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Viale del Progresso 38, Soave (VR), Italy
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LE MOULIN The Luxury Swingers Club. SOLO PER ADULTI-SOLO PER I MEMBRI FOR ADULTS ONLY - FOR MEMBERS ONLY. LE MOULIN CLUB has a complete new look, new rooms, buffet area and dance floor SUMMER TIMETABLE WEDNSDAY FROM 22:00 TO 02:00 FRIDAY FROM 22:30 TO 03:00 SATURDAY FROM 22:30 TO 04:00 ON AUGUST WE ARE OPEN AS USUAL! Le Moulin Club in Soave Verona is a international private club. Le Moulin is a charming,polished club for adults only. Over 18? Looking for sexual adult fun? Interested in swinging or fetish activities? Maybe voyeuristic or an exhibionist? Maybe a Shibari show? Just a nice night out? Well, there are millions of us out there and now we have a home. The inside of the club is fabolous!Mirror walls, red moquette is inspired by Paris iconic Moulin Rouge. It now covers Swinging and Fetish events. Please note, you dont have to partake in anything, just come in and enjoy with a liberated open mind. Clubs privacy in the club is always granted. The club reserves the right to refuse members CLUB IS OPEN ON WEDNSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ENTRANCE FOR SINGLES IS RESTRICTED What about our dresscode:relaxed, casual, but clean and tidy please. Guys: Dirty, scruffy, smelly will be turned away at the door, sexy, clean, smart, presentable will be welcomed in. Entry may be refused. Ladies: As erotic and flirtatious as you dare and are comfortable with. Changing areas have been provided, so bring along a choice of outfits if you wish Absolutely not to: dirty t-shirts, gym suits. ITS ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN TO USE MOBILE PHONES INSIDE THE CLUB! WHAT ABOUT THE PRIVE ROOMS? GLORY HOLES ROOMS Glory Hole is one of the most erotic things you could try!The rooms got dozen of holes for playing with the person next room. PRIVATE ROOMS Those are the perfect rooms who want to live its personal sexuality privately. In those rooms you can close the door to enjoy private moments with who you want. DARK ROOM The perfect room for forbidden games. Who will be with? Who will give you pleasure? Free your immagination and be ready to experience your deepest desires! PRIVE ROOMS Those rooms are open for everyone! Here couples, single men and women can live freely their sexuality without any restricion. ROOMS FOR COUPLES Huge area for coupless only! Forbidden for singles. Le Moulin is proud to be associated with some of the top swingers websites in the world.
Club Size 900 square meters
On premise sex allowed Yes
Smoking Allowed Yes
Private Rooms Yes
Si applica uno sconto ai membri di SDC ad alcune serate evento (verrà indicato nella didascalia della locandina). Special discounts to SDC members for special parties
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