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Las Vegas, NV, Las Vegas, 89109
Have you ever felt like there was something you desired that was just beyond your reach? That if you only had the key to unlock that door, it would open you up to that world you have always wanted to be a part of? Welcome to Eden After Dark, where we offer you the key to make those dreams a reality. Eden After Dark is brought to you by true “lifestylers” who are dedicated to providing the same high quality lifestyle experiences that mainstream lifestyle enthusiasts get to enjoy, but whose focus is to include those with “alternative lifestyles” who seem to always be left out. We are dedicated to providing these experiences for the vastly underrepresented LGBTQ+ communities as well as providing opportunities to the BDSM and kink communities. This is something we are both very passionate about because we belong to each of these communities and feel it is time to share the lifestyle limelight outside of just the mainstream “vanilla” community. For this reason, Eden After Dark will not be focused on hosting events for the more “typical” lifestyle crowds. However, we can and will happily make recommendations for those individuals so they can also enjoy their own high quality experiences. Each of our events will be designed to bring together individuals with similar interests and mindsets so as to provide experiences tailored to the unique needs of the more minority lifestyle enthusiasts. To attend events fill out the Keyholder Application on our home page Reach out to us here on SDC or use the LIVE chat function on our website. We promise it goes to a flesh and blood human. : )
Max. Occupancy 100
Playroom Occupancy 100
Food Available Yes
On premise sex allowed Yes
Fetish Room/Area Yes
Massage Area Yes
Jacuzzi Yes
Private Rooms Yes
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