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We have found so much of what we're looking for in the great group of friends that we have met on SDC and at our events! We are the promoters and organizers for South Side Swingers. We want to thank all of you who have attended our events, joined our community on SDC, and ALL the wonderful friends we have made in this lifestyle adventure! You have made our events the "hottest ticket in town" by coming to party together in a clean, fun, drama free, lifestyle friendly environment. Our parties are for people of all shapes, sizes and age groups. The important connection between us all is our desire for a place to get together with a large group of responsible adults and party our asses off in a private setting and have all the naughty fun we can together. We bring together the best of what lifestyle has to offer. When we started our group, we intended to have local gatherings for like minded couples and that was all. Our brand of party became so popular that we have had over 1000 couples that have attended our events and we have grown to be one of the largest promoters and highest attended events of our kind in the U.S. We have had attendees travel from as far as Ohio and even the Bahamas to come to our hotel parties in Georgia! We are now partnering with national promoters and will be adding additional parties that we host around the southeast. But, to our loyal members on the South Side, we will always have our usual parties in middle Georgia and will always be as loyal to you
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Our First Go
We had an amazing experience. Will be at the next one
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