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Given Upon RSVP, Atlanta,
Elite. luxuria is the VIP list to the ultimate parties in Atlanta. The cocktail of hand-selected beautiful women and gorgeous couples is intoxicating. Flirtatious. Exclusive events in posh clubs and ultra lounges set the mood. Women exploring their private desires defines it. The impeccable atmosphere opens the door. Where will it lead you? Taboo. Party at the opulent edge of temptation. Spread your wings and soar with seduction. Flirt with your fantasies. Perhaps ignite your reality. "elite. flirtatious. taboo. Are you?" "Sensuality and freedom have never frolicked in a more perfect arena." Forget diamonds, luxuria is a girl's best friend. Women show off their most provocative self, indulging their curiosities with abandon. All sans the unwanted advances and hassles from the prowling of predatory single men. The men of luxuria are expected to be appreciative and polite, eternally observing that respect for female guests is the predominant rule. Our private parties are hosted in Atlanta's most prestigious, trendiest nightclubs, restaurants and hotel ballrooms. Event details are available only to those requesting and being approved for a personal invitation and Luxuria membership . Once selected, members will receive invitations to future private events and will earn priority status on guest lists at open-invitation events. Blur the coy line between elegance, fetish and eroticism. Thigh high boots gathering dust? Micro-mini needs a night out? Get playful and freely wear what is so evilly shunned in the dreaded mainstream. Of course, unless you have a burning desire to meet an Atlanta police officer, ladies, please wear a cover-up if necessary when entering and exiting events hosted at public venues. Gentlemen dress it up. Slacks or designer jeans, collared shirts, and nice shoes are the minimum requirement. Your goal is to impress the ladies! So, beyond that, the sky is the limit in how distinguished you can be. Think "Shaken Not Stirred"! luxuria does throw some lovely theme parties. Costumes are not mandatory, though they are highly encouraged and frankly, fun.
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