Swinger Club Exhibitionism Squirting Anal
Mind-Blowing Gangbang
Hannah sought more freeing sexual experiences and found them — and so much more — at a swingers club.