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Zilverenberg 36, s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
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** FREE IOS & Android APP: ** With the largest sdc group underground with more than 5700 active sexy members / visitors of our parties. UNIQUE nice people to meet up with and even make contact through the messenger for the party ..... we cant make it any more exciting ..... ** Avec le plus grand groupe sdc underground avec plus de 5700 membres / visiteurs sexy actifs de nos soirées. Des gens sympas uniques à rencontrer et même à prendre contact avec le messager pour la fête ..... nous ne pouvons pas le rendre plus excitant ..... ** Con el grupo sdc más grande underground con más de 5700 miembros sexy activos / visitantes de nuestras fiestas. ÚNICAS personas agradables para reunirse e incluso ponerse en contacto a través del mensajero para la fiesta ... no podemos hacerlo más emocionante ... The most intimate, feelgood partys at IBIZA, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Las partes, Feelgood más íntimos en Ibiza, los Países Bajos, Belgium y Francia. Le plus intime , partie feelgood est à IBIZA , les Pays-Bas, Belgium et France. With just full / sold out editions of mainly SDC visitors, the next monthly edition: Con sólo llena / vendido ediciones de visitantes principalmente de SDC, la próxima edición mensual: Avec tout plein / vendu éditions principalement les visiteurs de la SDC, la prochaine édition mensuelle: ***** SECRET UNDERGROUND EVENTS (International) ****** DECEMBER POSTPONED 04-12-2021 Underground FETISH Castle Belgium POSTPONED 26 Feb. 2022 11-12-2021 "Catacomb" Underground Fetish The Hague POSTPONED 05 Feb. 2022 17-12-2021 Friday "Sensual All-In" Amsterdam Paradise POSTPONED 14 Jan. 2022 18-12-2021 "Sensual All-In" Amsterdam Paradise POSTPONED 04 Feb. 2022 ------------------- ** 2022 ** ------------------------------------- JAN. 08-01-2022 All-In The Climax Belgium 14-01-2022 Friday "Sensual All-In" Amsterdam Paradise (Yab Yum) 22-01-2022 The Club “Sensual” Za Amsterdam 29-01-2022 Secret Fetish Ball PKHS Tilburg FEB. 04-02-2022 Friday "Sensual All-In" Amsterdam Paradise (Yab Yum) 05-02-2022 "Catacomb" Underground Fetish The Hague 26-02-2022 Underground FETISH Castle Belgium MARCH 04-03-2022 Friday "Sensual All-In" Amsterdam Paradise (Yab Yum) 05-03-2021 Fetish Union Amsterdam 19-03-2022 All-In The Climax Belgium APRIL 01-04-2022 Friday "Sensual All-In" Amsterdam Paradise (Yab Yum) 23-04-2022 The Club "Sensual" Za Amsterdam 30-04-2022 Secret Fetish Ball PKHS Tilburg MAY 06-05-2022 Friday "Sensual All-In" Amsterdam Paradise (Yab Yum) 21-05-2022 "Catacomb" Underground Fetish The Hague 28-05-2022 SU Baja Beach Festival JUNE 03-06-2022 Friday "Sensual All-In" Amsterdam Paradise (Yab Yum) 18-06-2022 All-In The Climax Belgium JULY 01-07-2022 Friday "Sensual All-In" Amsterdam Paradise (Yab Yum) 16-07-2022 The Club "Sensual" Za Amsterdam 26-07-2022 Pool Festival at France #1 31-07-2022 Pool Festival at France #2 SEPT. 04-09-2022 IBIZA at Sun- and nightclub Enigma #1 08-09-2022 IBIZA at Sun- and nightclub Enigma #2 *"Baja Beach Festival Amsterdam" The Ultimate Outdoor & Indoor Sexy Beach Experience 2 times a year *Sensual ALL-IN Amsterdam The Netherlands at the centre of AMSTERDAM (former Yab Yum) most beautyfull swingers club 12 times a year ( 2022 every first friday of the month ! ) *Sensual ALL-IN Belgium at brand new NR1 Swingers Club The Climax 6 times a year *"Catacomb" The Hague...... the Underground Fetish Catacomb are back.... expolre your Fetish at this experience..... 4 times a year *Sensual “The Club” at e NEW classy club @ "Za AMSTERDAM" 4 times a year *Underground "Secret Fetish Ball" @ PKHS Tilburg 4 Times a year PKHS Tilburg *Fetish Union Amsterdam (a cooperation with Westerunie, Lef2.0 Store and Whow Store) Every year 2 editions *Dutch Pool & Club Party at IBIZA at Exclusive Sun Club Enigma, Sant Antonio every year 2 editions at september *Pool Festival at France @ Babylon Cap dagde Every year 2 editions at Juillet / Août *Underground Belgium @ High Class Fetish Castle Secret Ball 2 times a year to order your tickets. / de pedir sus entradas / de commander vos billets. xxx Elvira & Rik
Alcohol Sold Yes
Food Available Yes
On premise sex allowed Yes
Dance Floor Yes
Fetish Room/Area Yes
Outside Area Yes
Massage Area Yes
Sauna Yes
Jacuzzi Yes
Swimming Pool Yes
Smoking Allowed Yes
Private Rooms Yes
Private Locker Yes
the only international organization where beautiful visitors come and meet, sexy lifting music with the opportunity to play in a private area
€5,00 Bracelet discount on all `Secret Underground` International Events (check the ticket link at the event in the party agenda)
MRSGIGIGREY Oct 10 2021 8:31AM
RATE: 10
Secret underground
Geweldige ambiance, top dj's die het publiek weet mee te nemen en de mensen heerlijk. Personeel beleefd en hospitality hoog
Uit de oude doos
Helaas DJ's en muziek uit de oude doos. Tijd voor vernieuwing. Geen aankleding. Geen entertainment. Jammer van het geld.
SEXALLOVER Aug 19 2021 4:05PM
Their pool parties are totally over priced. And many people have had a problems with credit card payments.
Anonymous Jul 5 2021 12:48PM
Mooi feest met mooie mensen. Het mag en kan weer.
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