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Less is More!

So many bodily aesthetic trends come and go and fast as an orgasm, and one of the best ways to prevent modification whiplash is to make the most of what you've got!

So many bodily aesthetic trends come and go and fast as an orgasm, and one of the best ways to prevent modification whiplash is to make the most of what you've got! Read on for titillating tips from The Travelling Goddess on how to boost your bosom the natural way. Love your body and others will, too!

What's in a trend?

Timeless beauty transcends trends. Just like hair, clothes, make-up, boob and butt implants, the thickness of eyebrows, or the coloring of armpit fluff, vajazzling was big a while ago with enthused vagina-bedazzling experts popping up left and right. At SDC travel events, that last trend came and went as quick as an orgasm. Anyone who expected this trend of genital embellishment to move on to penises and ball sacks was in for a disappointment. Just like any other aspect of beauty, the latest notion of sexiness can be different in a few years from now... or already started as of yesterday, leaving those of us in pursuit with a whiplash.

Tick Tock!

Even if we did everything right for our bodies, we’re always at war against aging and the inevitable gravity that comes with it. The good news is, as many new trends there are, we have equally as many new weapons at our disposal, ready for combat: botox, fillers, peels, eyebrow hair transplants, or any kind of enhancement surgery. Looking around, the number of overfilled lips is still on the rise. Another trend that is growing in favor of breast or butt implants, for instance, is removing belly blubber and injecting it into breasts and rear ends to make them fuller and rounder! Having felt up a bunch of those, it feels like a great alternative. Even though we can turn back the clock on the ravages of time, at least for a bit, we ultimately can't stop the pendulum from swinging back and forth. Chances are, down the road of life, we may opt for a bit of help to stay active and sexually confident in the lifestyle world as long as possible.

What to do?

Well, for instance, those ladies who are not naturally blessed with the perfect pair and are part of the so-called "Itty Bitty Titty Committee" (quite trending at the moment for a variety of reasons), it may be worth a try to build confidence with one or all of the following innocent methods before deciding to face the scalpel.

  • Work out: 
    Daily push-ups will build your pectoral chest muscles and will help them get perkier. Dumbbells are awesome, too!

  • Drink:
    A daily mix of milk and papaya makes for a great uptick in potassium and vitamin B for your body, and it's known to build tissue.

  • Eat:
    Proteins and amino acids are your best friend. Apparently, it helps restore tissue, release natural growth hormones, and enhances blood flow. Think salmon, eggs, tuna, radishes, and pumpkin seeds! These foods never go out of style.

  • Make-up: 
    Contouring the face is so 2017. But you can upgrade the rack and re-purpose that same forgotten make-up box to draw a curved 'Y' shape around your cleavage and then apply a lighter shade over the rest and blend.

  • Massage:
    An urban myth, perhaps, but there are promising claims that massaging your bosom helps with blood flow and circulation, so maybe your other half can assist with the task for some added fun!

  • Fashion:
    Last but not least, the almighty padded push-up bra will add significance to the décolletage, or lack thereof.

Will these methods work in getting you the desired look? Who knows! But it's certain that in the end, it's just mega important to love your natural body, as those that do exude a certain confidence that is simply irresistible.

Less, in that case, is more!

The Travelling Goddess

The Travelling Goddess

Years ago, I was stung by the Wanderlust (the first documented use of the word occurred in 1902 and no, it wasn't me) bug. Wanderlust has different meanings in Etymology, Sociology and Psychology. 1. ""seeking unity with nature"" 2. ""strong desire to travel"" 3. ""an intense urge"" to experience the unknown, confronting the unforeseen to touch upon the unfamiliar. Guilty as charged, since this sexy trinity describes me to the T with a resounding yes, yes and yes! Desire, Lust and Travel is an intoxicating combination indeed! I travel a lot within the most beautiful of Lifestyle circles. A world shrouded in mystery and seduction and for those in it, mostly a hidden part of their public lives. How delicious, it's like going through life with an aroused mind lingering on the times you can shed your power woman office outfit for a sexy mask and irresistible lingerie. Much like an inserted sex toy that is being controlled by your partner at will, yet no one's the wiser. It's all part of the immense attraction to lifestyle circles which are growing explosively, so when you read my bits, reader discretion is advised...or not!
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