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4637 Route 127, Chamcook, Saint Andrews, Canada
Jo and David Swingers parties Swingers House Parties in Saint Andrews. We are JoJo (Joanne, Canadian) and David (British), we are a swinging couple who moved to New Brunswick in April 2020. We have been running Lifestyle Socials, Swingers Parties and Swingers Holidays in the UK and Spain since 1999. We have both been in the swinging lifestyle for many years, and have been running parties since 1999, over 500 to date, with an average attendance of 80 people in the winter and 120 in the summer. We now hold parties for about 40 people at our home in Chamcook (St, Andrews), New Brunswick, Canada. New Brunswick Socials are Social Nights for people living alternative adult lifestyles. Our Social events allow Swingers, Kinksters and Fetishists and anyone else living an alternative lifestyle to meet in a low pressure, neutral / non sexual environment, allowing them to chat and make contact with other people with no pressure to get physically involved.
Club Size 3800 square feet
Max. Occupancy 50
Playroom Occupancy 5
Food Available Yes
On premise sex allowed Yes
Outside Area Yes
Smoking Allowed Yes
Private Rooms Yes
We charge a small fee for our parties. $50 per couple or single man, $10 per single lady. The donation is to cover the costs incurred in running the party. We do not charge for our socials, at those events come along and buy your own drinks.
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