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922 Caroline Street, Key West, 33040
Fantasy Fest® is only in October each year, so make your plans early and come party with all your friends. See all the Official Activities on the website. HISTORY: If you’ve ever spent any time on Key West’s Duval Street, you’d imagine there’s always a party going on, but that wasn’t always true. Back in the 1970s, despite reliably beautiful weather, from a retail and tourism standpoint October was dead. Shops up and down Duval, put out the “gone fishing” signs and closed up for months at a time. A group of local business owners started thinking about what they could do to change that by attracting visitors and tempting snowbirds to return sooner for an earlier start of the lucrative winter season. Bill Conkle, Tony Falcone, Joe Liszka and Frank Romano decided a big party might just do the trick — and taking advantage of the popularity of Halloween and the tradition of fanciful costuming locally, in 1979, they threw a parade. SEE MORE AT
Alcohol Sold Yes
Food Available Yes
Outside Area Yes
Smoking Allowed Yes
Please see Code Of Conduct & Parking & Transportation on to get the most out of your Unforgettable Key West Fantasy Fest® trip.
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