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2103 Northridge Dr., FORNEY, 75126
Twisted Fusion is a community of like minded consenting adults that identify to different parts of the alternate Lifestyles and Lovestyles such as: Swingers, BDSM, Kinksters, Primals, Exhibitionists, Voyeurs, Poly, Nudists, Pets (Pet Play), Fetishists, Vamps, etc. There can be so much division between the different parts of the LS and our mission is to bring together events, resources, support (groups, 1:1, etc) and more that have a fusion of all parts of the LS no matter how you identify. We are a Safe Haven. LifeStyle Fusion is the educational/instructional, presentations, classes, travel demos and kink foundation part of the Twisted Fusion community. Many people identify to different parts of the LS or are intrigued by something and don't know to gain the appropriate knowledge to learn about it. Most just like hanging around other open minded people whether they identify like them or not. We are here to help provide a non-cliquish environment for events, resources, lending library items, support, munches, parties, educational classes and more for the alternate lifestyle and lovestyles. If someone is interested in learning more about floggers we are here to help educate them on learning more about the delivery, as well as, receiving impact during a scene. We are here to help guide further info such as referrals on where to get implements, who to contact regarding additional resources/instructions, and more. No matter what someone identifies with in the LS they are welcome at our events, as well as, our events are welcoming to everyone no matter their race, age (legal consenting adults only), appearance, sexual identification, gender identification, status quo or religion. As long as you are respectful of others and the of the community you are welcome. We have a ZERO tolerance for disrespect. Our number one rule will always be: NO means NO, and NO is a complete sentence. We looking forward to interacting with you online or at an event soon! Let’s get Twisted ~ Fusion Style!
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