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What do we make/sell? Well, since you asked, our superior quality jewelry is designed and hand-crafted specifically for people in the lifestyle that want to make a sexy, yet elegant statement. We are a fun loving, adventure seeking, happily married couple that ventured into "the lifestyle" only a few short years ago, looking to add some icing to the top of the delicious cake that is our already mind-blowingly intimate sex life. We are blessed to have an orders-of-magnitude hotter physical AND emotional relationship than has ever been portrayed in even the most award winning porn ever made...and we don't take it for granted. A couple years ago when we first dipped our metaphorical toes into the "Stag - Vixen HotWife" end of the Lifestyle pool, we searched far and wide hoping to find some sexy jewelry for the Red-Hot Wife to wear out in public, as a not-so-covert "advertisement" of what we were into, but we just couldn't seem to find anything that was of the high quality she both desired and deserved. So....we figured if it didn't exist, we may as well make it our damn selves and thus was born the His and Hers Intimates brand. The perfect balance of artistic creativity that came natural to the HotWife, combined with the nerd-like business savvy of the Stag hubby, has made for a team that is both highly successful, yet very humble with said success...and well, here we are, sharing our creations with the world. So, that's our business story in a nutshell and you can of course hop on the website to see what all we have to offer if you're interested, but we also want to share a little about us, the Stag-Vixen HotWife couple, just so you know who is behind this fun, flirty and oh-so-sexy business. Ok, so perhaps it is best to start with some definitions, so we are all on the same page: What is a HotWife and the Stag and Vixen Lifestyle? A Hot wife is a married woman who has sex outside the marriage with full consent of her husband—sometimes her husband is included in the action by watching or even taking part in a threesome. Other times, the husband is elsewhere—waiting to hear every juicy detail afterwards or to be sent texts and videos during the live-action. Either scenario is always played out with full knowledge and encouraged by all involved, forming an intrinsic part of the couple’s own sexual Stag and Vixen fantasy world. We tend to prefer to enjoy our new "friend" together as a threesome, as opposed to doing things separately. That's just our thing. Stags and Vixens So, the sub-genre of the "cuckold" umbrella that we prefer, is the stag and vixen HotWife scene, where the husband, the Stag, actively encourages his wife, the Vixen, to have sex with other men—often referred to as “Bulls”, “Boyfriends”, “Boy Toys” or the husband’s favorite term, “Stunt Dicks”. 😂 He’s proud of his hot sexy vixen and loves that she gets attention from other men, ultimately knowing that she is ‘his’. Knowing that your partner can have anyone they want and do, but always comes back to you—is a very potent and affirming situation. You may think hotwifing is the same as cuckolding, but there’s a difference. With cuckolding, it’s more usual for the husband to be either ignorant on the wife’s dalliances, or he gets a kick out of being humiliated by the fact that she needs to seek sexual gratification elsewhere. In the hotwife - stag and vixen fantasy, the husband takes satisfaction from knowing that his wife is desired by other men and he allows it, err…encourages it. 😳😜Therefore adding a different power dynamic. With hotwifing, transparency is key and all parties get off of the kinky sharing fun. We aren’t swingers as the hubby has zero desire for being with any other woman as the HotWife is the center of his universe and his sole focus is seeking new and exciting ways to make her happy/pleasured, more specifically in this case, by encouraging/helping her find just the right fine gentleman who meets her rather high standards, to put a big ol smile on her face…and his for that matter. Please accept our apologies in advance to all of the "swinger" couples out there, but in order to us save us all some wasted time and effort, our preferred manner of play (us plus one or more lucky SINGLE males) is 100 non-negotiable. We know what we like and want here in the Lifestyle and while we are always open to meeting and making great new friends, we ask that you please respect our very clear boundaries inasmuch as we do NOT play with other couples nor men who are in a relationship. We fully support and respect everyone out there in doing whatever floats their boat and we simply ask that y'all do the same with us. In our personal case, both the Stag husband and the Vixen HotWife, play together with the lucky “Boyfriend” she selects. The hubby loves to watch her being worshiped and pleasured, he likes to encourage the “action” almost like her own personal “cheerleader” and of course he joins in on the fun, almost like a tag-team partner with her boy-toy. She is a lucky lady and she damn well deserves it! 😉 Both of us are straight, with zero interest in any same-sex stuff, so don’t worry about any “weird” shit going on, as that’s not our cup-o-tea. Anyway, hopefully that LONG ass description helps to explain our situation a little better, but feel free to ask any and all questions you might have. We are an open book. Oh and as far as what I like in a potential boy-toy: The Vixen HotWife is a stunning 6’ tall so she prefers a large man at least her height, preferably taller (Ugh, it’s sooo hard to find tall guys here in Florida). Both the hubby and the HotWife are very fit and work hard to take great care of our bodies, so she prefers a fit/muscular/ripped man, as that’s what she finds attractive. Tall and muscular. YUM! Let’s see, what else, uh, the hubby and HotWife are both white so since she already has a 6’4”, 230lb muscular white guy for a hubby, she tends to look for/is attracted to men that add some “variety” to the equation from a visual standpoint, such as Latin or black men. If she is gonna be lucky enough to live out our fantasies, she may as well be as picky as she wants to be, so both the hubby and HotWife enjoy if the boyfriend has darker skin tones as it’s a fun contrast to her white skin and almost makes for an artistic appeal to the whole thing. Weird sounding, but hey, it’s our fantasy preferences, so may as well just be up front with what we like. 😘. Speaking of what she likes, the sexy Vixen HotWife prefers a man with minimal to no body hair/shaved (especially down there 😳) and yes, she likes big dicks, circumsized ones at that. Pretty specific right? We figure it saves us all a lot of potential wasted time if we just put it all out there up front. Honesty and good communication makes for a much better experience for everyone so we don’t waste each other’s time, because ain’t nobody got time for that. 😂 If what we have described here sounds like you might fit the bill, we have lots of pictures to share and of course would love to be able to see some of you as well. Don't be shy, feel free to say hi. Roni and Jason
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