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100 Mystreet, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Boudoir Bizarre Don`t miss this unique Fetish event. The true underground of Fetish for the all Fetishists, BDSM players, Goths, TV`s, HeHoBi`s, Bizarres and Cyberotics, Burlesquies, you name it... Real Fetish shows and Trance in the main Hall with Bizarre Walk arounds and Real BDSM acts, The Second Hall reserved for the Alternative and Goth minded Pervs with Industrial, EBM and 80`s sounds BDSM acts and Bondage Shows. Enter this website to see who`s on stage and who`s spinning. Don`t miss out on the last `Genuine Old School` Fetish Party in the NL.
Max. Occupancy 1000
Playroom Occupancy 150
Alcohol Sold Yes
On premise sex allowed Yes
Dance Floor Yes
Fetish Room/Area Yes
Massage Area Yes
Private Locker Yes
AQUAKING May 16 2019 11:19AM
RATE: 10
Leuk leuk leuk
Ja gewoon altijd leuk dus :)
Anonymous Nov 6 2017 2:31PM
RATE: 10
Dark and Delicious
Boudoir Bizarre is the real deal, organized and embraced by those in the know. Underground alternative vibe makes it unique. Together with the sexy shows, music, gorgeous crowd and exciting playrooms. Fetish at it's finest. Can't wait till the next one! XXX
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