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"Dr. Jaime M. Grant is a lesbian feminist social justice researcher and educator who has been active in LGBTQ, women’s and racial justice movements since the early 90s. Her sexual liberation workshop, Desire Mapping, has been produced on college campuses and at LGBTQ and human rights leadership conferences around the world. Her podcast based on the workshop, Just Sex: Mapping Your Desire, captures everyday sex stories told by Desire Mappers from Beijing to Capetown, from Dallas to Denver to DC. Grant’s academic research has appeared in: The Harvard LGBTQ Policy Journal; The Reader’s Companion to US Women’s History and in SIGNS, the Journal of Culture and Society; and the National Women’s Studies Association Journal. Her autobiographical writing has appeared in popular anthologies including Leslea Newman’s The Femme Mystique and Rachel Epstein’s collection on queer parenting, Who’s Your Daddy? In 2011, she was the principal investigator for the National Transgender Discrimination Study, Injustice at Every Turn. Currently, her articles on race, gender, and sexuality appear in The Body is Not an Apology, Medium, The LA Blade, Everyday Feminism, and The Huffington Post. To listen to and support Dr. Grant’s podcast, go to"
SDC Dr Jaime M Grant Sexual Desire Mental Health Sex Coach Fantasies Body Positivity
The not-so-funny paradox about sex in our lives is that we are swamped by it but honest, intimate conversation about our desires is hard to come by. Sex sells it all, from toothpaste to car insurance.

SDC Dr Jaime M Grant Gender Spectrum Human Rights Studies Society LGBTQIA
What exactly does it mean to be all-gender affirming? Dr. Grant discusses the state of gender and its studies in modern society.

SDC Dr Jaime M Grant Women Sex Life Over 50 Empowering Sexual Health
Ignore the overwhelmingly racist, ableist, patriarchal chatter that proclaims you can’t create a vibrant sexual life on your own terms. You absolutely can. Go get it.