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Updated: August 2021 Hosts of the Wanderlust Swingers Podcast + Podcast-A-Palooza lifestyle events We're a pair of Aussie travelers who are currently living in Croatia (Europe), we love wine, coffee, running (to get rid of the wine) and meeting other likeminded couples and singles from all over the world.  During the day we are tech nerds and at night we love to party, dance (you should see Darrell on that pole) and host our podcast | events. We have been together for over 10 years and in the lifestyle for 6, we started our journey in Sydney, Australia and since then have 'swung' all around the world. We love the diversity that the lifestyle offers and visiting new cities, clubs and events.  We'd love you to join in on one of our events, submit a guest blog for our website or be on one of our podcasts if you have a sexy fun story to tell. Upcoming Events + Travel  August 7th - 11th, Paris, France  August 12th -17th, Cap D'Agde Nudist Village, France  November 5th - 8th, Podcast-A-Palooza Takeover, Dallas, Texas (  November 18th - 22nd, Hedonism, Jamaica We'd love to hear from likeminded couples who love travel, sex and fun Find us on social media Twitter - @swingdownunder Instagram - @swingingdownunder Find out podcast "wanderlust swingers" on all major platforms
Alcohol Sold Yes
On premise sex allowed Yes
Dance Floor Yes
Swimming Pool Yes
Private Rooms Yes
PBJ4976 Oct 2 2021 10:14AM
RATE: 10
Great podcast
This is a great podcast with some great information on the lifestyle and lifestyle related destinations. They are witty and fun to listen to. Keep up the great work guys
HOTCOUPLEDFW Apr 21 2021 2:10PM
RATE: 10
Great podcasts!
Funny, informative, sexy. Great voices. It's better to start from the beginning to understand their journey, but you can also go randomly if you are interested in a specific topic. And obviously, they get better at podcasting over time.
Get to know the Aussie power couple behind Swinging Downunder.

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