Address Various, London, United Kingdom
Telephone 07944706858
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*Friendly parties for slim and good looking young couples and single women "The hippest and hottest swingers parties in the world" - Marie Claire *A strict upper age limit of 40 for both partners "London's most glamorous sex party" - Elle *Selection from photos on a competitive basis "Currently the country's golden ticket, Fever is high class and high style" - Sunday Times *Upmarket and upbeat locations in central London "The party of choice for the hip swinger about town" - Elle *Champagne reception and open bar "The underground swingers night that has sent the capital's chattering classes into overdrive" - Style *Exotic mix drawn from London’s cosmopolitan young professionals "Fever is different - full of beautiful people who have been carefully vetted". - Grazia *Regularly visited by beautiful partygoers from all over the world "Better than anything you can imagine... absolutely mind-blowing" - Arena *Welcoming newcomers and first-timers to every event "One of the capital's most stylish and envied parties" - Sunday Times News Review *Partying since 1998 "The top end of the swinging market and that means the young and beautiful set" - Daily Express *The original highly select upmarket parties exclusively for young and goodlooking swingers "Invitations to Fever parties are like gold dust" - Real
G2013 Jan 3 2021 10:56AM
RATE: 10
A late review but it was our first party a couple of years back and so glad we went to fever. Like movies, no other word, sensual, sexy and surreal. Hopefully we could go to one soon ??